Finger Pointing

Unconsciousness is only supported by unconsciousness and because of the subtleness of unconscious energy this results in pointing fingers at others without the ability to truly look at yourself.

The Conditioned Mind supports unconscious energy and whatever spin one puts on it, this energy only allows you to point the finger at others. I knew when I posted the article yesterday afternoon on my timeline it was going to activate many triggers which would lead to name calling and finger pointing. All I did was post that I did not support the dividing energy of what NFL players where doing before each game; I chose to not watch the games. I was called a fraud amongst other things which doesn’t really bother me because the source of the name calling and finger pointing is from the unconscious energy that is destroying our society and planet. There’s very little understanding of what the Conditioned Mind is so there are many fingers that point at others along with other associated unconscious behavior. This energy has been in place for eons, it’s why humanity is in the dire straits that it is. This has nothing to do with what is happening, but it does have everything to do with the unconscious energy that one emits and lives by.

I see what is seen and it matters little if it’s agreed with or not. I write that’s it, I never wrote to be anything. If I’m a fraud to you so be it. If what I wrote yesterday or if my previous articles don’t resonate with you, move on. Go and latch onto someone who fits in with your conditioned behavior. I never claimed to be anything, I just write what arises in me. I don’t need to point fingers at people because I see the conditioning for what it, but I will call it as it arises in me. There’s so much energy that’s not only dividing our country, but it’s dividing our entire world, and although you may not agree with what I write, I will always write what arises in me, only because I have to as it is what is seen.



Love From the Heart

You can live from your head, but you can only love from your heart. You don’t love in the past or future, you love in the present because the energy of the heart is from what’s happening now.

If you sit around waiting for the other shoe to drop it will happen because by expecting it, you are giving it the energy it needs to occur. Your projections eventually become your reality. Projections always come from our head, never from our heart. When we love it’s from the heart and that’s the energy we will emit, not the projecting energy of waiting for the other shoe to drop. That doesn’t mean everyone will love us back, although everyone’s heart is of love the Conditioned Mind blocks this from being known. It’s known in the head, but to truly emit love’s energy to others it has to be from the heart; the thought of love isn’t love. Going from the head to the heart is a difficult twelve inch transition and it’s the road less travelled. When the idea of love gets stuck in the head, there’s so much thinking involved and it becomes something other than love. I’m not sure what it becomes, but I do know when I love it strictly comes from my heart.

Projections always come from our head, this creates problems because the mind needs something to do if its not trained to be still. The mind that tries to solve problems is the same mind that creates them. If you make it a problem that the other shoe will drop, it will. You’re not separate from your mind, but sometimes it seems that you are. When you do something and say “why did I do that” the mind that told you to do it is the same mind that is making you question yourself. Nothing ever happens in your mind without your permission so when it’s learned to live from the heart, the head will no longer be in control projecting and waiting for the other shoe to drop. You will then be free to live your life as intended; from the love that is in your heart, instead of the mind made nonsense of what goes on between your ears.



Being With What Is

If you’re always trying to arrange things to your liking, it really shouldn’t be a surprise when most of the time things aren’t to your liking. One is truly free when it’s learned to be with what is, not what’s liked.

When listening to the radio and a song starts playing that is disliked, the reaction is to change the station to try and find a song that’s more suitable to one’s liking. This is the subtleness of the Conditioned Mind. It isn’t that you have to put up with things in life that aren’t like, by all means change the station, but understanding exactly why the station is being changed will assist in deciding if it really needs to be changed or not. Not much really changes whether the song is left on or not.

The radio station can be substituted with anything because it’s all arises from the same place; the Conditioned Mind. This time it’s a song, next time it’s a person or situation, but one doesn’t have to be a martyr and remain in their discontentment, once this is recognized, by that alone the attachment to self relinquishes the control it’s be given. This is vital if one is to be free of the subtle attachments created by the Conditioned Mind. The creator of all suffering is linked to some kind of attachment; a clinging to a certain belief that life would be more suitable if it were a certain way. When it’s understood life doesn’t have to be a certain way except in the way that it is that’s when one will be free, and it’s in this freedom that you can do whatever it is you like because it is known that your freedom isn’t dependent on it.



I Focused Stories

A story always needs a subject to focus on to be created. We supply the subject of all our stories when our focus is on the base of I. Without I, our innate divinity sustains itself naturally without the need for a story.

The subtitle of my book “You Are Not Your Thoughts” could have been You Are Not Your Stories. How attached one is to their stories is related to how disconnected one is to their divinity within. Every made up story is related to I and the more I controls, the less one is in alignment with their divinity. Just think about how the stories occur, when there’s traffic, who’s in the traffic? When there’s an individual who passes by and there’s an attraction, who is attracted to them? How about dessert, when it’s time for dessert, who is craving the desire to be satisfied? When anything is wanted, who is the individual who is wanting? All these questions have one answer in common, they’re all derived from I and it’s I who is the creator of all the stories. I want this or I want that, I don’t like this, I want this different, I want, I want, I want, all this wanting is just a story that keeps one from experiencing their own divinity.

