Compassionate as Source

We are compassionate. And we are individuated aspects of Source. And as such, we are truly as compassionate as Source. As we see, Source chose to view the Creation through each individuated I Am Presence, and since we are Source we too view Creation through each other’s eyes. As we are all One. Thus, all that we see before us, is a reflection of some aspect of ourselves. And we are, in truth, an aspect of ALL that we see before us.

All that is before me is my Creation, as I Am an individuated aspect of Source viewing All That I Am, before me.

Many times, we hear those identifying themselves with their star family, which is another aspect of our individuated multidimensional expression/experience.  But realize first and foremost, we are aspects of Source having a physical experience.

And the order of “yester-year” was to go into descension throughout Creation. And through this physical experience, of descending into the depths of Creation, we may eventually recall that we have had many existences and experiences throughout the cosmos. Not just from a particular star family, but as a derivative of many star families strewn throughout all “time-lines.”

This realization gives us recognition as to our status as being one of beyond the “galactic” and direct to the Oneness of Source. We must recognize that we are more than even our recent star family. And when we take in more of who we are, we enrich All That Is. And we are All That Is, experiencing itself through All That Is.

We have DNA that stems from several galactic species that live throughout our part of the galaxy. And when we grow into our remembrance of our connection to more of who we are, we expand ourselves and the whole of All That Is. And as this expansion occurs we integrate the remembrance that we have been around for a long, long, long time.

And then we, once more, appreciate our unique position of being able to realize this in our current “elongated” approach to time, while we are in the 4th dimension. This “stretching-out” of time, gives us the ability to savor every morsel of this experience. For in future now moments, we will be teaching this form of accomplishment to others.

As we are at the cusp of being able to straddle the 4th and 5th dimensional realms. We can actually “slow-down” our reality somewhat while in the 4th dimension/density and relish our “new-found” appreciation of all that we are.

And at our choosing, we may “heighten” our frequency to the 5th dimensional realm of here and now, to gather, feel and live more of our truth, in our eternal now moments of time. Through our heart-centered consciousness, we live in the now. And from this now, we experience the 5th dimensional realm of frequency.

Recognize that the function of our brain/mind was to “limit” our perceptions to that of “separation” from Source. We purposely chose bodies that would be able to focus to an “extreme-level,” our consciousness, as perceiving the reality as one of separation and limitation. So that we may see what it was/is like to feel that we were “alone,” and outside of Source. This was the purpose of our ego consciousness, construct. To give us a perception that is, in all reality, impossible to experience. For we can never be “outside” of Source. And we truly have never left our “true” home. Thus, being “alone” is an illusion. And it is only our “faith” in limitation that can give us an experience of limitation. For in truth, we are unlimited Beings of the Divine.

We devised a reality in which we could have the “dream” of all that we have been experiencing. We “projected” ourselves into a reality that is truly perfect, even as maya. And as we are truly unlimited Beings, we brought about a marvelous Creational experience.

And yet, the truth is that we have always, inherently, functioned from our Sacred-Heart Center. This is the essence of our true being. This aspect of us that is Divine and Holy and “untainted” from our experiences and expressions.

As we exist as a multidimensional Being, we must realize that we have multidimensionality even, within. We know, or recognize that we have bodies that are functioning as one and yet they may be viewed as separate bodies. We have our emotional body, our mental body, our spiritual/etheric body and our physical body. And at the very core of our being, we have our Light body.

And when we truly “align” all aspects of who we are, firstly from within and then from without; we begin the process of returning to Oneness. We are then on our journey of ascension, back to Source. After our sojourn into descension, limitation and separation. We gracefully and harmoniously bring back together all of our multidimensionality into Oneness. With our experiences being our gift to Source and Ourselves. For we are Source. Thus, integration. As we integrate, we expand. As we expand we perceive the reality from “greater” and “greater” perspectives. And then we truly marvel at All That We Are.

As such, we must truly love all aspects of who we are, Divinely. And this means viewing all that we have done, through “Christ-eyes.” As we forgive, transmute and transcend that which no longer serves. That which we “partook-of” while we were learning who we were, once more.

