444: Living In Harmony

I love when the perfect message comes to me at just the right time.  As I finished yesterday’s leftover green curry and checked my phone, I noticed the time: 4:44.  Although I see number patterns on a daily basis (especially any variation of 2), I had a strong urge to look up the meaning.  What was the significance of 444?

There are a few websites I frequent to read about Angel Numbers- Ask AngelsSacred Scribes, and Willow Soul (check out their cute clothes, too!); each have great summaries with their significance.  Today, I knew 444 was special- numbers are often how our angels or guides communicate with us, and ever since becoming more conscious, I am very in tune with signs from the universe, synchronicities, and patterns.  I also just realized today’s date is 1/3… 1+3= 4.

As soon as I Googled 444, the first thing I read was from Willow Soul:

“444 is your messenger telling you to have faith and be confident that things are going in the right direction in your life. 4th Meaning of 444: You Are in Harmony with the Universe. Whenever you’re seeing 444, the angels tell you that you’re resonating with the Universe in perfect synchronicity.”

Learning to be in harmony with the Universe has been a huge life lesson for me this past year, so the 4:44 message couldn’t have been any more perfect!  I’ve been on a slow and steady path, and as I begin working even harder toward my goals, the right people, thoughts, or signs come to me effortlessly.  As I get more in alignment with my heart and stop forcing old people or habits into my life, there’s been much less irritation, anxiety, or disappointment.

I’ve talked to many friends about things in their life falling apart; toxic relationships that aren’t improving, problems at work, bad living situations, and break-ups.  It’s a common theme for everyone to try and “fix” the situations; however, there comes a time when you realize they’re just doors meant to be closed.  There’s a reason why these things aren’t working out; it’s time to break the cycle and open a new door.   The reason these life factors aren’t working for you is because you’re not in alignment; you keep trying, and it keeps resisting.  Think of it as a nudge from the Universe, telling you to let go and make room for what’s to come.

This was a huge lesson for me over the past year.  As my life completely changed and I began stepping into the person I was meant to be, I began attracting like minded people and stopped thinking so much about the past.  I stopped worrying about what people would think of me, because I wouldn’t want to to change.  We’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’ll find your tribe when you’re true to you.

I’m grateful to finally become the person who speaks up without fear of judgement.  I’m grateful to be able to share my own experiences, pain, and lessons in hope of helping at least one person.  I am okay with being vulnerable, because not only does it help me heal, it helps me connect with people who need to know they’re not alone.  We find strength and hope in one another.  As we open up, let the ego go, and act with our hearts, we’ll be much closer to harmony and happiness.

I’ve decided “harmony” is my word for 2018; it’s important to me to live a peaceful, joyous life.  Any time I feel anxious or irritated, I have to ask myself, “am I in alignment? Am I thinking with my heart?”  I also have to remember to take deep breaths and remember I amon the right path; I am meant to write, paint, and create along this spiritual self-discovery journey.  As a messenger, I’m not only helping myself and others, I’m having fun, too!  Following your heart, whether it’s through art, nature, animals, or other activities, will ultimately help you align with the Universe and be in more peace and harmony.  As you let the old out of your life, you’ll notice how much lighter, happier, and free you will feel.

It can be scary to let things go, but even the butterfly has to struggle to fly.  Keep the faith… something great is on its way to you.


“Grace pours all beauty into the soul.”

“Grace pours all beauty into the soul.”

Listen. Come, come closer that you may listen devoutly to the deeper calling within your heart; to inwardly envision the living dream thou art. The intimate dream your Creator beheld of you before the passing of time.

Take pause now, that your senses may embellish the life you are created to be. Sense the sublime essence of love emanating from the depths of your soul, as the perfumed breath of the jasmine submits to the buffeting wind.

Only as one comes to recognize the beauty within, can beauty be recognized elsewhere; for a compassionate life made visible, is only viewed through the eye of the awakened beholder.

O’ my Heavenly Father, awaken in me Your-latent-fullness and place Your Divining-hand upon my heart and possess me, that I may behold all things new.                                             

                      Chaplain Kenneth Grosch PhD


Wherever You Are God Is: Calling Forth Your Spiritual Power of Prayer!


