Love is Just Better

Learn to love, not because it’s your true essence, not because it’s for the betterment of humanity, not because of any other reason except that life is so much better when you come from a place of love.

I lived a very selfish existence for many years and although it wasn’t by choice, this didn’t alleviate the suffering it caused. There was much confusion for most of my life and I really didn’t understand why I did the things that I did. Most of my actions were self destructive in nature, with the nature always being based in selfishness. This is what happens when love is lacking in one’s life. It may not be the way one wants to be, but it will be the way one has to be because without love, there’s only room for selfishness. This manifest in the form of thoughts, then actions, and then the selfish results of those. This is where anger, fear, greed, hate, and delusion arise from. None of these are natural, they have to be learned and because their energy is selfish you can see why they cause nothing but problems in your life.

This is separating energy and although many look at it as causing separation with others, what really happens is you separate from your own innate love. This is what selfish energy does and there’s no way around when this is your energy. Seeing this and turning it around is the only way it will change, but the change isn’t to create a story to save the world, it’s simply to learn a better way to live. What turned my life around wasn’t learning the secrets of the Universe, it was simply learning how to love. Not because it’s our true essence or because it’s for the betterment of humanity, there’s really no reason except that life is so much better when you come from a place of love instead of selfishness.



I Am, I Feel, and NOW — I DO!

As we continue exploring the raising-up of our consciousness using the yogic system of chakras to help us better understand who and what we are, we are now at the third chakra, known as the seat of our personal power. This is an energy center most humans (not in a coma) experience on a regular basis. The next chakra, the heart chakra, is where we start on our spiritual journey. Truly! Stay tuned for next post. (Sign up on my blog and receive each post via email.)

If any of you have ever been forced to do something absolutely aligned with, or totally against your will, you are familiar with that “good warm feeling” or the opposite, the aching discomfort in your midsection, close to your navel. Both reactions, opposing yes I know, are referred to as a “gut reaction” or a “feeling in my gut.”

A good reaction: Let’s say you’ve just met someone/thing who rings your bell. You feel this instantly in your gut. Sometimes the reaction almost knocks you backward. Have you ever felt it? This is your own intuition telling you that something is very right about this person (a dog, a cat?) you’re meeting. It could be a business contact, a romantic interest, but whatever it is, it’s someone/thing you’ll greatly benefit from spending some time with, learning more about them.

A bad reaction is the other kind of gut feeling, an uncomfortable ache, and sometimes it’s harsher, like a punch. This is a negative reaction to whatever you are facing. Maybe it’s a person, but it could be a job, a house you’re not supposed to buy, a type of food you’re not meant to eat. I hope you pay attention to these uncomfortable signs from your own inner knowing, as well as the more intriguing signs that make you want to know more.

Both reactions, good or bad, if those word judgements apply (better choice is interesting or not interesting) — they come from your 2nd chakra center of energy, located very close to your navel. But the sensation can come anywhere in your midsection. Click here to continue reading on my blog


Through Hell – Heavens Gates

An angel guided me through hell, and asked me if I loved myself. I tried to lie, but she could tell. Said it's okay to ask for help.

And as I walked amongst the flames, a part of me began to change. The inner beast inside of me, had gasped for breath so I could breathe. I'm not afraid, I said with grace, holding onto my mistakes. I've had regrets along the way, that made me who I am today. 

She said these stones were thrown by those who lost their way along the road.

At first I pondered than I asked, is time my friend and will it last? She said of course your mind is still. And life is just an upward hill. Sometimes we're weak and then we fall, with broken backs against the wall. But please remember you're not alone. You'll always have somewhere to go.

It seemed to me she didn't believe, my darkest thoughts or wildest dreams. She let me know that I was troubled, and the price I paid would soon be doubled. I hope that I have made amends, and if not then I'll try again.

She said these scars are seen by eyes, that most won't touch or can't describe. I said I'm  done, nowhere to hide. I've built these walls so no stars shine. But beauty hides in empty eyes. And truth come out within the lies. Innocence is left behind. Just be aware you're born to die.