The whole process of ascension is the bringing back of compassion to the whole of Creation. As we truly can “live” compassionately, when we have seen what we have done; in the process of learning/remembering who we truly are. Only those of us that have gone down the mire of the illusions of limitation and separation, can truly call forth the compassion necessary to transmute and transcend these “illusions.” And this is our “gift” both to Ourselves and All That Is, for allowing us these experiences.

As we are truly beyond these “illusions.” And yet these “illusions” of limitation and separation have helped us to gain a new and more appreciative points-of-view, concerning the truth of who we truly are.

Much like when we “awaken” from a “bad” dream, and have the “refreshing” appreciation that we were just “dreaming.” We gain a brilliance at the Soul-level as we go through these experiences that makes us the “golden ones” of this cosmic day. As we transmute, transcend and integrate all that we can; we are able to “dawn” our bright and golden light bodies. Once more bringing All That Is, the glory and brilliance of 5th dimensional unconditional love, power, wisdom and compassion; while here on Gaia. From our ever-present, eternal, here and now moments.

What a joy to be one of those that has “awakened” and is in the process of recall/remembrance. To have gone into the depths of “mire” in illusion, and to have come full-circle into the realization of our Divinity. Our cosmic record, or akash, will be of assistance to many throughout the whole of Creation. As All That Is comes to appreciate the power, wisdom and love that All That Is, is capable of expressing.

All of our multidimensional aspects are always working in tandem with us. For though the “game” was an experience of separation and limitation, we have always been our own saviors. As our other multidimensional aspects have ever came to our side, in times of need. Giving us much that we are not even aware of. As the vast majority of our multidimensional aspects did not “dawn” the “band of forgetfulness.”

Recognize, you are who you have been waiting for. You are the one that realizes that you have the power of All That Is, behind you. Know this! Live this! Love this! As there can be no other means of salvation. For the Light of God, never fails.

Any and all who chose to let this “windows of opportunity” pass them by, is absolutely fine. Here is where Our compassion as Source comes in. As an infinite eternal being, there is no hurry. Though there are “time-constraints” throughout the cosmos, there are always “schools of learning” that any and all can partake in.

Until one feels the “call” and is truly ready, no amount of teaching/learning will alter their course. As All That Is, is in an infinite and ever continual course of self-study and self-reflection. Gaining in higher and more expansive insights and reflections.

Source is compassion. All That Is, is the reflection of that compassion. And we are in “alignment” with our own individuated aspect of Source/All That Is; our beloved I Am Presence.

So, let us always be the reflection of Source compassion. As we realize that any/all before us, truly are us. For we are all reflections of the One. Reflecting the brilliance to All That Is. Through love, Divine. Through compassion. Through wisdom and understanding. Let these ”reflections” ever reflect these truths. Here and Now. For we have Divinity in us.

embody divine

As we change our focus to that of ascension, we know that we must be this ascension from within to see this expressed in the without. At the “core” we must bring about this change. As we embody our inherent Divinity, the universe must give us this back, in reflection. This is when we know we have succeeded. When the reflection of the without demonstrates our Divine truth from our within.

Rest assured that as we are doing this, Gaia is doing the same, as well. Since the reality is one of “fractals,” what works for humanity works for Gaia’s bodily forms. She too is changing from Her “core” of within to the without. And as we “ground” our energies, we assist Her in Her ascension.

bridge to source

For we are building the bridge between our already ascended aspects of our multidimensional selves, and our current now moments of self. And when we ground these energetic frequential states of ascension energy into Gaia’s core. This establishes the bridge that we build, that Gaia uses to embody Her ascended state. This is the symbiotic relationship we have. We work together in tandem. Ascending as a planetary body as well as a people. Together in Oneness.

And those that are not resonating with Gaia’s harmonious 4th and 5th dimensional bodies and beyond, are being given several options for their own “unique” progress. With us providing unconditional love to them and assuring them no “judgement” concerning their choice.

path of ascension

We are being given the “path” to ascension. If it is your calling, don’t miss this “window of opportunity.” As ascension has never before been as easily attained, according to the Ascended Host. We ascend, now. Through the momentum of all that are desirous of this, we can easily accomplish this. With those that are desirous of and choose to accompany us, on the “path” of ascension.