It was a warm, Spring day, the sun was shining brightly and I was waiting to catch the bus.
As I stood there enjoying the day, suddenly, a woman’s voice, filled with despair, pierced the air.
Looking a few feet ahead of me, I saw a young woman weeping loudly as she held her face in her hands. It was a sorrowful sight to see and my heart was deeply touched.  I went over to ask if I could help.
“Are you ok?”   “No, I’m not!” she said, looking up at me with tears coursing down her cheeks and her face red from crying.
“I was running to catch the bus and my wallet must have fallen out of my purse.  It had all my credit cards, identification and everything in it.” “I just don’t know what I’m going to do,” she wailed.
“Do you have money for the bus?” I asked.
“No mam.”
“Don’t worry, I will pay for it and we are going to pray when we get on that bus and you are going to get your purse back!”
As soon as we got on and were seated, we closed our eyes, clasped hands and quietly started to pray in a low voice. A believer herself,  the young woman prayed right along with me.
Many of the people sitting around us snickered and made fun of us, but we ignored them.
Calling for the light of God to surround her wallet, we visualized it being returned to her. As we prayed fervently from our hearts, we both felt the spirit of God descend upon us, right there on the bus!
Sasha was her name and she said she needed her purse back before the next day because she had a very important meeting and needed identification. We agreed that with God, all things were possible and stood in faith that it would be done.
The bus rolled on and we fell silent.
Just before Sasha was about to reach her destination, her cell phone rang.  She answered it and tears started rolling down her cheeks as a smile crossed her face.
  “Yes Sir,” she said to the person on the other end of the line. “Thank you so much for calling me to tell me that you found my wallet.”  “Yes Sir, I will come to get it now.”
Hallelujah!  Our prayers had been answered in almost the twinkling of an eye.   Joy, and relief swept over us as we clasped each other’s hands once more in a prayer of gratitude to God for hearing us right there on a crowded bus in a public place.
 My faith was strengthened that day! God showed us his unfailing love through the experience.
 Prayer is our life-line!  We can throw it out in times of trouble and be rescued in ways we know not of.
Wherever we are, God is!
Call Unto Me And I Will Answer Thee!  
Jeremiah 33:1
For Where Two Or Three Are Gathered Together In My Name, There Am I In The Midst Of Them. Matthew 18:2




Keep me singing,

as I go,

keep me singing,

in the sunshine,

or in snow or rain;

Keep me singing,

in the good times,

or in the times of pain.

Keep me singing,

while climbing life’s hills,

or when walking valleys still;

Keep me singing,

as I go,

walking on hard ground,

or wading through snow.

No matter what,

no matter where,

keep me singing as I go!

~ Winston Staples


Leap onto the Spiritual Highway

For the average person who's interested in the betterment of our world, the survival of our planet, and the uplifting of humankind's mass consciousness — we too must maintain a vigilance in the name of Truth. We must watch the words we speak. When our hearts are open, we have an obligation to serve Love. We do this, by watching every word, and thought, we allow in our consciousness. When our spiritual centers are open full-blast (and stay open!) … our thoughts and words are our weapons to destroy un-truth. WE warriors in the Army of Love MUST BE VIGILANT. (click here to read rest of this post on my blog lordflea.com)


A State of Attention

Everything arises from a state of silence, but not everything’s heard from a state of attention. Freedom from the known can happen, but only when it’s learned how to truly listen from a state of attention.

It matters little what one hears, but how one listens does matter in the sense if it comes from a state of attention. There’s all kinds of noise around us most of the time, but what’s mostly heard is labeled from our impulses and opinions. Freedom from the known can happen, but only when it’s learned how to truly listen, and one can only listen when one is in a state of attention. This is when one can truly hear. This state of attention arises from silence, there’s nothing to think about in a state of attention. A dog barking, a car beeping its horn, a helicopter, a waterfall, the ocean, all sounds can be heard and as with any sound, they can annoy you or the can anchor you in the present moment. There’s so much noise that goes on in one’s head, but it has nothing to do with the sounds that are heard.

Everything arises from a state of silence, but not everything’s heard from a state of attention. As I was sitting in my backyard the other day, listening to the water sprinkler in my pool, (my serene opinion) the neighbors son came out to play basketball in his yard, he also preceded to play his music very loud to where my opinionated serenity was disturbed. I immediately took a deep breath and realized that although I was enjoying listening to my pool sprinkler, I wasn’t in a state of attention. If I was when the sound changed to what arose from the silence, in this case my neighbors music,I wouldn’t have been disturbed. One deep breath showed me this, and it allowed me to be in a state of attention to the sounds that were there in the present moment instead of the mind agitations of my impulses and opinions.


The Realm of Spirit

The realm of Spirit is where our true nature manifest. It’s where one connects to all of life and basks in the warmth and sunlight of the Spirit. It is our true home.

Although an awakening is a process of awareness of what blocks the heart from love, the heart will only open and expand each day by the daily mindfulness and sitting practice developed. No longer does the world revolve around my “I” it more so revolves around the “I” of others. Each day is begun with the vision of how I can be a benefit to others and I write and post a daily article to assist in making this a reality. This has been done everyday for roughly the past three years. I bring my awareness into my day to day existence and although some times it’s two steps forward and one step back because the conditioned mind is relentless, the process is a continuation into the expansion of the heart. And with the expansion of the heart comes the expansion of love into my day to day life and the life of others.