But due before it is too late, don't hide your shame with masks of hate. Ignite the flame that fuels the rage, and learn to live another day.

Before she left to say goodbye, she looked me, began to cry. Dead straight looked me in the eyes, said you've been low when you were high. And you will make it out alive.

The devil walked me to the gates of heaven but I had to wait. So patient in his evil ways, it's funny but I'm glad he stayed.

We talked about the sins we shared, and just right then I knew he cared. He gave me lots of good advice, said angels sometimes come disguised.

I second guessed, and questioned time. I thought that it was on my side. I'm blinded by these bloodshot eyes, I've tried my best to just survive.

This world has brought me to my knees, I cannot pray or live my dreams. I know that darkness comes from light, and someday that I'll be alright.

I cannot fight these waves of fear, I've carried on throughout the years. But silence is my only friend, when I can't seem to love again. But I have so much left to say, I won't back down or fade away.

You'll find me in a better place, far amongst the fog and haze. I'll lay beyond the verdant trees, and pass by like a summer breeze.

And as he left me there to stay, the last thing that he said to me, was maybe you're not meant to lay, but stand your ground, and find your place.


Selfishly Attracted

Awareness is key in breaking free from the grip of the attractions of the Conditioned Mind, and the only reason the grip is even so is because of the selfish nature of what’s at the core of these attraction.

The mind would never become agitated if one didn’t want the present moment to be different and what is wanted different is decided by your own mind looking for something that’s going to provide a form of pleasure in this moment. This is where awareness to what one is attracted to helps. Without this awareness the agitation is never seen, and one succumbs to it because they have to. There’s no choice in this without awareness and even then the draw is is so powerful it most likely will not be overcome. Awareness of what one is attracted to is key in breaking free from the grip of the Conditioned Mind, the only reason the grip is even so is because of the selfish nature of what’s at the core of these attraction. It’s the reason why one wants something different and reaches for money, greed, porn, gambling, drugs, alcohol, programs, and even God to name a just a few of the things used to fulfill this mind agitation.

When using the body for present moment awareness the attractions aren’t as powerful and although they will still be there because you’re alive, they won’t have as much control over you as they do now. You may say the mind agitations aren’t in control of you, but just by saying that they are and this is because if the mind wasn’t agitated, there wouldn’t be any response. This is how you can tell if the mind is agitated, it will respond to things without much giving it much thought. When the mind isn’t agitated, there will be space between what arises and the response to it. The space is the result of developing discipline and fully being in the present moment. Without this discipline one will remain a slave to their mind agitations and be selfishly attracted to things that don’t allow for the space to be free.



Goddess on Fire





She is a Goddess of fire and passion

The embers glow just beneath the surface

Lying in wait as a volcano preparing to erupt

Building over time, unable to stop the explosion

For she must release her passion, her fire within

She waits for the time, for the "one"

She is not to erupt before then

She must lie in wait, preparing as in birth

Simmering as a broth brews

Slowly as if making a stew

A stew of love, passion, fire and heat


Her petals await the time to bloom

Her fragrance to permeate the earth

Cascading in her own perfume

The scent intoxicating and on fire

The burning passion of heat

The burning passion of love

The burning passion of desire


She waits, not to be devoured

But to be savored, loved and adored

Her temple is sacred

Her love is pure

Her heart is a flower

Opened and ready

Her scent is of the ocean

Her love is as the rainbow

Her passion is as the stars

Bursting forth in the sky

Her desire is as the moon

Ebbing and flowing with the tide

Her heart is as the sun

Shooting forth heat and light


She waits, this Goddess

Preparing to burst forth from her temple

When her beloved calls

And their union becomes one

One with the cosmos

One with each other

Sending ripples in the afterglow


Return Of the Goddess. The Divine Feminine Rises and Anchors

The Divine feminine leading this Ascension has been pushed beyond their means to heal and rise above not only the emotional imbalances but the hierarchy of energy that has been displaced between the masculine and feminine over eons of time. This imbalance has caused much strife in humanity as a whole because we lack balance, equality, and the shared unconditional love we once felt and recognized towards one another. 