Just remaining heart-centered and in the now, we naturally will embody this ascension at our own “unique” and perfect pace. From the vast diversity of All That Is, we individuated expressions of the Divine are ever at the perfect place. From within to the without. Let this all come about. That we may take our place, in God’s loving grace. As the “pioneers” of this ascension. We bring about a massive comprehension. That All That Is, may reflect on All That Is power, love, wisdom and compassion.

galactic stairway animated

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


Signs You May Be An Empath

According to the internet, the definition of an empath is "a person that is extremely sensitive to the emotions and energy of other people, animals and places". Empaths are able to literally FEEL these sensations emanating from these particular things. I myself had no idea I was an empath until a few years ago. I just thought I was incredibly observant for most of my life! Thanks to the World Wide Web I was able to finally figure out why I felt "different than most" for the majority of my life. I was always told I was "extremely sensitive" and I needed to "keep my emotions in check". I never understood why people said those things until I realized my calling. Without further adieu, here are some signs you may be an empath:

You FEEL other's feelings as they are your own – The one major indication I was an empath was I was able to pick up on other people's feelings very easily. I was unable to fully comprehend this aspect when I first discovered this, but with some hard work and research, I have been able to control it for the most part. It really explained why one moment I would be happy and the next I would be angry or sad etc. Grounding and meditation (especially in nature) really helps to center yourself and be one with your mind, body and spirit.

Crowds Overwhelm You –  If you find yourself in a mall, a stadium, or just any type of place that has an influx of people, expect to be inundated by everyone and their emotions all at once. It can be debilitating to say the very least! In my experience, wearing or having certain crystals (like amethyst which is my go-to crystal for most issues) on you will aid in absorbing these emotions and block you from them ultimately. In addition, solitude after an intense interaction with droves of people also helps to regenerate and recharge. Grounding and meditation never hurts either.

You are a human lie detector – Based on people's facial expressions, body language and the way they speak, you can tell almost instantaneously that someone is lying to you. This can be a curse sometimes, especially if a person you love and respect is the one fibbing to your face.

Narcissists are your weakness and your poison – The definition of a narcissist is " a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves". Which means, they are only in it to benefit themselves and they have minimal, if any, empathy for others. In my experience with "narcholes", they like to make you believe there is something wrong with YOU and they don't ever take responsibility or accountability for their hurtful words or actions. They thrive on manipulation and lead you to believe you are the problem, when that is furthest from the truth. Stay as far away from these types of personalities as you possibly can as they will drain you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You always root for the underdog – This sort of intertwines with the narcissist point above. You have an overwhelming sense of needing to help anyone who needs it and essentially be their "savior". Narcissists tend to play the "victim" role any chance they get which is why us highly sensitive people tend to gravitate toward them. Not just narcs, but people or animals who are being treated badly. You just cannot fathom how there can be so many evil people on this planet and you wish things were different.

Your sensory receptors are more sensitive than the average person – When I was a child, I was weird about certain things. The tags in my shirts always bothered me, scratchy material like wool or lace, or anything too binding. As I have grown older, these instances still bother me but I also have developed sensitivity to bright lights, sudden loud noises, smells, or too many things going on all at once. I don't know about you, but it is incredibly comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

You are a dumping ground for other's emotions and feelings – My whole life I always wondered why random people would pour their hearts out to me constantly. Almost daily. We are definitely fantastic listeners and give great advice so it does make sense in that aspect. However, before I discovered I was an empath, it didn't make much sense besides I allowed it to happen. I would always leave the conversation incredibly drained and like I took on those emotions and they seemed to be all good after our chat. Which is ultimately what I wanted out of it secretly. For the person to feel better. I always seemed to succeed in doing so, but there came a point in my life where I had to start setting boundaries. Boundaries are healthy and necessary especially being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Don't ever be afraid to say no to someone. Saying yes all of the time can be draining in itself. I learned the hard way and it was very stressful and could have been avoided if I had only learned to set boundaries prior.

You avoid the news and negativity like the plague – Too many negative images and stories are portrayed on the news every single day. As an empath, negativity in general is too much for our empathic hearts to deal with. The news rarely has anything positive on it these days so I never watch it. Senseless wars, terrorism, child/senior/animal abuse, thieves, murderers etc. are the epitome of evil and we just cannot perceive how these things even happen and it tears us apart inside. We crave peace and serenity.

