Love You Are Given

As much as you think you love, a true measurement of love is in the love you are given. This is because no matter how much you love, you can never give as much love as you are given.

When others open their hearts to whatever gifts you have, it allows you to be a servant of love, and it is the servant that is truly blessed. If no one was there to allow one to serve and share their gifts, no hearts would be opened. The other day I crossed paths with an angel, not literally, but I was allowed to give someone some possessions that were no longer needed. By being allowed to give just for the sake of giving, a blessing was bestowed upon me. My heart welled up with love as I was allowed to be used in this way. This was not giving with an ulterior motive to gain something and that’s why my heart welled up. To bring joy to others is a gift given to the giver, not because one is giving, but because one is allowed to be the giver. There is no greater gift than to be an instrument of love, and although the receiver of what is given may benefit from it, it is in being allowed to give that one is truly blessed.

I write and I am the one blessed ten fold by those who my writings resonate with. I’m given so much love that no matter how much I give, it will never compare to the love I am given. I can only serve with what gifts have been bestowed upon me and since it really has nothing to do with me, it’s truly a gift. When one is given a gift of this nature, there’s no way it can be kept to yourself. Although not everyone will love you back no matter how much you love, it’s the one’s who do that make it all worth while. Not for any other reason than it’s in the love you are given that you learn what love truly is and never ever take that for granted.



A Heart View

Seeing through eyes that have a default view from the head (intellect) presents many more questions than answers, but a heart view (love) needs no such answers because there aren’t any questions.

Although everything is seen through the eyes, it’s the filter that one sees through that makes their life what it is. There are basically two filters, the head (intellect) and the heart (love). Most people fluctuate between the two with the intellect being the default filter. The shift that occurs when one wakes from the sleep of unconsciousness is the heart becomes the filter in which life is viewed. The intellect will still be prevalent as it’s not something to loathe, but it just won’t be the default filter any longer. Life is much different when it’s viewed from the heart. Many of the beliefs, concepts, biases, prejudices, and the outright lies that are in place simply fall away when the heart takes over. This isn’t to say the view that comes from the head is gone forever, as it has been put in place by one’s own conditioning, but it will slowly lose its power over you.

I’m sharing this from my experience. This may not be agreed with by everyone who reads this, but my experience is mine and to me that’s the only thing that has real value, and that’s only if the experience is from the heart. Seeing through eyes that have a default view from the head presents many more questions than answers, but a heart view needs no such answers because there aren’t any questions. This is what happened to me and although I can only know what has been revealed to me, I share it because there is a peace within me that passes all understanding, and it’s always present, that is as long as I live from the heart and don’t let the intellect (my head) get in the way.



The Labeling Process

The labeling process in place is all part of attachment and until there’s awareness of this, suffering remains. The degree of suffering is contingent on how attached one is to their labels.

All labeling processes have been instilled without any consciousness on an individual’s part. Think about all that you do, how much of it is done consciously? You may think you decided to be a certain way or formed certain beliefs, but upon further review you will see it all arises from the conditioning in place; this is how the labeling process emerges. This is done everyday all day long and all this does is create emotional swings that are caused by the applied labels. A label that’s liked is pulled in, a label that’s not liked is pushed away, each of these creates the same suffering, even if you don’t see it. What’s missed with this is you alone allow the things labeled to control you. The thing itself has no power, the label does. From Donald Trump, to catching a red traffic light, or not liking your job, and all the labels in between, they are given power by the one labeling.

What determines the degree of suffering is contingent on how attached one is to the label. Again: What determines the degree of suffering is contingent on how attached one is to the label. You may think you are as you are and it’s because that’s just the way you are, but if that was true no one would ever change. I’ve changed because of the awareness of how I was labeling things and how the process was stopped. You can’t suffer without labeling the moment a suffering one. The most misunderstood part of the labeling process is it has nothing to do with what’s being labeled, that all comes from within. Whether something is liked or disliked it comes from you and you alone. Agree with this or not, just understand it’s your labeling process that’s making that decision, not the article.


The Difference to Love

If there isn’t awareness that one’s own thoughts create the reality in which you live by, those thoughts will continue to create a reality that’s only real to you.

Thinking doesn’t control me anymore. I’m not saying its like this all the time, but for the most part this is the way it is. I have thoughts, they just don’t control me as they once did. I’m not saying it’s this way for anyone else, but it is this way for me. No longer am I tied to beliefs or concepts. No longer do my thoughts pull me into the self serving side of life. The present moment has become the norm and for me. It was from the depths of despair that stopped creating thoughts of suffering and gave me the willingness to sit.