She has been pushed heavily to her breaking point, to release all of these old paradigms and conditions placed upon her. To heal the rejection, the abandonment, and the feelings of not only a lack of support from her counterpart, but absolute dissatisfaction and disappointment as a result. In a Patriarch dominating society, she has fought hard to become an equal voice with an equal chance to live in freedom without persecution. Without restrictions and boundaries placed upon her by a failing society. She is fighting hard to prove that her intelligence is of equal to the masculine. That her nurturing and quiet loving nature is needed and required to off-set the ego-centric and seeming angry dominance of the masculine who have held power and sway for far too long. Complete balance is required and necessary of both polarities in order to support the new Earth.

She has made significant progress to release not only the codependent relationship tendencies, desires, or expectations, but to continue to fight for her own self love, values, and independence. In her fight to stand authentically strong and true, she may lose those dear to her heart along the way. She knows despite the possibility of feeling like she is standing or fighting alone, she will never give up or relinquish the progress she has made. She is fighting a battle for the entirety of the feminine representation of humanity. If she is unable to hold steady without giving her power away, who will? 

The Divine feminine press on. They have no other choice with the progression, desire, and fortitude that is driven deep within the core of their soul. They are here to change the paradigm and will stop at nothing short of that. Their success and sheer determination is not only heart and soul driven, but divinely orchestrated and guided by Source Creator. ❤️

~Adeana Slater


The Source Energy of Creation

Separation from oneself occurs when the source energy of creation is made into a story because it then becomes my story and there’s no connection when one comes from a place to self serve.

The are so many names for the source energy of creation and to me what’s important is what’s produced by connecting with it. It’s not a concern of mine what it’s called because words diminish it and put it in a so called box. This source energy is what led me from my self destructive behavior and it continues to lead me even when my I takes hold of some self serving behavior. This is why we’re our own obstacle because it all has to do with the energy of our connection to the present moment and very few live there. The more when can be present and observe the stillness of the moment, the more chance there is to connect with the source energy of creation. This doesn’t take a belief in something to allow this to happen, it takes an awakened heart to see that a belief actually blocks the connection to the source energy of creation.

I’ve found it more beneficial not to limit myself with labeling things a certain way, it seems to allow the flow of energy to go in a certain direction, and although whatever the direction is I’m okay with it, connected to the source energy of creation is more of a benefit to all beings. There are many stories attached to about this and it blocks one from connecting to it. There’s only one source of the energy of creation and the proof is we are all created the same. There’s nothing to debate here because it’s the truth. The debate starts when the source energy of creation is made into a story because it then becomes my story and there’s no connection when one comes from a place to self serve.


Labeled Distractions

Regardless of what it is, once something is labeled it becomes a distraction to one’s mind state of peace. Without a label the mind remains open and more and more truth is revealed, truth that sets one free.

The other day when I woke up, it seemed I was in an annoyed mind state, I had a few things that had to be done as soon as I woke up, but this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Being in this annoyed state made it seem as though everything was annoying me, but I’ve learned that this mind state is temporary and it arises as a distraction to my state of peace. I had to take a look to see why everything was annoying to me, some will say to just be with the annoyance and watch it dissipate, but to me I take it a step further because I can and I’ve learned that the annoyance will return stronger if the root of it isn’t exposed; knowing what the root of my annoyances are has been my saving grace. On this morning these annoyances had nothing to do with anything in particular, nothing was going on for me to be annoyed. I didn’t have time to sit because I had an appointment so I begin a mindfulness practice of watching how each annoyance that arose was directly linked to I. It arose, it was acknowledged that I was at the root and quietly I was saying “don’t attach” and boom just like the annoyances that arose were gone. This is the value of understanding your own mind.