You have a strong inner "knowing" or intuition – I have found since I was a small child, my gut feelings were never off, albeit I rarely listened to them until I became an adult. The older I have become, the more my intuition has been developing. If you do not have guidance growing up when it comes to being an empath (which I didn't) then you unfortunately have to learn the hard way almost every single time. Always trust your intuition because it helps us to make informed decisions based on circumstance and feeling.

In conclusion, these are the most prominent of the signs of being an HSP that I have encountered. There are also many more subtle signs but I don't feel they are relevant to me so much. Us empath's are unfortunately painfully misunderstood if we encounter those who don't get what we are about. Perhaps we need to inform others we trust more often instead of hiding who we are. You need to embrace this gift you have been given and learn to control it as best you can. I will touch on that subject in a later blog post. Through awareness and consideration we can educate the world of our gift and make it a much better place to live through our loving actions and good deeds. Love & Light!

~ Cadence xoxo


Integrate and Expand In Balance


We are progressing at what seems like a rapid pace, nowadays. As change is the order of each and every day, more and more. Since we are increasing in frequency and illumination, our bodies are in a seeming continual state of flux.

We are at a state of continually integrating all that we have experienced and learned through our divine energies. And as this is through integration, we must become more and more aware of the reality of the experiences that we’ve had.

This is a most wondrous time for it is literally the revealing of all aspects of knowing and wisdom that comes to our consciousness after having much experiences in the past reality of 3rd dimensional Gaia expressions. All that we care to know of is coming to light, as our ability to focus on and manifest our desires is increased in these new energies.

We are learning that in this new environment, when we are able to actually go with the flow; we are harmonious and peaceful and naturally expand. And this brings about the changes that we desire. For creating these changes is not to be done in “struggle.” This was/is an old concept that doesn’t bring about the harmony we deserve.

We are able to create grander creations and have them come to fruition more quickly than in the older energies. This is the freedom we bring back to our reality in stages, as we progress from 4th dimensional experiences and on to many other higher ones as well. For in truth, once we are opened to these levels of Creation, our ability to commune with many aspects of All That Is, in all dimensional aspects that are relevant for our growth are and have been coming forth.

god consciousness

We are able to commune with any beings, throughout Creation, by turning within. This is where we open the “stargate,” of our Divine Being. Through our sincere desire to commune with our Higher Self in any chosen form of meditative practice we choose, we open the door to communing with many beings that are ever desirous of assisting us. As one advances one appreciates the whole of All That Is, through all the various expressions of dimensional reality. Interdimensional experiences are going to grow and develop through all of us, more and more.

Other things that are being revealed are not so appealing, once the light has been brought forth on then. Such as the “truth” that most of us have bought into as to the existence of certain phenomenon. As in, we are taught that there are things that are “extra-sensory” and “paranormal” and “metaphysical” and on and on. And yet the truth is that all of these abilities that manifest as “gifts” in some, are obtainable by any and all who choose to focus in on that experience. In other words, they are not “special” gifts, they are inherent in the whole of humanity. We have just “bought-into” the limitation that these are unique expressions that are gifted. Why?

annunaki_ancient aliens

There have been those that know our inherent power and are avoiding any expression of that knowledge, at all costs. These beings are of a different nature than ourselves. As they function primarily from a brain perspective. And humanity has always functioned from the Sacred Heart Divine expression. This is humanities means of power.

As those that were different from us, did not want us to develop beyond their perceived usefulness they felt they needed from us. These didn’t want their “meal-ticket” to awaken to the truth of their inherent Divine nature and abilities.

So, they taught us, and we innocently complied with their perception of reality. As that of being a reality based solely on brain or ego consciousness, with limited emotional expressions. This is when man fell. Man left operating through heart-centered consciousness or (Christ Consciousness), and changed to operating from the brain and ego-consciousness. We went from flowing freely through dimensional realms, to being “trapped” into 3rd density expressions in physical bodies. As our “rulers” knew we could be managed and controlled through this limitation. As this was not our truth. Nor did this incorporate our inherent point of power, through our sacred heart-center chakra. The heart-center was disregarded, if you will. As of no consequence.

This is the path that many on the left-handed pathway choose. They usurp the heart chakra. And yet, any that have chosen to disregard what Source gave them; finds an extremely long and hard lesson is their chosen experience.