I sit, I follow the breath, I sit, I fall asleep, but I am willing and to me that’s the key. I’m not concerned with results, my part is to sit. At the time of this realization, I knew it wasn’t because of some belief or a sense of purpose, it was from being right where I was. No attachment, just being in the given moment, nothing more; that’s what was realized. There’s no more inner struggle. No more needing things to be different, no created story needing to make this up. There’s just each moment being lived as it is which is simply non attachment to beliefs, concepts, a purpose, the past or future or anything else.

My own mind stopped creating its own misery. It’s not of my doing that this occurred, but it is from an inner urging that needed life to be different and learning how to allow the difference to occur; this difference is love. There was a time where I didn’t know how to love, but today although I am still learning, there isn’t a time when I don’t love. Love is not a belief in something or a doing, it’s just love which for me makes all the difference in the world.


A Never Ending Story

Selfishness produces a void which is why the things used to fill it are reached for again and again. We all have an addict in us as the consequences of the things used result in the same bondage.

There’s only one person who you have to be true to and that is yourself. You may do some things that nobody sees you doing, but you’re not fooling anyone because you know what you’re doing. You don’t get away with anything that you do in life. You may be ignorant why certain things are done, but that doesn’t lessen the consequences. There are consequences for every action, but it’s not because there’s a God watching you. You yourself are the cause of your consequences and they will be determined by the base of what your actions are; either love or selfishness.

The actions to fulfill inner desires are pursued forever because their results sustain the void that creates the desire. Alcohol, cigarettes, porn, gambling, drugs, food, sex, sports, our children, to name of few, are all used to fulfill some selfish inner desire and therefore will need to be used over and over. This is because all things are empty in nature. This is also why the things used don’t matter because whatever and whenever something is used to fulfill a selfish desire, it sustains a void that’s already in place. The void remains because the nature of anything reached for from a selfish void is empty and reaching behavior is based in emptiness. It’s the cause of so much suffering to ourselves and others.

We label certain people as addicts, but aren’t we all using certain things for fulfillment. Completeness is in the present moment, so anytime something is reached for to fulfill an inner desire out of the present moment it’s created by an inner lack; a selfish desire uses whatever it can, to fulfill this lack. A person’s conditioning decides what the thing used is, but regardless of what it is the selfish nature is no different. It’s just that some things are not as devastating in their consequences as others. Some results of the consequences are instantaneous and some take time to develop, but the effects of the energy of the reaching is always the same; selfishness breeds selfishness. So do what it is that you want to do, but understand you cannot hide from yourself. Although your Conditioned Mind will make you believe that you can, you cannot truly lie to yourself because wherever you go there you are. You may use justification as to why you are doing something, but there will always be consequences for you actions. Whether those actions are from love or are selfish in nature is the determining factor as to whether you will live a life that is always reaching for the next satisfaction or if you are complete just the way you are.


Just Be

Just Be – Add nothing


Sending out an SOS

Every time the mind becomes distracted and reaches for something it thinks it needs, it equates to a sinking ship sending out an SOS; the reaching is one’s call for help.

Unfortunately most times the reason for the need to send out an SOS goes unnoticed until the ship is already in trouble; many lives are like this. What’s really unfortunate about this is usually what’s causing the downward decent has been in the works for a while. The sinking of the Titanic and the loss of many lives was a disaster in the making. From labeling the ship unsinkable, to those who believed it, it produced a false sense of security just as what happens when a person reaches for something, the thing reached for never provides what’s expected. Many on the Titanic were alive as the ship sunk, but the ice cold water did them in; even those with the false hope of reaching for a life preserver perished. This false hope leads many down the unconscious path of reaching for something that in truth will not produce the necessary results. The false hope of waiting for another ship didn’t help anyone either. The only people saved were those who were able to get into a lifeboat. One gets in their lifeboat when they look within.

I’m writing this so maybe one person will see what they’re possibly reaching for in the hopes of being saved. The actual reaching is what causes you to perish even though you think there is hope. I know not many look at themselves in this way because of their existing conditioning, but there are so many SOS’s being sent out and life preservers being grab for without the realization of the surrounding perils. The lifeboat of the inward view is the only thing I have found that truly saves, and it’s simply because it makes one aware of the surrounding perils; in this case one’s own conditioning. Instead of jumping from the so called frying pan into the fire, going inward allows you to simply turn down the heat or at least see that nothing out there will save you from the perils of yourself. If you can see this, you just may be able to prevent the ship from sinking before it ever begins and so an SOS will never be needed, nor will your reaching.



