The Color Purple



It was a night like all the rest. The man she loved returned home again smelled of cigarettes and stale beer. His swagger was tipsy as he walked through the door. His fist came quickly towards her face! The pain she felt then crashed to the floor! Once again another beating she took! This time she gathered strength from where she did not know. Pulled herself up slowly an leaned on a chair.Her husband like always staggered towards their bedroom door. She thought of the words he repeated  time and time again. That he was sorry and it would not happen again. Her face swollen turning purple  around her beautiful blue eyes. Fear of him she had lived within her heart for so long. The face in the mirror told her nothing could be worse.. Than being married to a man and this is the love he shows her. She decided even one more minute in the marriage was a minute to long! She packed a bag woke her children and left that very night. This woman decided she deserved more in this life. Love should not be in the color purple around a women's eyes. Bruises on her body that she continually hides. When a man loves a woman it is with kindness he gives! All women need to be treated with dignity and respect! Violence against women is not love! If this is your life gather strength! There are thousands of women that packed up their childen and walked out their doors. Go to a shelter do whatever you need to do. You are worth so much more! Life is not living when living llike this. Reach out there is help for you! Love you enough to walk away. Do not look back! I know you are afraid. You are a strong woman after all you have lived through. Be alone with your children you will be okay. It will be a better life  then wondering  when the next blackened eye will occur.Having your head banged off the kitchen floor. Walk away help others to do the same. Violence towards women is not love!   Written in dedication of the women warriors that had the courage to walk away from the color purple.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Written by Debbie Quigley author of Winds of Time and Wind Whispers





The Time Has Come

The time has come My new found friend Time to return to the city where it all began Purchase of a property so many years ago on the lake Working turning it into a place of beauty and design! The memories it holds as the years have passed You will always carry with you! Now is the time to be with your family and friends Leaving the solitude the lake house holds! Bright city lights now are calling your name!!It's time for you to sing again my elegant friend! Marie you are a warrior of elegance and grace . The city lights have called you home again!! It's time for you to sing again!       Dedicated to Marie                                                                                                       




Natural Laws

Natural Laws puts one in harmony with life, so take heed and understand life really never does anything to you, but if you break the law it will be unnatural and it will certainly seem like it does.

Natural Laws are in place that put one in harmony with life and they’re also in place to offer protection against certain behavior. These laws when adhered to within their boundaries, allow for life to be lived to the fullest, but the mind has to be opened and free flowing for the adherence to these laws to take place. There are also man made laws that align to these natural laws, but many of them are broken which blocks the natural laws from being as beneficial as they could be. The more one adheres to selfish behaviors, the less chance there is to be in harmony with the natural laws. When things are used and abused to satisfy self, this blocks life from being natural. The animal realm adheres to natural laws and because of this there’s perfect balance. Unfortunately the human conditioning relies to much on the intellect and not enough on what naturally occurs.

Life will mostly be lived in one of two ways, acting in ways that allows alignment to our natural laws or not. A quiet mind can see this to a degree and slowly stops doing the things that block the natural laws from being adhered to. As long as one is alive, life will be lived, but in what way determines one’s actions and consequences. Go thirty five mph in a twenty five mph zone and regardless if you get a speeding ticket or not, you will be out of harmony with the law in place. So take heed and understand life really never does anything to you, but if you break the law it will be unnatural and it will certainly seem like it does.



Addiction: The Disease Fallacy

Wanting to change the way that you feel goes on in just about every moment of everyday in people’s lives. The things used are only addressed in the way they affect one’s life.

I know main stream society says addiction is a disease, but it isn’t contagious, so how is wanting to use something to change the way that you feel a disease? Everyone does this, it’s just that different things are used. Being addicted to using an assortment of things, the gym, programs, food, money, power, sports teams, work, the spiritual path, and so on is no different than being addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, or gambling. The consequences may be different, but the bondage is the same. Years ago 1935 to be exact, a man who used alcohol for most of his life to change the way that he felt, stopped drinking for six months. Once he took alcohol into his system, it set off an allergy that caused a reaction which couldn’t be controlled, much like someone who is allergic to peanuts. One day he went to Akron, Ohio on a business deal which didn’t go his way. Because he didn’t like how this made him feel, he wanted to go back to using his pacifier of alcohol to change this. He initially stopped drinking alcohol by creating the distraction of helping others, so this is what he reverted to. Now there’s nothing wrong in helping others, but if you don’t understand why you need to change the way that you feel, you will keep needing to reach for a pacifier, in this case helping others. This means you will always need the suffering of others to appease yourself. And this is a disease in what way?