The truth of returning to our own individuated divine expression, is to come to the realization, or knowing, that we are truly unlimited beings. We may each bring forth any of these attributes such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience and so forth. And we are bringing these attributes of who we are forward in our realities more and more each and every day, more and more in every way. And we are, not so much developing these as we are remembering that we know how to do these things, already.

And even those that may be considered still awakening or sleeping through this, are still bringing these expressions forth. That is why we are told to be discerning as to what choose to put our attention on, for we are going to see many with abilities that were once considered, unique. And yet, some may not be as advanced, spiritually speaking, as what we would perceive would be a requirement for these types of expressions. Yet, this is the ascension. We must grow quickly in all respects.


Our focus on materialism will be diminished, as we come to realize more and more that the true experiences one desire to live through, are always expressed from within, firstly. And when we truly “tune-into” our divine hearts desires and expressions, a whole new reality manifests and unfolds before our very eyes; in the most profound way. The amount of synchronicity increases. The joy and appreciation of the reality comes forth more easily. And it is then that we realize, we have been talking, listening and working with and through our Higher Self. More and more, each and every day, this increases. And the process of melding the divine in the here and now, is well underway. And all of this makes material possessions seem like children’s toys.


Let us keep in the flow, of this divine energy that is being brought forth. As more of our DNA is activated, and we call forth as much light as is necessary into all of our lower-bodies. The mental, emotional, physical, astral and etheric. All the way through our molecular, cellular and DNA level of expressions. Every increasing in light, function and frequency throughout our eternal expression of here and now moments.

merkabah 3

Realize that we have always sought a means of traveling in time, externally. We have always sought a means of travel that incorporates an external structure. And in truth, we are each a divine starship and time-traveler, as an inherent expression of our Divine Being. Our bodies have these abilities inherently to traverse the reality. We are the time-travelers, both internally as well as externally. Remember, as within so without. We are the stargate, inherently through our activated Merkabah.

These are expansions that are taking place more and more in our now moments of consciousness reality. Some are further along the process, although many are eagerly desirous of increasing in such expressions. I being one of them. Ever in the attitude of gratitude. And ever eager for moving beyond the perceived limitations of duality.

duality and balance

And yet, even duality has a balance point that many times, we forget. For in truth the “dualistic” experience has always been a trinity, not just a duality. For there are the expressions of the duality and the central-balanced point.

And the central balanced point is what is taught through many. The Native Americans, Buddha, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Host and on and on. The whole planet is sustained, or not, through balance or lack thereof. And our experiences on the planet reflect this in our reality. This expression of reality has always been a trinity, not just a duality. That is one of the major lessons. Mother, father, child. Sun, moon, earth and so forth.

We are integrating what we have experienced. And we are experiencing new expressions that we have yet to have integrated. Such as the higher expressions of hearing, seeing and knowing. And as we grow into these new experiences, we have more positive expressions to integrate and expand upon. The ever-exciting expressions of now moments that are ever eternal. Beyond the need for structured expressions of time, limiting our experiences and desires. For we are beyond the need of such rigors as linear-time.

Focus more and more on our chosen expression of the reality we desire. And remember, this manifests from within firstly. Be and live the state of being we desire to see expressed in our reality. Then we will see the outer-reality bring similar frequencies of expression forth into our reality. Adding further momentum to the process in a synchronistic system of occurrence. And when we recognize these, as they really do happen more than we realize, we can then work in a synchronistic manner with what comes. And the more we do this joyfully and harmoniously, the more these expressions expand. Once more, in a synchronistic manner to reflect more of these desired expressions of ours into our reality.  Mirroring our reality through the law of attraction and resonance. Or karma. As in, you get what you put out. The more we live the state we desire, the more the universe brings more of its kind to reflect our chosen state of being.

This is working with the new energy of the day. From a point of our eternal now moments. Which is once more, the balance point between past and future. The trinity manifest once more in the reflective reality. The balance is the eternal, now. This eternal now, is beyond space-time constraints. Hence, our point of power.

Be ever in the now, in the know. For this is working with the Divine, within our heart center. And when we acquiesce, we reach that natural state of surrender that we hear about. We surrender to the Divine flow that is already being given us, as our inherent right. We maintain balance through the balanced-center of our being. Our Sacred Heart-Center.

in5d article gabriel f. duran

And the only thing that impedes this process, is self-resistance. We must surrender resistance to the already natural divine flow. Go from resistance to persistence of staying in the Divine flow that our Higher Self is sending us, through the highest form of love, divine love. Full of compassion and ever optimistic as to our success.