Without I wanting is to be without a story and without the story there will be enough quietness to hear the divine urging within that is one’s true innate calling. The difference between one’s thoughts and one’s divinity is thoughts create a story that needs I to believe I am my thoughts and then the Conditioned Mind creates a story from these thoughts, but the story isn’t you as your thoughts aren’t you. It all begins with the attachment to I which makes you think your thoughts are who you are. Don’t attach I to your thoughts and it will be impossible to create an I story.

The divine always occurs in the present moment, why this isn’t known by more people is because of the attachment to I created stories. The divine is not a story, it’s divine. It doesn’t need a story, it always is. It’s the human development of I that doesn’t make this known. Anyone who has any inkling of truth in their life has at least minimized the attachment to I. It’s the only way for one to get quiet enough to realize “You Are Not Your Thoughts” and in the process there’s also the realization you are not your I subjected created stories either.


An Established Anchor

An anchor needs to be established so there’s a place one can return to when the merry go round mind is leading the charge. This is a place where it’s safe and secure away from the insanity of one’s own mind.

I was discussing meditation with a friend and we agreed that so many people have difficulty with it. Recently there was a study done where the subjects had a choice to pick electric shock therapy or sit in a empty room for fifteen minutes. Obviously everyone picked sitting in a room. After all how hard can that be? After the experiment, they asked the subjects if they had the choice again which would they pick, they all said the electric shock therapy. I find this astonishing, but I also understand the misconception of meditation and why this is so. It’s because so many people don’t truly investigate what mediation actually is and what it does. I can tell you this, it’s not magic, but I would like to share my thoughts on meditation which I refer to as simply sitting.

The first thing to do is establish an anchor. Everyone who is alive has some kind a place that is called home where the day starts and most times it ends. Even a homeless person has some kind of anchor to start the day regardless if it’s under a bridge or in a cardboard box. This anchor is the base which will be used to return to when the mind wanders. As one always returns home, so will the established anchor be used in this way.

In the beginning the mind will wander a lot because of the lack of developed discipline, it has to wander because there is nothing in place to keep it from doing so. The main reason meditation is difficult is because people think it’s something to do. One will never ever quiet the mind, it’s something that occurs on its own. This is probably the biggest misconception, that it’s something that can be done. Well the bad news is it can’t, but the good news is discipline can be established to allow the mind to settle. It will just take take time and perseverance to allow this. One sits, the mind wanders, one returns to whatever the established anchor is, the breath is such an anchor. As this is done over and over, the mind wanders less and less.

The benefit of this is when the mind begins to settle, there’s an awareness that at least for me allowed the reaching outside myself for my answers to stop. Once the reaching stopped, I started looking inward and life started to become different. This difference is in my view of life and how it has changed in a most beautiful way. But like I said, its not magic and the most important part of establishing any form of discipline is one will get out of it exactly what’s put into it.



Unity of the Heart

The Conditioned Mind which is based in noise, constantly tries to create a world that makes you think you need to be happy. This created noise blocks one from seeing their own innate goodness.

Creation occurs without permission so when it’s understood that we are a manifestation of Universal Energy and not much else really matters, the mind settles enough to see creation not as a mind made concept, but as its true intention to simply love. The only thing that keeps one in a state of unawareness to this love is their own mind. Stillness breeds truth, truth breeds freedom, freedom breeds clarity and clarity breeds stillness.

One day we are in this form and one day just like that we are not. How one is spending their time in this current form is their life. If it’s to serve self there will never be quietness and it will be very difficult to see truth and experience peace. If it’s to love creation from the heart and soul, there will be a quietness that will allow an inner peace to be discovered and one will be in unity with all beings. There may not be unity in return, but that’s someone else’s conditioning. Your own unity with creation is what’s important and how this unity will be known is by how settled the mind is. Unity comes from the heart not the mind, so our unity with each other is from love and there is only separation from this in the delusional world of thought.



Agitated Distractions

A distraction causes a person to reach for something because the mind is in a state of agitation. Distractions block the ability to live a life aligned with the love that’s in your heart.

Distractions are what the ego uses in the form of conditioning for its fuel; it needs energy to survive. It uses the past and future energies because in the present moment there’s only the energy of what is. What each and every distraction does is remove the ability to remain in the present moment so there can be an alignment with one’s true essence of what is. The objects used are what needs to be identified so one doesn’t give in to their magnetic pull because without the awareness that these distractions exist, their pull is to enticing not to give in to it; even with awareness it’s still very difficult not to give in. The mind will need to be very quiet to become aware of this and not give in to these subtle distractions. The nature of all distractions are the same, but they themselves manifest differently. It’s their nature to take you from the present moment so when you’re not present that’s how it will be known you’re being distracted.