Grow up, that’s what I say. Stop needing a crutch to live life and face what arises as it arises and stop reaching for a pacifier to change the way that you feel. Feelings aren’t factual, they become real to the individual in the way they’re used to create a story. Change the story, change the feeling, but this will only distract you from the truth that all you’re doing is reaching for something to change the way that you feel. When the story that addiction is a disease is truly investigated, it will be seen only as a story. There’s nothing factual in wanting to change the way that you feel, except that there’s a created story of needing to reach for something and saying this is a disease. It may fit nicely into the story of main stream society, but there’s no actual truth to it because it’s only a story being used because life isn’t the way that you want it.


Hearing What Life is Saying

If things aren’t done that put you in cooperation with life, it will be impossible to hear what life has to say. For this to change it’s imperative to learn about one’s own mind which will go a long way in allowing one to hear what life is saying.

Just observe how the mind justifies all that it does. It has never been trained to be still so it creates most of our problems just so it has something to do. It says to do something and turns around and questions why it was done. It should be treated as a separate entity as if it’s one’s enemy, because upon further review it will be seen that it is, but it’s not the mind that’s truly the enemy, it’s the way it has been conditioned, that’s the true enemy.

This conditioning blocks the true nature of the mind from arising. It’s only conditioned to be this way because of all the surrounding influences, but it is we ourselves (unconsciously) who put these habitual mind patterns in place. Learning about one’s own mind is a way to undo what we ourselves have done. This learning of one’s mind is not about the great secrets of the Universe becoming known, it’s more so about getting an understanding of why the things that are done don’t put one in cooperation to hear what life has to say. When this is understood, why one responds to things a certain things will be known, after all if one doesn’t do the things in their life that allow cooperation with it, one will never hear what life has to say.



Understanding Change

Don’t hold onto anything and apply a label to it as being the way it has to be, because regardless of what it is it will change and if you don’t accept that, the ability to truly live your life will not happen.

Everything changes, that’s a given. I know a lot of people likes to focus on being the light and love, but those things arise naturally when there’s an understanding of the nature of change. The more one investigates how life works, the more it will be lived in the reality of what is instead of a made up story. If you are alive today you will experience aging, sickness, and death, your own and those you love. There’s no getting around this, and although these are mostly pushed away by people and not given much thought, they are a spring board to freedom from the bondage they have on you. Just think about it, if these things were faced to the the point where there wasn’t fear attachment associated with them, one would be totally free to be with life as it is without any story whatsoever being needed. The problem with the way these things are taught to deal with, is the exact opposite of how they need to be dealt with so they don’t take away one iota of living energy. Bondage to a story is a self created prison.

There was a man who I once worked with years ago that would tell me he had one fear which was dying from cancer. We’ll unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to him, but not only did he die from cancer, it consumed him while he was living and took away his ability to truly live while he was alive. That’s the true effect of being in bondage to something, it takes away the ability to truly live. It’s not the actually thing that does this, it’s the story created that blocks the ability to truly be free. The main thing here is to not hold onto anything and apply a label to it as being the way it has to be, because I can guarantee you this, regardless of what it is it will change and if you don’t accept that, the ability to truly live life will not happen.



A State of Attention

Everything arises from a state of silence, but not everything’s heard from a state of attention. Freedom from the known can happen, but only when it’s learned how to truly listen from a state of attention.

It matters little what one hears, but how one listens does matter in the sense if it comes from a state of attention. There’s all kinds of noise around us most of the time, but what’s mostly heard is labeled from our impulses and opinions. Freedom from the known can happen, but only when it’s learned how to truly listen, and one can only listen when one is in a state of attention. This is when one can truly hear. This state of attention arises from silence, there’s nothing to think about in a state of attention. A dog barking, a car beeping its horn, a helicopter, a waterfall, the ocean, all sounds can be heard and as with any sound, they can annoy you or the can anchor you in the present moment. There’s so much noise that goes on in one’s head, but it has nothing to do with the sounds that are heard.

Everything arises from a state of silence, but not everything’s heard from a state of attention. As I was sitting in my backyard the other day, listening to the water sprinkler in my pool, (my serene opinion) the neighbors son came out to play basketball in his yard, he also preceded to play his music very loud to where my opinionated serenity was disturbed. I immediately took a deep breath and realized that although I was enjoying listening to my pool sprinkler, I wasn’t in a state of attention. If I was when the sound changed to what arose from the silence, in this case my neighbors music,I wouldn’t have been disturbed. One deep breath showed me this, and it allowed me to be in a state of attention to the sounds that were there in the present moment instead of the mind agitations of my impulses and opinions.


