Signs You May Be An Empath

According to the internet, the definition of an empath is "a person that is extremely sensitive to the emotions and energy of other people, animals and places". Empaths are able to literally FEEL these sensations emanating from these particular things. I myself had no idea I was an empath until a few years ago. I just thought I was incredibly observant for most of my life! Thanks to the World Wide Web I was able to finally figure out why I felt "different than most" for the majority of my life. I was always told I was "extremely sensitive" and I needed to "keep my emotions in check". I never understood why people said those things until I realized my calling. Without further adieu, here are some signs you may be an empath:

You FEEL other's feelings as they are your own – The one major indication I was an empath was I was able to pick up on other people's feelings very easily. I was unable to fully comprehend this aspect when I first discovered this, but with some hard work and research, I have been able to control it for the most part. It really explained why one moment I would be happy and the next I would be angry or sad etc. Grounding and meditation (especially in nature) really helps to center yourself and be one with your mind, body and spirit.

Crowds Overwhelm You –  If you find yourself in a mall, a stadium, or just any type of place that has an influx of people, expect to be inundated by everyone and their emotions all at once. It can be debilitating to say the very least! In my experience, wearing or having certain crystals (like amethyst which is my go-to crystal for most issues) on you will aid in absorbing these emotions and block you from them ultimately. In addition, solitude after an intense interaction with droves of people also helps to regenerate and recharge. Grounding and meditation never hurts either.

You are a human lie detector – Based on people's facial expressions, body language and the way they speak, you can tell almost instantaneously that someone is lying to you. This can be a curse sometimes, especially if a person you love and respect is the one fibbing to your face.

Narcissists are your weakness and your poison – The definition of a narcissist is " a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves". Which means, they are only in it to benefit themselves and they have minimal, if any, empathy for others. In my experience with "narcholes", they like to make you believe there is something wrong with YOU and they don't ever take responsibility or accountability for their hurtful words or actions. They thrive on manipulation and lead you to believe you are the problem, when that is furthest from the truth. Stay as far away from these types of personalities as you possibly can as they will drain you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You always root for the underdog – This sort of intertwines with the narcissist point above. You have an overwhelming sense of needing to help anyone who needs it and essentially be their "savior". Narcissists tend to play the "victim" role any chance they get which is why us highly sensitive people tend to gravitate toward them. Not just narcs, but people or animals who are being treated badly. You just cannot fathom how there can be so many evil people on this planet and you wish things were different.

Your sensory receptors are more sensitive than the average person – When I was a child, I was weird about certain things. The tags in my shirts always bothered me, scratchy material like wool or lace, or anything too binding. As I have grown older, these instances still bother me but I also have developed sensitivity to bright lights, sudden loud noises, smells, or too many things going on all at once. I don't know about you, but it is incredibly comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

You are a dumping ground for other's emotions and feelings – My whole life I always wondered why random people would pour their hearts out to me constantly. Almost daily. We are definitely fantastic listeners and give great advice so it does make sense in that aspect. However, before I discovered I was an empath, it didn't make much sense besides I allowed it to happen. I would always leave the conversation incredibly drained and like I took on those emotions and they seemed to be all good after our chat. Which is ultimately what I wanted out of it secretly. For the person to feel better. I always seemed to succeed in doing so, but there came a point in my life where I had to start setting boundaries. Boundaries are healthy and necessary especially being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Don't ever be afraid to say no to someone. Saying yes all of the time can be draining in itself. I learned the hard way and it was very stressful and could have been avoided if I had only learned to set boundaries prior.

You avoid the news and negativity like the plague – Too many negative images and stories are portrayed on the news every single day. As an empath, negativity in general is too much for our empathic hearts to deal with. The news rarely has anything positive on it these days so I never watch it. Senseless wars, terrorism, child/senior/animal abuse, thieves, murderers etc. are the epitome of evil and we just cannot perceive how these things even happen and it tears us apart inside. We crave peace and serenity.