Let not society, family, friends, religion or any being take this state of being from our expression. For we are being given all the Divine Loving Energy, All That Is has for each and every one of us, always. Realize our inherent “unlimitedness”, or limitless Being as Sparks of the Divine in expression. Ever at the perfect place and the perfect time, manifesting our Divine truth. Bringing about the furtherance of perfection. In an already perfect creation. For Creator recognizes no limits. Therefore, Creator recognizes nothing but the Divine in all expressions, including each of us, now.

And in the presence of the Divine, we must meet halfway; energetically speaking. So, we must release all forms of limitation in order to accomplish this. And this is occurring throughout the whole of Gaia.

This is why we are seeing, and in some instances experiencing some of these upheavals. Such as earthquakes and hurricanes and so forth. We are transmuting these false creations we have believed in. And for those that are doing so unconsciously, the process still takes place. And many will choose to awaken in a rather harsh manner. As in “shaking oneself” awake through earth changes and so forth. For nobody will be left behind, our out of the process.

We must release these “illusions” that we brought forth ourselves in Creation in order to meet the Divine, halfway. Once more, the balance point of the trinity. As our Divine I Am Presence meets us halfway, we strive to increase in frequency. And betwixt the two shall meet. At the balance point of expression. This is when the meld manifests more and more between our Higher Self and ourselves. As these false expressions cannot exist at such higher frequencies. For the higher frequencies bring forth only truth. And the lie must fall before the truth.

This shows us that there are still many expressions in our reality that are functioning outside of truth. And these must change as their true expressions unfold. And either these will change into “truthful” expressions or they will cease to exist. And suffice it say, we have many organizations that will inevitably cease to exist rather than conform to truth.

Expansion of truth and integration of expressions of experience that are no longer necessary are in order. Releasing all that does not serve is our responsibility. We have been given an auspices sign with the recent solar eclipse. And now the expressions of separate time-lines, increases. We each are choosing anew. Uncharted, Divine expressions are ever-awaiting. The time-lines diverge, once more.

state of being 2.jpg

Be the “state of being” we are desirous of expressing. Breathe in the truth of this in our reality, and breathe out the manifestation of this new expression. Be ever mindful that our thoughts, spoken word and deeds are bringing about higher and deeper expressions of our beliefs. So, be in accord with our own desires and beliefs. For our reality will mirror these much more quickly. And as we gain more consciousness knowing that this is so, we can increase the pace to even quicker expression.

spiral time.jpg

For time is not what we have believed it to be. We are beyond linear time-expression. If we ask our Higher Self, our Higher Self will bring into our consciousness the knowledge of how many activities we accomplish in the past as well as future, to bring about our desired expression of now moments. In other words, the present is what changes the past and the future. The power of now, is the only power there is. Time acquiesces to the consciousness of now. Know this.

And these “ah-ha” moments will initially baffle us. Seeing time as non-linear. It is much like watching a mystery movie, in which at the end all of the pieces come together. And one gets and entirely new view of the whole of the experience that was bought forth in pieces portraid throughout the movie. The conclusions that one gathers throughout the process may not even be germane to the final outcome. When the “big picture” comes into focus, then we recognize the necessity of the seeming “sidetracks” that we seem to end up experiencing, getting to the final perceived outcome.

This is when we know we are working through our Higher Expression. For we are along for a glorious and often mysterious ride, throughout Creation. And this was by design. For mystery is the impetus that keeps us ever seeking. And yet, seek through the love, not the pain. Let our Higher Self unfold our Divinity in us, as beautifly as the blooming and unfolding flower's petals. Be ever in appreciation for awakening. Be ever compassionate for those that have not. Be the balance-point. For this is our divine expression and our point of power. Ever unfolding, perfectly. Integrating, expanding and being in balance, always. Beloved Divine Sparks of Source.