Life Simply Is

The mind loves to make a problem out of something that can’t be changed. The reality of any situation is if it can’t be changed there’s not much one can do so it’s not really a problem.

Many things are labeled a problem, but that’s only because it’s just something that the mind decides it doesn’t want to be happening. There will be many things that this happens for, the list is constant and endless. Sometimes it’s a situation that just happens because of the surrounding circumstances and sometimes it’s because of what a person does. To me the latter is more difficult because the effects of it are a direct result of someone imposing their will on something that involves others. When it’s a situation that’s effected on its own it’s easier to move on, but when it’s an individual just doing as they please without any regard of the effect it has on others, it seems to gnaw at me a little longer before I come to terms with it. Just because what is always is, that doesn’t mean there’s not some resistance to it. I know freedom lies in not resisting what is, but being awake doesn’t mean you’re a robot.

How much resistance one encounters is determined by the conditioning one has to resist what arises. What arises from the inner arises, at that point there’s not much to be done that can change it, but it has been my experience that gaining some understanding of the Conditioned Mind allows the resistance to certain things to slowly dissipate. The reason why this is important is because resistance is just another way of saying the mind is agitated and until the agitation subsides, there won’t be any peace. A very simple fact that one will have to get in touch with if there’s to be freedom from the bondage of “I”. Many things will happen today as many people will do things that “piss you off” but it’s in not holding onto any of it for too long that allows you to not make what is into a problem.



The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life can only be seen if that’s the view one has of the world. The world can only be seen through your own eyes and how quiet the mind is determines if one’s view is a thing of beauty.

So much of life is missed because of the noise in the head. Take the time to smell the roses before the roses are gone. If you keep saying tomorrow, my heart goes out to you because literally tomorrow never comes. Regardless of what goes on between your ears, it’s always today. You may dream of tomorrow, but the dream can only happen today. You can hope or wish for tomorrow to be different than today, but at some point it will become today. It’s always today and that is where the mind needs to be if one wants to be with the beauty that the Universe has to offer.

Take a step back before you miss one more moment of your life. There are many distractions, that’s why if the mind isn’t quiet you miss the beauty of life which is always right before your very eyes. It is up to each individual alone to see the beauty that life has to offer, but if one is to busy to slow down to smell the so called roses, life will be over before you know it. You can accomplish many things in life, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to seeing how beautiful life is. It may allow you to see the beauty of your own egoic self, but it’s the Universe that gives one a sense of awe, it doesn’t come from anything that is done. This will only be seen by a mind that is ready for it and quiet enough to see the beauty that is right before your eyes, that is if the time is taken to see it.



Being Prepared

Without preparation, the constant pull of attachment will be the norm and so will an agitated mind. Sitting to develop discipline assist so when one’s conditioning is triggered, it’s not as easily given into.

Although life doesn’t personally test you, at times it seems like it does. From death, sickness, situations, people and just the daily so called grind, it can seem as though it’s one challenge after another. What makes something a challenge is a lack of proper preparation. For forty nine years I had tools in place that made everything that happened a challenge and I mistakenly thought it was life doing it. Life just happens, it’s never personal and it doesn’t purposely create challenges. I know it’s looked at in this way by many so we “can grow” but I’ve learned to go beyond this conditioning to see the only reason anything was ever a challenge to me was because of the label that was attached to what happened. Life still occurs just as it always will as one is in the human form, the difference is in the preparation of how to handle it. When my mother died recently I had a sense of how I was going to react because of the preparation that has been going on for the last ten years, but the preparation wasn’t for my mother dying, it was simply learning what are the things that pull me from my place of peace.

I allowed death, sickness, situations, and especially people, to pull me from this peace constantly. People seemed to be one of the most difficult to stop this pulling, but by sitting I saw that people were no different than anything else, they were just given more focus. The key to this is in the preparation of learning how not to attach to anything that happens by making it personal, whatever it may be. Without this preparation, the constant pull of attachment will be the norm and so will an agitated mind. To me I sit to develop discipline so when my conditioning is triggered, it’s not as easily given into as it once was. Breaking these Conditioned Mind Patterns won’t happen without a willingness to go in the opposite direction of selfishness, and this will take preparation so when the mind is triggered to act in a selfish way, there will be an enough awareness to not be pulled from your place of peace.