You have a strong inner "knowing" or intuition – I have found since I was a small child, my gut feelings were never off, albeit I rarely listened to them until I became an adult. The older I have become, the more my intuition has been developing. If you do not have guidance growing up when it comes to being an empath (which I didn't) then you unfortunately have to learn the hard way almost every single time. Always trust your intuition because it helps us to make informed decisions based on circumstance and feeling.

In conclusion, these are the most prominent of the signs of being an HSP that I have encountered. There are also many more subtle signs but I don't feel they are relevant to me so much. Us empath's are unfortunately painfully misunderstood if we encounter those who don't get what we are about. Perhaps we need to inform others we trust more often instead of hiding who we are. You need to embrace this gift you have been given and learn to control it as best you can. I will touch on that subject in a later blog post. Through awareness and consideration we can educate the world of our gift and make it a much better place to live through our loving actions and good deeds. Love & Light!

~ Cadence xoxo


The world, universum and life

The world is a place to explore more life and prosperity in all hypermolicule items. The face of the earth is renewable by our childeren and to produce more happyness. We all stand for a big responsability to emporement of new Social idiologics. The first smart thing to do is to release ourself from individalic problems and solve them together with help by our heart and mind and power with the true self. One is not stronger then many, one is in many and shall not be seperated. Like the wind You can't see it but you feel and know it is there. Cristal clear your mind is a ocean where the waves are thoughs and ideas are boats floating down the river. To channel this it's important to navigate this sea which  follows to finding your path. Storms can bring damage to the boats and set You off path it's called distraction.  Focus must be sharp like a sharks teeth complish this by being healthy and on target. After a storm water can be still and boring notherless this is the time to rebuild and target to get stronger as you focus on this one should feel more alife. 

The universe is a parallel of tricky new finetuning objects with colors and shapes. This can dissapear beyond the horizon of air and space. Many layers of wisdom and intellect can be stored behind time and expirence of the past, prediction of the future and the conversation of the now. Choises between good and bad can be made with the goal to explore to the innerself. Social behavior is determined to reactions, sharing, believe and opinions. Blur can come from social pressured people in the mind. Controle over matter and thoughts can only happen when losing the focus on reality. Balance between losing and holding the rope will give you the energy of the universum.

While we all strife for more enjoyment in life it's good to remember who we are in the first place. Don't seek outside but more inside, your soul will be fruthfull understanding this. Time can be to short to worry about things happen in the past or future problems, live life by the present time to become a human beeing instead of a human doing. Thinking is one of our senses not our heart, the heart is smarter than you think. Feelings comes from the heart not the brain. When you solve your own problems one should share these with others so they can learn from this. Love in the heart and peace in the mind is completion of finding joy. 



It’s Only a Thought

Unless the mind settles enough to see itself, most of one’s thoughts will be a conditioned lie so you really shouldn’t believe everything you think because a thought is but a thought and it’s not necessarily true.

Nothing is a problem unless it’s made into one. Think of the context of this simple yet profound sentence. Here are some of the ways the mind becomes conditioned and if one gets quiet enough this conditioning can be seen. The car in front of me is going to slow, I have to go food shopping, I’m tired, my allergies are horrible, I’m bored, etc, etc, etc. All of these start out as a single thought, but that isn’t where the problem lies the thought just arises, something triggers the attachment to it and what happens next is where the problem arises from because we believe the thought. We actually think the car in front is going to slow, or going food shopping is something we don’t like. We believe our thoughts to be true and then we attach to them and become controlled by them. If the thought wasn’t labeled to be true, we would be able to see it simply for what it is . We would see what was really going on instead of what our conditioned mind was making up. It would be seen the car in front of us really isn’t going to slow, we are just being controlled by our undisciplined thoughts.

Learn to watch the nonsense that’s believed to be true, but there’s so much of it that it’s hard to grasp. I mentioned one time to a person about the way we poison ourselves with tobacco products and his response was, he enjoyed them. This is insanity to enjoy poisoning yourself, but that’s the lie of a Conditioned Mind. People enjoy all sorts of things that are harmful to themselves, this also includes associated behaviors that harm others, and one’s own mind justifies it all. All I am saying is watch the thoughts that you think and learn how so many are based in lies to keep you in captivity to the Conditioned Mind. By no means should you take my word for it, the next time a thought pops into your head, take a moment before you label and act on it, and really take notice if what you are thinking is true or if it’s just a lie of your Conditioned Mind.