A distraction is not the same as an agitation, they’re similar, but an agitation is what causes the need for a distraction to arise. If the mind was quiet without agitation there wouldn’t be a distraction. To be without distractions one must learn to be with their agitations so it quiets; without an agitation our distractions wouldn’t be. When distractions are non existent, the only thing that remains is quietness or if it’s preferred, peace. So the understanding of this is where one will experience peace, but don’t expect the ego to cooperate because to be without distractions is to be free of the egos control. It has been my experience that the ego doesn’t go away, but it does quiet down as long as it’s not given the energy to create agitated distractions.



External Influences

A person can only see what they’ve been influenced by and what influences you is limited by the books you read and whatever else is attached to from external sources.

The issue some have with my writings is because they aren’t from something they’ve read or some other external source that influenced their conditioned view. The understanding of life through a book or what others teach is very limiting because one becomes influenced only from that external source. You can only truly see what’s in the heart when that view is in place; influences are from the external. This is just the way it is. It’s from the silence of the heart that life’s real lessons are learned. The Universe is the best teacher, but there has to be stillness in place that allows one to hear it’s silence.

For whatever reason I’ve been given insights to the workings of how the Conditioned Mind is the cause of all suffering, not because of some outside influence, but because I have developed stillness that allowed my mind to settle enough so the influenced distractions of the external aren’t being attached to. This allows the silence of the Universe to be my teacher. It matters little if what I see is seen by others. Jesus and the Buddha among many others saw things others did not, that didn’t deter them. I write to share with others what has been bestowed upon me, whether it is seen by others is not a concern. One changes inwardly when the Universe does the changing. I would suggest if anyone truly wants to learn why they think and do what they do is to find their inner. place of stillness. This is invaluable if one wants to break free from the external influences of the Conditioned Mind to hear the teachings of silence offered by the Universe.



Ignoring Life

There is a choice in every moment that occurs which solely puts your life in your hands. If you don’t have awareness of this, you will be controlled unconsciously by what occurs without a choice.

Being in touch with what occurs in each moment of your life is living life as it unfolds without excluding any part of it. It’s easy to ignore what’s not wanted, but to include everything even though it may not be wanted is truly living. If something wants to be excluded find out what it is and why it’s not wanted. Obviously on the surface it would look as though it’s just not liked, but if it’s occurring, what good does it do ignoring it: ignoring then becomes a defense mechanism that keeps you from truly enjoying life. If you only enjoy life when what’s happening is going your way, there will be much suffering because of the way life changes. If you go on a vacation to a tropical island and it’s raining, therein lies your suffering; if it’s sunny everything is deemed great. This is but one example, I’m sure you can find your own that fits your current life.

In the situation described, why it causes suffering is because what’s occurring is being ignored, maybe not consciously, but it’s not wanted so it causes a mind agitation. The thing about this is the rain is totally out of your control, there’s nothing you can do to change it, meaning you can’t change the weather. Well you could do a Sun Dance, but I doubt that will work, so you will either be with life as it is or you will continue to ignore it by wanting it different. These are the choices that occur in every moment and it solely puts your life in your hands. It has nothing to do with anyone else or life circumstances, but if you don’t have awareness of this, you will continue to ignore life as unwanted situations arise. That is until one day when there will be nothing to ignore because life in this form will be no more.


Quality of the Mind

Life is mostly viewed through the intellect and as long as the tools developed by the intellect don’t fail, this view will most likely remain as it is with very little quality of the mind.

One may or may not become aware of how life is mostly viewed through the intellect, but if it does become known, it will be dependent on what tools are in place to cope with life. Some years ago I looked for another way because the tools I used for forty nine years no longer produced satisfying results. I was in a great deal of mind created pain and unfortunately I was only able to use the tools I had developed even though they failed. When one is at this so called crossroad there are many different available ways to go, but which way one heads is dictated by the conditioning in place. Some go inward, some remain entrapped to a downward spiral, some, although on the outside all appears to be well remain in bondage to “I” and some unfortunately die. One can only see what is seen, but that doesn’t mean what is seen is the most beneficial view.

It’s the quality of one’s mind that determines what is seen and the quality is related to the amount of stillness there is in one’s life. Noise takes away from the quality of the mind because it produces nothing but conditioned nonsense; that’s what noise is, conditioned nonsense. Story after story, concept after concept, belief after belief, there’s no stillness in any of these so there’s no quality. There’s plenty of quantity, but it’s all noise. Become mindful of this and watch how life becomes different, or not and remain with your stories, but understand this will limit the quality of your mind and thus it will limit the quality of your life.