Leaning Support

Grasping gives an arising event control, leaning into it puts the control basically in your hands, not with what occurs, but with how it affects you. Leaning allows life support.

Leaning into what happens in the present moment doesn’t result in an “oh well that’s just the way it is” attitude, the leaning allows freedom to be with it whole heartedly. It’s in our judgements of the present moment that causes resistive energy that wants the moment different and because of the Conditioned Mind, it wants every one of those moments to be pleasurable. There’s no leaning in this, it’s a straight up stand for wanting the moment to be a certain way. One of the biggest misunderstandings of what it means to be spiritual is that it’s linear and it’s takes you to something better. Granted it takes you to something different, but not something necessarily better. It will drag you through the mud so to speak until it’s learned to not to be dragged, but this doesn’t change what happens, it only changes how what happens is dealt with.

Look at it as if the mind is a flame from a candle, when there’s a breeze, the flame will flicker, this is what a mind agitation is like. Without a breeze the flame is still and so it is with a mind that doesn’t want anything different. There’s no agitation in this space so it’s basically just leaning on what’s happening instead of giving it unnecessary energy to cause some kind of conditioned havoc. Each moment will arise and depending on the view, it can be leaned on or grasped. Grasping gives the arising event control, leaning puts the control basically in your hands, not with what occurs, but with how it affects you. Leaning allows support, grasping doesn’t, as it’s in the leaning itself where life becomes our support.



The Realm of Spirit

The realm of Spirit is where our true nature manifest. It’s where one connects to all of life and basks in the warmth and sunlight of the Spirit. It is our true home.

Although an awakening is a process of awareness of what blocks the heart from love, the heart will only open and expand each day by the daily mindfulness and sitting practice developed. No longer does the world revolve around my “I” it more so revolves around the “I” of others. Each day is begun with the vision of how I can be a benefit to others and I write and post a daily article to assist in making this a reality. This has been done everyday for roughly the past three years. I bring my awareness into my day to day existence and although some times it’s two steps forward and one step back because the conditioned mind is relentless, the process is a continuation into the expansion of the heart. And with the expansion of the heart comes the expansion of love into my day to day life and the life of others.

This expansion doesn’t take thought, it takes a settled mind. The subtitle of my book “You Are Not Your Thoughts” was chosen for this reason. All created stories are only our attached thoughts, so when I started understanding this “I” was understood and it was the beginning of the end of life as it was once known. This brought me to the realm of the unknown, and this realm is not something that can be manufactured by thought, thought will only block this. This is the realm of Spirit where our true nature manifest, it is where one connects to all of life and basks in the warmth and sunlight of the Spirit. It is our true home, our place of peace that passes all understanding, it is the truth of one’s existence, but it doesn’t need any of what is written here to be because it exist without one single thought.



Seeing From the Heart

When there’s awareness of seeing from the heart instead of the mind and one doesn’t engage in what comes from the mind, it makes for a view of life that is much different than what most people see.

Seeing from the mind is very different than seeing from the heart. The mind has a much different agenda than the heart. Every conflict known to mankind has been because of the mind. Even when Jesus trashed the market place, it was because it was from the mind. And the proof of this was that he didn’t like what was going on. One cannot have conflict from the heart. The heart aches at times and all compassion comes from the heart, but there’s an understanding from the heart that the mind just can’t grasp. Mind seeing is strictly from the way one is conditioned. Heart seeing arises from the space of stillness. I can tell right away when someone comes from their head because there’s attachment with what’s being said. Usually the sentences starts with my, I, me or it will be said, I see what you’re saying, but.

Seeing from the heart doesn’t make me smarter than anyone, all it means is I’ve been granted the ability to see from the heart. It’s difficult to see from the heart because of all the mind based distractions in place. These distractions keeps one entrapped to the reaching of seeing from the mind. Reach, reach, reach, the mind, the mind, the mind, the heart needs so such reaching, it realizes it’s completeness as it is. When one sees from the heart you become more of an observer than a reactor, at least this has been my experience. I have lived a mind based existence for many years, and even today the old conditioning tries to surface, but because of the awareness of understanding the difference, I do not engage in what comes from the mind and this naturally allows seeing from the heart to arise. And when one lives from the heart it makes for a view of life that is much different than what most people see.