Nothing is Missing

The next time the need arises for you to reach for something, ask yourself if it’s truly needed and if you can see that it’s not, you will be complete simply because nothing will be missing.

The only thing missing in your life is what you tell yourself is missing. This is what makes one have the unconscious urge to reach for something. This feeling that something is missing is so deeply engrained and because of this there’s not much awareness that it’s even there. What’s also not noticed, is that you are the one who creates the feeling that something’s missing. If you can understand this, it automatically takes away the feeling that something’s missing, as peace manifested as truth fills the space. There are many things used to try and fill this space, but only the truth that nothing is missing will truly fill it. The thing to try and understand is when the need to reach for something arises, it’s only because the mind has become agitated which has caused the feeling that something’s missing, but nothing is ever missing and how this is known is because when one has the feeling something is missing, nothing will fulfill it.

There is an underlying completeness to life that naturally occurs without the mind agitations being in control. You don’t stop them from arising, but if you just notice them and allow them to be without attaching to them, the feeling that something is missing will not arise. The sense of completeness is not a feeling, it’s a knowing. This is why completeness can never be attained by reading a book, attending a program, or using things, but this doesn’t stop the Conditioned Mind from keeping you entrapped to trying to become complete. So the next time you reach for something ask yourself if it’s truly needed and if you can see that it’s not, you will be complete because nothing will be missing.


Wholesome Consequences

The consequences that arise from living a wholesome life naturally puts one in alignment with the loving vibrations and frequency of the Universe. Apple seeds can only result in growing apples.
Nothing has to be done for one to enjoy wholesome consequences, they arise simply from living in a wholesome manner. The definition of wholesome is: conducive to or suggestive of good health, physical and moral well-being. When this is one's direction, the consequences that naturally arise are love, compassion, kindness, understanding, non judgement, to name a few, you cannot be wholesome and have unwholesome consequences. The unpleasantries of life will still occur, but the way they're dealt with will not allow their suffering to engulf you. There will still be pain, heart ache, and loss of loved ones, but by living in a wholesome way, suffering will be much less than if unwholesome principles were in place. Planting apple seeds can only result in growing apples, but the seeds have to cultivated for this to occur. The seed only has potential, it is not the apple.

Our wholesome qualities will also have to be cultivated if there are to be wholesome consequences in our life. Most people intuitively know what is wholesome and what is not, but if there's difficultly in deciphering this, a great guide is simply, wholesome is of love as unwholesome is of selfishness. The me me me mind doesn't have many wholesome qualities or consequences to it. I always knew the difference between these two, but because of my conditioning being wholesome was beyond my capability. It was only when I began sitting and my mind settled did I develop the awareness to see and act in a wholesome way; this arises naturally as the mind settles. The more the mind settles the more wholesome are one's action and thus the more the consequences of those actions are of a wholesome quality.


Understanding the Fundamental Metaphysical Questions


By Sensei Erwin L. Rimban



Who are you?


          “I think, therefore I am.”

          “You are a child of the universe…”

          “We are all in a widowed state, and our task is to remarry.”

          The first one is attributed to the philosopher Rene Descrates. The second is from the poem Desiderata. And the third one is from Louis Claude de St. Martin. Throughout the ages, the greatest thinkers of humanity have endeavored to answer this most fundamental question of human existence. Let us now explore how various paragons of the ages have approached it and savor the insights we can glean from their thoughts.

          “You are a creature of God,” pronounced the Western theologians. But a sinful one, they admonish and thus continue the argument by explaining how you can be saved in the form of the various theories of salvation. “You are atman, a fragment of the Universal Soul,” asserted the Eastern spiritual gurus. Sinfulness is not an issue in the East, compared to the West, but ignorance of one’s true nature is. Therefore, the Eastern spiritual traditions emphasize the need to know one’s true nature. Some would say the East presents a much more cheerful prospect. “Man is rational,” said the ancient Greeks. “Man is spiritual,” countered the ancient Eastern spiritual teachers.