Balanced, in the know, in the now, of the Divine.

unfold like a flower.gif

Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran



The world, universum and life

The world is a place to explore more life and prosperity in all hypermolicule items. The face of the earth is renewable by our childeren and to produce more happyness. We all stand for a big responsability to emporement of new Social idiologics. The first smart thing to do is to release ourself from individalic problems and solve them together with help by our heart and mind and power with the true self. One is not stronger then many, one is in many and shall not be seperated. Like the wind You can't see it but you feel and know it is there. Cristal clear your mind is a ocean where the waves are thoughs and ideas are boats floating down the river. To channel this it's important to navigate this sea which  follows to finding your path. Storms can bring damage to the boats and set You off path it's called distraction.  Focus must be sharp like a sharks teeth complish this by being healthy and on target. After a storm water can be still and boring notherless this is the time to rebuild and target to get stronger as you focus on this one should feel more alife. 

The universe is a parallel of tricky new finetuning objects with colors and shapes. This can dissapear beyond the horizon of air and space. Many layers of wisdom and intellect can be stored behind time and expirence of the past, prediction of the future and the conversation of the now. Choises between good and bad can be made with the goal to explore to the innerself. Social behavior is determined to reactions, sharing, believe and opinions. Blur can come from social pressured people in the mind. Controle over matter and thoughts can only happen when losing the focus on reality. Balance between losing and holding the rope will give you the energy of the universum.

While we all strife for more enjoyment in life it's good to remember who we are in the first place. Don't seek outside but more inside, your soul will be fruthfull understanding this. Time can be to short to worry about things happen in the past or future problems, live life by the present time to become a human beeing instead of a human doing. Thinking is one of our senses not our heart, the heart is smarter than you think. Feelings comes from the heart not the brain. When you solve your own problems one should share these with others so they can learn from this. Love in the heart and peace in the mind is completion of finding joy. 



Seeing with “The Eye of God”

Now we've reached the sixth in our exploration of the seven chakras. After the other five energy centers (chakra means "wheel of energy" in Sanskrit) have been opened, just by our being aware of each of them and their significance in our lives — we now have arrived at the place within our Being that is …. One with bliss.

In yogic scriptures the state of Oneness with All is often described using the Sanskrit word, Satchidananda. Sat is Beingness; chid is "the Light of Understanding" that comes with knowledge, and ananada is … bliss. (click here to continue reaidng on my spiritual blog)


I Speak — with throat wide open

Our stressed-out world needs to know that right within every person's own being, just as the yoga-girls in lockup found out in our class, every person has the power to change themselves. Just by wanting to. Being aware of needing to change is all it takes — for change to start happening. Of course, having someone demonstrate, or share books like I'm doing, about how change can be done, helps enormously. That's why I call myself a spiritual activist. It's my job … to spiritually help others who are interested in uplifting their perspective on things. (click here to continue reading on my blog


The 3-second Meditation for Dummies (and why it works!)


The 3-second Meditation for Dummies (and why it works!)

Too busy? Too queasy? Better meditate for three seconds than not at all. Here's how!

What to do:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Say “Thank you, Universe” and open your eyes.

Why it works:
-By closing your eyes, you gave your mind a signal to pause.
-Conscious breathing centres you in the now, sends more oxygen to your brain and grounds you.
-You just engaged in the most powerful feeling: Gratitude. By giving, you made space for receiving from the Universe.


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Stay blessed!


Why am I always so TIRED?

I was listening to one of my favorite internet guru’s on youtube “Tarek Bibi” and was reminded that the spiritual work is just as draining as physical work. “Ted Andrews”, who wrote “Animal Speak” said that giving a reading was the equivalent of running a triathlon. On the spiritual plain, I have been in a tug of war with my inner child issues. When in your subconscious you are resisting healing, this creates fatigue. This is natural, your subconscious is your “hard drive” and you are rewiring it. Your are running a spiritual triathlon. Learn to be gentle with yourself.  That was the first message I was given, then while I was practicing my yoga I was told that the fat that I have been losing has been releasing toxins into my blood. Environmental factors are huge. For most people a lot of the exhaustion is physical imbalances. Right now I’m going to explain fat toxins. I live in a city where everything is full of toxins. Sitting in traffic, breathing in the emission’s from tractor trailer’s, pesticides on our food and I live in Nevada so probably some extra radiation. All this go’s into every cell of your body. Of course this is going to be stored in your fat cells. You work out and burns that fat, it go’s into your blood stream.  I do the best I can to avoid toxic food choices. I have slowed down a little and gone back to focusing more on my Yoga and I eating more blood cleansing foods, such as garlic. For me it’s super hard to slow down. I have become better at going with the cycles of my body and when I have allowed my body to heal from hard work outs, my next burst of energy is even better. What has been helping me has been a whole week of just gentle Yoga and then back to 20 minutes of daily workouts. This is what has been helping me. The main thing is to listen to your body. Thank you for your time.  Many blessings.