This expansion doesn’t take thought, it takes a settled mind. The subtitle of my book “You Are Not Your Thoughts” was chosen for this reason. All created stories are only our attached thoughts, so when I started understanding this “I” was understood and it was the beginning of the end of life as it was once known. This brought me to the realm of the unknown, and this realm is not something that can be manufactured by thought, thought will only block this. This is the realm of Spirit where our true nature manifest, it is where one connects to all of life and basks in the warmth and sunlight of the Spirit. It is our true home, our place of peace that passes all understanding, it is the truth of one’s existence, but it doesn’t need any of what is written here to be because it exist without one single thought.



Not Automatically Right

Thinking because you have done something for a long period of time it automatically makes it the right way is so limiting that one can’t seem to get out of their own way.

Doing something for years doesn’t mean it’s being done in a way that truly benefits yourself and humanity. Something I find amusing is when someone says they’ve been doing something for a certain number of years and they equate that to mean what they are doing is the best and only way of seeing something. I know what I do today is much more beneficial to me and humanity than how I acted years ago, but this is only because my behavior isn’t based in thinking I have to please my self. That doesn’t mean I’m here to save the world, but by coming from a place of not thinking I have to please me, there’s freedom to be a true instrument of love, not a made up one. This is what arises when one is open to be with life as it happens instead of getting locked into a thinking pattern that because something has been done for a long period of time, it’s automatically the best and only way of seeing it.

I remember being on a seminar for work and someone said, but I have been doing it this way for twenty years, he was told, well you’ve been doing it wrong for twenty years. I don’t profess to have the one and only way to love. I share what has been revealed to me as do others, but I’m open enough to not think what I share is automatically the right way. As I’m constantly learning and changing, what I know or at least what I think I know is constantly changing. Hold onto your way and hold on to your limit. It’s rather simple because anything labeled becomes not only a limit to the label, but also one becomes entrapped by it. It’s in not constantly thinking about yourself that one experiences the freedom to love and what blocks this love from arising is thinking because one has done something for a long period of time, it automatically makes it the right way.



Noticing Your Thoughts

It is imperative to learn to just be because even if what you do comes from a labeled place of love, this label produces the bondage of an unguarded thought which controls you like any other unguarded thought.

If you can’t watch your own thoughts to decipher which ones are truly beneficial, hold on because you’ll be taken on the roller coaster ride called life. Not that life does anything directly to anyone, but thoughts arise and they determine what kind of ride you will be on. Noticing the unguarded thoughts is essential if one is not be controlled by them. Thoughts are a natural part of life, they will arise. As far as I know there’s no way of controlling what thoughts arise, but I have found that noticing them allows for a split second hesitation that can be used to decipher whether or not the thought is beneficial. And remember, attachment to any thought causes suffering, no matter how one labels it.

I often say the Conditioned Mind is diabolical and unless there’s some awareness of how controlling your thoughts actually are, they will and this has to happen, control you as if you were a puppet on a string. So subtle is this control that even if you are doing things that are labeled as loving, if these thoughts aren’t watched they will eventually control you and bondage is bondage regardless of what label is applied to the thought. This is why the Conditioned Mind is diabolical because of its subtleness in using whatever it can to remain in control. This is also why it’s imperative to learn how to just be because even if what you do comes from a labeled place of love, the bondage this produces is that of an unguarded thought which controls you like any other unguarded thought.



Unknowingly Entrapped

When one is under the control of the Conditioned Mind they behave in ways not because it’s the way that one wants to be, but because it’s the way one has to be.

It was a lack of understanding of what I was truly up against that caused me to remain entrapped to it, and what I was entrapped to was my own mind that was conditioned to self serve. The problem with this type of conditioning is it causes one’s own destruction because the destructiveness is disguised as pleasure. This pleasure is pursued by many to their death. It was pursued by me in this way and I was at it’s mercy. It said to me to use drugs, alcohol, gambling, womanizing, lying, cheating, stealing and so on. This is how the Conditioned Mind is developed except for some who are fortunate enough to see this at a young age.

The way I was conditioned wasn’t the fault of anyone in particular, it happened indirectly by the inner and outer influences of my life which molded me to behave in the ways my conditioning dictated. Not because this is how I wanted to be, but by not understanding this, it was the way I had to be. You cannot behave in any other way except in the way you have been conditioned. Change the conditioning and change your entire existence or not and remain the same. The value of knowing my own mind is in the understanding there was no where else to turn; not to God, support groups, therapy, self help books, positive thinking, and so on. What I learned is when the Conditioned Mind is understood, the world is no longer in control. What I learned was it’s control slowly dissipates as one develops discipline, the mind actually slows down. Once this slowing occurs, the possibilities are endless because there are no longer the distractions that keeps one entrapped to the conditioning. With this solid understanding of what one is truly up against, you are able to develop the discipline so the conditioning eventually falls away.