          “You are a body”, intoned the mechanistic Western physiologists. A lack of subtlety there, everyone can see they have a body. “You are a mind existing within the confines of the body,” championed the Platonian idealists. More subtle, assuredly.  “You are a body with a mind that is full of psychosexual dilemmas,” declared the Freudian psychoanalysts. The various psychoanalytic paradigms all flowed from this concept. “Your psyche is rooted to the Collective Unconscious, countered the brilliant Jungian archetypal analysts. And their disciples have been searching for archetypes ever since, uncovering every nook and cranny of the human psyche.

          “You are a battleground of the forces of light and dark,” lamented the dualistic-minded Zoroaster. Dualistic religions and philosophies flow from this theological position. You are a combination of Yin and Yang, but they are enemies on the surface only. This is a paraphrase from the Taoist masters. For them light and dark, yin and yang, are lovers beneath, whose eternal dance comprises the phenomenal world. “You are nothing,” counseled Prince Siddhartha Gautama upon his ascendancy as the Sakyamuni Buddha, perhaps with a twinkle in his eyes. Did he mean it literally? Allegorically? Or was he thinking of something else. “You may be nothing, but you create your reality by your free will,” added the pragmatists and existentialists.

          “You are a collection of atoms, obeying the classical laws of physics, argued the mechanical Western scientists. For centuries, this has been the norm of Western classical thinking. But Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and other more super-intelligent quantum physicists arrived on the scene. And they changed the landscape of science forever. “You are a monad, a fragment of the universe, complete unto itself,” offered Leibniz, co-inventor of the calculus. “And you are immortal,” echoed Vardhamana Mahavira, champion of Jainism, thousands of miles to the East. Both of these thinkers are separated by distance and time, yet show surprisingly similar positions.

          So who are you?

          The best answer to this question comes from the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage, of quantum physics and the mystical arts. The most advanced quantum physicists are penetrating into the deepest mysteries of space-time, nature, and the universe. They are beginning to behold the Divine Wisdom, the wisdom of the ages, which has been shrouded in mystery since time immemorial.

          For centuries, the Divine Wisdom has been in the hands of the mystics of East and West. Experiencing firsthand the presence of Divine Intelligence, mystics are given a true experiential event where they apprehend personally the nature of man and the universe.

          Hieros gamos. The sacred marriage. More and more quantum physicists and mystical philosophers are communicating, sharing knowledge and critical insights. This conference of minds will help usher the Golden Age of humanity.

          This concludes our basic survey of the first fundamental metaphysical dilemma. It logically now leads us to the next question…..


Why are you here?


          “Something is doing we don’t know what.” A legendary remark attributed to Sir Arthur Eddington.  Let us continue our pilgrimage in wisdom by studying the second fundamental question of existence, the question of origin and purpose.

Two great systems of thought contested the nature of man’s origin in the past: creation and evolution. The diametrical opposition of the mechanical scientists and the stubborn theologians dominated Western civilization for centuries. But today, a new kind of thinking is emerging which is destroying the obsolete paradigms of the past. In this paradigm, both viewpoints can be assimilated into a new system of thought, one that synthesizes both creation and evolution.

          The universe is suffused with energy. And Einstein has demonstrated that matter is simply crystallized energy, a new concept that was extended by the mystical quantum physicists. This position correlates well with the viewpoint of mystical philosophers that matter is the lowest form of energy. We can accommodate the creation theory by tentatively accepting that the creation of this universe did exist as a point in time, corresponding with the Big Bang of the Western scientists. That settles the point of view of creation.

          Observe the universe. Explore our world. Open your eyes to your environment. The forms in our world exist as hierarchies. But the hierarchies are inter-related. Atoms give rise to various molecular arrangements. Molecules give rise to mineral categories. All the various kinds of plants are composites of atoms, molecules and minerals. But the whole is more than the sum of its parts. In other words, a plant is more than a collection of atoms, molecules and minerals. It is something more! And by extension, all the forms of life are more than the sum of their preceding hierarchies. Plants exist as the subsistence of some animals. But animals are entirely different from plants. In the same way, humans eat plants and animals, but their forms are different. Humans are infinitely more complex than plants or animals, although these forms are composed of the same fundamental building blocks: the atoms, molecules and minerals.