Necessary Changes

There are things in this world that need changing. There are outdated thought processes and leadership. There are outdated religious beliefs that bring about separation and division that shouldn’t be there. Any religion that teaches separation and nonacceptance is not of the Light. We will not win through negative means. We will not win through violence. We will not win through fear tactics. These are part of the outdated thought processes. These are the mechanisms of control that we have used for centuries and nothing changes for the better by their use.


We have watched entire nations destroyed, innocent killed because we are literally bring war to their door steps. These people did not ask for this. They did not ask to have their homes and lives destroyed. We are continuing cycles which will ultimately destroy man kind. We MUST learn to love and accept one another. We must learn to work together as one WORLD instead of working separately for our own countries benefit. We need to take back our power and our voices. We need to stop accepting what we are told and start asking the hard questions.


We won’t get there over night. No one expects this to be an easy thing, especially when the only way for us to get there is to face ourselves. Facing ourselves is actually our biggest fear. We create electronics and sit-coms, distractions to keep us from digging too deeply into ourselves. We are afraid of what we might find there. We are afraid of what we know is there and most of all we are afraid to admit a lot of the things that we find inside us. We don’t want to admit that we really screwed up that relationship or that we lost our cool when we shouldn’t have. We don’t want to objectively look at the events of our lives and see our own mistakes. Its isn’t easy to see that we’ve lead ourselves to the exact places we didn’t want to be. It isn’t easy to take ownership of our actions, both good and bad.


Right now we are a country at war with itself and everyone else it seems. We are fighting over the election and the importance of skin color, we’re fighting over who people are allowed to love and what a woman is allowed to do with her own body. Have we forgotten that the human body is sovereign and a holy temple unto itself? Who are we to tell someone who to love, would you want someone to come in and tell you that you can’t love and be married to your spouse? Who are we to force any action upon any human being that they do not choose for themselves? If we force a woman to have a child she doesn’t want, then what? That child ends up in foster care or worse, abused because they were unwanted. Why is this such an important topic when there are already children in this world, in this COUNTRY who are starving? Why are we trying to dictate what can be done with the unborn while ignoring the plight of so many who are already walking among us?


We are fighting and making derogatory comments about raising the minimum wage, but how many of you need those restaurant workers in order to eat? How many of you are dependent on these workers because cooking wasn’t an important skill to learn? I look at the generation that I come from and the ones that have come after and I am appalled at the lack of knowledge and ability to feed yourselves. We talk about the people who work in fast food as if they are less than us; several of them have degrees or doctorates but can’t find work in their fields. Even if that isn’t the case, who are we to judge anyone who is trying to make an honest living? If you couldn’t do their job then who are you to say what they should be paid for it?


We all need to take a good hard look inside of us and get a grip on what really matters. We need to be focusing our energy on understanding one another rather than finding ways to separate ourselves from one another. We should be tossing the phone aside and having real and meaningful conversations. How much do you really know about the people you hang out with? What do you know of their dreams and fears? These are the things that matter, these are the things that drive us. Wake up America, the future is calling, you are moving in the wrong direction!!


“It’s a Carp Swimming up Stream kind of Day”

I have to pass this on. I have deepened my Yoga practice and sometimes we have to remember things get worse before they get better. I have been pushing a lot of negative energy out. Unfortuanlty it manifests as disease. I forgot to ask for it to be dissolved after being pushed out. Sure enough, the universe found a way to remind me. Nothing like some gall stones to make you meditate. Illness forces you to slow down. I did a tarot reading from my "Mah Jongg" deck by "Derek Walters" and drew the Carp. Keep persevering and you will go through the Dragons Gate. The journey may be longer and harder than you anticipated but in the end the rewards will be greater. If you expect to be exceptional, be prepared to meet exceptional obstacles. Thank you for your time. Many blessings.


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