You can just be with the annoyance and over time it may dissipate, but it will take longer and it will return because understanding why it arose won’t be known. This isn’t to say that just remaining with what arises doesn’t produce results, but to me if one knows why something arises there’s less chance of attaching to it and it returning. This is tried and true, but unless it’s seen it’s very unlikely it will be understood. At times what I write about is questioned because it’s not seen by someone, but something should never be discounted just because it hasn’t been experienced. Keeping an open mind is vital in the expansion of truth in one’s life. The moment something is dismissed without it being investigated, it becomes a limit. Near Death Experiences, reincarnation, states of extreme bliss, seeing or hearing Angels, to name a few, although I haven’t experienced these I refuse to discount them because I just don’t know. Regardless of what it is, once something is labeled it becomes a distraction to one’s mind state of peace, so without a label the mind remains open and more and more truth is revealed and truth is what sets one free.


Releasing Theresa

I had had chronic neck and upper shoulder pain, particularly on my right side, for weeks. I had massage after massage to no avail. On top of that I couldn’t get rid of a continuous toilet smell around me; I was starting to worry that the smell was coming from me! I had asked if it was from a spirit and sent one off, but the smell and pain lingered.

Finally, one Sunday after returning from Launceston, my friend Lyn came around for a meditation session and a chakra balance. After we had finished I asked her to see if she could ask about my neck. She got the words, “sitting on her neck.” We both went into meditation to see and immediately I could see a little girl, aged around 7, clinging to my neck. I asked Lyn what she could see and she confirmed it was a child. She began to feel very sad as she tapped into the little one’s emotions.

I asked her what her name was. She said Theresa. Her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around me. I told her gently that she needed to go. She said she loved me and she didn’t want to. At the same time Lyn was also getting the words, “I don’t want to. I love it.” I asked her where her mummy was. She said, “On the ground,” which I took to mean she is still alive.

I then called in Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who gently prised Theresa off me. I sent her a stream of my love, which was a golden colour. She then passed over.

Lyn and I were in shock! Oh my goodness, did that just happen?! I asked more about her and was told that Theresa had died of neglect and was soiled at the time of death. No wonder I could smell the toilet! I asked for her soul to receive love, healing and peace, but then cleansed all of her energies from my bodies and energy fields. Lyn also gave me a healing. My neck was still sore but I was told it will ease over the next few days. The next evening, using Theta® healing, I released all of Theresa’s pain, suffering, fear and feelings of abandonment from her soul and from me. Creator put in the feelings of unconditional love and how it is to feel safe. My neck and shoulders were much better in the morning.

We all have a light which spirits can be drawn to, but I guess my light was calm and loving and the little one felt safe there. I just glad she is now free to fly with the angels and to grow spiritually in the light, where she belongs.

Victoria Cochrane



Discomfort Within

Until the cause of one’s discomfort is understood, discomfort will be their driving energy and until one looks in the mirror and says “my discomfort comes from within” it will remain in place.

Nine years ago as a new direction began to take hold in my life, there was a lot of inner searching as I reflected back to see where the misdirection arose from growing up. Although I didn’t understand this at the time, all my discomfort stemmed from one source and that was my ego self. There are as many definitions of the ego as there are people on this planet and whether it truly exist or not, mine was killing me. The thing about the ego is before it kills you, there’s so much discomfort along the way. The insanity of this is it’s one’s own mind that causes this discomfort.

I don’t blame the ego self to not be accountable for what I did, but I don’t hold myself responsible because there’s no way anything could have been done differently. I only responded to life with the tools that were developed and without knowing this, I couldn’t have done anything differently. What I have discovered about the ego self is it doesn’t truly exist, but it always seems to be there causing discomfort because it has become a huge part of our human conditioning, at least this is how it was for me.

One example that helped me understand this was looking back at the relationships or lack of them in my life. I would only be with someone until I got what I wanted and then it was time to move on; it was always time to move on because there was always some kind of made up discomfort in me. I used everything to try and ease this, and for reasons I never understood, suffering was always the consequences of this behavior. Today I see how my ego self is never satisfied and how it’s the driving force behind the I Self. The I Self is driven strictly for it’s own satisfaction regardless of the harm it causes, this revelation which occurred nine years ago helped pave the way for the liberation from my ego’s grip; not its demise, but liberation. A liberation that manifested not as getting rid of the ego, but understanding it because until the cause of one’s discomfort is understood it will continue to be the driving energy of one’s life.