          Thus, there exist hierarchies in nature. Preceding wholes give rise to new kinds of wholes. The building blocks remain the same, but the configurations are entirely different. All these permutations in nature display the fact that energy configurations are evolving from one context to the next, from one level to the next, from one hierarchy to the next. Visualize smaller circles of life giving rise to larger circles of life. Smaller energy configurations giving rise to higher energy configurations. This, then, is the new paradigm that accommodates both creation and evolution. In this way, we see evolution manifesting as the development of energy configurations in different environmental matrices, each building on the preceding whole. And creation is the original impetus that gave rise to the universal primordial archtypes of these forms.


          If energy configurations are evolving, then the level of awareness of these energy systems are evolving too! The level of awareness of an atom is limited to energy interactions that maintain its nuclear shape and integrity and insure its ability to form molecules with other atoms. The awareness of a monocellular organism is something else entirely. Its biological activities revolve around the maintenance of homeostasis and the capacity to reproduce. Thus, its awareness of itself has reached a different level, not necessarily higher in essence than the preceding system of an atom, but perhaps richer in context. Because the necessities of homeostasis and reproduction will cause the organism’s awareness of its environment to be on a higher level of context, richer, and more detailed.

           Which leads us to human awareness. The consciousness of the human has reached a level where he begins to inquire on the fundamental questions of existence. His awareness of himself is not necessarily higher than molecules, plants or animals. Rather, it is richer relative to the environmental matrix. Because if the human is to survive, he has to assimilate and conquer more of its environmental variables as compared to the lower hierarchies.

          Therefore, we can see that evolution is proceeding level by level, whole by whole, context by context. This is a secret that used to be shared only by the best quantum physicists and the most enlightened mystical philosophers. This is the fact that evolution means not only the development of outer physical forms but it is actually the enhancement of consciousness as a form experiences its pilgrimage through the levels of complexity in the nature of the universe.

          Creation means the inception of a universe. Evolution means the development of awareness or consciousness in that particular universe as its levels of complexity deepen; thus revealing their inherent beauty.

          And now, we are ready to tackle the final fundamental dilemma…..


Where are you going?


          “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This is a mystical saying attributed to the semi-legendary figure of Lao Tzu, reputedly the author of the Tao Te Ching, and considered the nominal founder of Taoism. 

          We have been exploring the fundamental questions of existence. We began with the question of fundamental nature: “Who are you?” Then we continued with the question of origin and purpose, “Why are you here?” Now let us study the question of destiny and finality: “Where are you going?”

          We have seen how the forms in nature are evolving into more complex forms, hierarchy by hierarchy. This process pervades the entire universe. And while matter is the outer form or clothing of this process, it is the evolution of consciousness which is the engine that drives it.

          There have been many allegories of this process. Some mystical writers compare life on earth in particular and life in the universe in general to a school. In this allegory, all beings are enrolled in some kind of school where skills are gained, lessons are learned and insights assimilated. In mystical Hindu philosophy, the tempering forces are called karma, dharma and samsara, among others. When a particular insight is learned, developing beings go on to the next level, where there are fresh lessons and new insights. Another allegory worth considering is that of a pilgrimage or a journey. In this particular allegory, the beings of the universe are on a grand adventure. The goal is perfection in evolution as well as the joy of exploration. I find this allegory to be a perfect educational tool for aspirants in the spiritual path.

          From the point of view of a single individual, life is so complex with its attendant problems and vicissitudes. Anyone can be overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of it all. Yet, all the great spiritual traditions of mankind have maintained that life has a purpose far more magnificent than our mundane existence. The trick is to discover the higher meaning of life. For this, all spiritual aspirants since time immemorial have been challenged to open their eyes to the wider world.

          Expand your consciousness. Inquire more. Reflect more. Contemplate more. Meditate more. Discover more perspectives. Get out of your shell, psychologically speaking. As the forms of the universe evolve into higher and higher modes of expression, so you too are invited in the great banquet of eternity. We have seen previously how the forms of life seek to produce more wholes, each more complex than the preceding one. In the same way, the journey of evolution is a pilgrimage of wholes. Let us see how this journey plays in the dance of the universe. Reflect very deeply as we essay the next few statements.

          You are a whole.

          Yet, you are incomplete.

          This incompleteness is not your fault (paradigm shift in Western religious thought). Rather, it is the product of inexperience. Why is this so?

          As you have journeyed in the planes of existence, you have assimilated experiences from your own perspective. Since you are a fragment of the greater whole, this perspective is necessarily incomplete. You can gain a better understanding of the infinite universe by increasing the quantity of your travels in awareness. This means experiencing more of the whole from your vantage point. More lives. More experiences. Thus, the wheel of time, the cycle of reincarnation.

          Meanwhile, you are a whole that seeks to enhance its wholeness. You seek perfection, but think it unattainable. Well, good news, your lower mind cannot attain perfection by itself. It must use other weapons at its disposal; some of which are known only to the Collective Unconscious. Waiting to be discovered, of course.

          You are a whole.

          Yet, you are incomplete. A fragment of the Greater Whole.

And this is the reason why there is a pilgrimage.

You are bound to evolve, into greater and greater Wholes.

Your coherence increases as your pilgrimage deepens.

Your capacity to process information shall increase!

And you shall evolve, more and more, expanding higher and higher!

Let me conclude by offering this saying of Teilhard de Chardin for contemplation:

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey; we are spiritual beings on a human journey.”



I Am, I Feel, and NOW — I DO!

As we continue exploring the raising-up of our consciousness using the yogic system of chakras to help us better understand who and what we are, we are now at the third chakra, known as the seat of our personal power. This is an energy center most humans (not in a coma) experience on a regular basis. The next chakra, the heart chakra, is where we start on our spiritual journey. Truly! Stay tuned for next post. (Sign up on my blog and receive each post via email.)

If any of you have ever been forced to do something absolutely aligned with, or totally against your will, you are familiar with that “good warm feeling” or the opposite, the aching discomfort in your midsection, close to your navel. Both reactions, opposing yes I know, are referred to as a “gut reaction” or a “feeling in my gut.”

A good reaction: Let’s say you’ve just met someone/thing who rings your bell. You feel this instantly in your gut. Sometimes the reaction almost knocks you backward. Have you ever felt it? This is your own intuition telling you that something is very right about this person (a dog, a cat?) you’re meeting. It could be a business contact, a romantic interest, but whatever it is, it’s someone/thing you’ll greatly benefit from spending some time with, learning more about them.

A bad reaction is the other kind of gut feeling, an uncomfortable ache, and sometimes it’s harsher, like a punch. This is a negative reaction to whatever you are facing. Maybe it’s a person, but it could be a job, a house you’re not supposed to buy, a type of food you’re not meant to eat. I hope you pay attention to these uncomfortable signs from your own inner knowing, as well as the more intriguing signs that make you want to know more.

Both reactions, good or bad, if those word judgements apply (better choice is interesting or not interesting) — they come from your 2nd chakra center of energy, located very close to your navel. But the sensation can come anywhere in your midsection. Click here to continue reading on my blog


Mindfully Complete

Attach to nothing and nothing will be needed. Imagine that, needing nothing and being happy, joyous, and free just because you’re mindful of being complete just as you are.

Without the inner silence, the mindfulness needed not to create the stories will not occur. Even this writing is a story of how not to create stories, but the mindfulness of writing helps to minimize the attachment and thus once it is written it is complete. It is the end of the story or not, depending on how I relate it to my identity. The more I need it for my identity, the more I attach to it and the more of a story is created. No attachment, no needed story, no needed story, no discontentment of what isn’t, so all you are left with is what is, not the story of what is, but the actual reality of what is occurring.

Story, after story, after story. The story of how I feel, or the story of my book, or my life’s story, this is an endless book of stories, until one becomes mindful of the story teller and the story being one in the same. Being with what is instead of a created story will be the most difficult, but it also be the most fulfilling lesson you will ever learn about life. Just be in the silence of what is. Attach nothing and nothing will be needed. Imagine that, needing nothing to be happy, joyous, and free, and understanding that you’re complete just as you are. It’s right there within your grasp, right in front of you, but you will never truly be mindful of it until you realize, it’s not a story that you’re grasping for, it’s what’s already there.


Mind Lies

When truth is revealed, no longer does one listen to the mind because it’s understood, you shouldn’t believe everything your mind tells you because it just isn’t true.

Don’t believe everything your mind tells you because it will tell you things that just aren’t true. It will tell you the past is real yet the only place the past exist is in the mind. It will tell you to fear, yet the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. It will tell you to hold onto the belief of a self that’s a solid entity, but the form that’s being occupied needs no such attachment to exist, as it is always changing in a constant state of flux. It will tell you I think therefore I am, but thinking has nothing to do with I am. It will make up beliefs that everything desired on the outside is needed, but if none of those desires come to pass, nothing happens. Even if they do get fulfilled, the satisfaction is fleeting at best. Then there’s the thing the mind calls ego, this is like the bogeyman under the bed, it exist until one looks under the bed. There’s also not a need to get rid of it because it never existed, except in the mind.

There’s the image in the mirror who was given a name for identification purposes, we think we are that name. If the name is different we think we are someone else, but that’s only to the mind because the form remains the same. There will be many lies held onto that just aren’t true, but unfortunately the more they are attached to, the truer they seem. To truly be free, the lies will have to be exposed, this doesn’t mean you find out you don’t exist, you find out you just don’t exist in the way your mind tells you. When this truth is revealed, no longer does one listen to the mind because it’s understood, you shouldn’t believe everything your mind tells you because it just isn’t true.



Through Hell – Heavens Gates

An angel guided me through hell, and asked me if I loved myself. I tried to lie, but she could tell. Said it's okay to ask for help.

And as I walked amongst the flames, a part of me began to change. The inner beast inside of me, had gasped for breath so I could breathe. I'm not afraid, I said with grace, holding onto my mistakes. I've had regrets along the way, that made me who I am today. 

She said these stones were thrown by those who lost their way along the road.

At first I pondered than I asked, is time my friend and will it last? She said of course your mind is still. And life is just an upward hill. Sometimes we're weak and then we fall, with broken backs against the wall. But please remember you're not alone. You'll always have somewhere to go.

It seemed to me she didn't believe, my darkest thoughts or wildest dreams. She let me know that I was troubled, and the price I paid would soon be doubled. I hope that I have made amends, and if not then I'll try again.

She said these scars are seen by eyes, that most won't touch or can't describe. I said I'm  done, nowhere to hide. I've built these walls so no stars shine. But beauty hides in empty eyes. And truth come out within the lies. Innocence is left behind. Just be aware you're born to die.

But due before it is too late, don't hide your shame with masks of hate. Ignite the flame that fuels the rage, and learn to live another day.

Before she left to say goodbye, she looked me, began to cry. Dead straight looked me in the eyes, said you've been low when you were high. And you will make it out alive.

The devil walked me to the gates of heaven but I had to wait. So patient in his evil ways, it's funny but I'm glad he stayed.

We talked about the sins we shared, and just right then I knew he cared. He gave me lots of good advice, said angels sometimes come disguised.

I second guessed, and questioned time. I thought that it was on my side. I'm blinded by these bloodshot eyes, I've tried my best to just survive.

This world has brought me to my knees, I cannot pray or live my dreams. I know that darkness comes from light, and someday that I'll be alright.

I cannot fight these waves of fear, I've carried on throughout the years. But silence is my only friend, when I can't seem to love again. But I have so much left to say, I won't back down or fade away.

You'll find me in a better place, far amongst the fog and haze. I'll lay beyond the verdant trees, and pass by like a summer breeze.

And as he left me there to stay, the last thing that he said to me, was maybe you're not meant to lay, but stand your ground, and find your place.