Misunderstanding Emotions

Attaching to the thought about a situation is what allows emotions to take over. When this is understood nothing will pull you in so you’ll always be in control of how you’re affected by situations that arise.

Emotions are something that are mostly misunderstood by people. Very few truly see where emotions arise from and how they cause more problems than they’re worth. Recently my mom passed away and it was emotional for many people, I was not one of them. Being emotional doesn’t mean someone loves someone more than one who isn’t emotional, nor does it suggest emotional people have more passion about something. To me all emotions do is get a person unconsciously attached to a situation. This is usually out of their control and emotions also takes away any objectiveness to that situation. I’m not saying squash emotions if they arise, what I’m saying is investigate how much they’re really needed. What do they bring to the so called table?

This is my experience of how emotions arise and why they cause problems. Whatever occurs in life is looked at as a situation and if the thought of it is attached to, this gives the thought of the situation energy and hence an emotion will arise. This doesn’t change what has occurred, but it does add a certain energy to the situation at hand and depending on how attached to the thought of the situation one is determines how emotionally controlled one will be. I’m not telling anyone not to be emotional, if they arise they arise, all I’m saying is contrary to popular belief, I find absolutely no benefit at all to getting pulled around by a situation and becoming emotional. I’m always with what arises, but attaching to the thought about a situation is what allows emotions to take over. When this is understood nothing will pull you in so you will always be in control of how you are affected by situations that arise.



Unloving Energy

Humanity is stuck in trying to fix our problems with the same energy that creates them. Violence trying to end violence with violence or anger trying to stop anger with anger just doesn’t work.

I know it seems as though I took a stand against what was being protested at the NFL games, but it’s not so. I just won’t support certain energy. I see things in a way that not many do, this doesn’t really mean anything, but I see what I see. The conditioning of humanity has been in place for so long that we are blind to the dog chasing its tail energy that we adopt. It seems humanity has been on a downward spiral since the beginning of time, always acting violently and unloving towards one another. Everyone thinks their way is the right way, we are stuck in this hideous cycle. There is so much unloving energy in place that I don’t know if it will ever change. I’m not saying don’t try, but what happens is the same unloving behavior that’s in place is trying to change itself.

It’s not only people that have become accustomed to unloving energy, the entire structure of our society has evolved in this unloving way. I don’t know what the answer is, but we mostly try to fix our problems with the same energy that creates them. Violence trying to end violence with violence. Anger trying to stop anger with anger. This is the dog chasing its tail energy that’s in place and it’s the reason not much changes and history repeats itself. There are surface changes that do occur, but with the structure of greed, hate, and delusion firmly in place, these changes just help the collective conditioning solidify itself by remaining in a delusional state. Until one can be with energy that supports stillness alone, humanity will remain stuck chasing its own tail.



Controlled by Temptation

Temptations arise and seem like they are a part of being human, but giving into them is not human, it’s conditioning and as long as the conditioning is in place, acting upon an arisen temptation will be common place.

Each time one gives into a temptation, what causes giving into it not only gets reinforced, but it also gets engrained deeper in the subconscious. This is part of the reason it’s so hard to wake up from the sleep of unconsciousness. Without awareness of the temptation there’s no way not to give in. The temptation itself arises because of its trace energy that’s in place, to me one isn’t responsible for it arising, and if there isn’t awareness that it’s there, there’s really no responsibility for the reaction to the temptation. There are so many examples for this, one would be a person who cheats on their spouse. The temptation to satisfy a certain desire arises and because there’s no awareness of it, the reaction to the temptation has be acted upon. If there was an understanding of this, it wouldn’t prevent the temptation from arising, but it could prevent the reaction (acting upon) to the temptation.

This is but one example, how about the temptation to take drugs or reach for something else to alter your mind state. The desire to alter one’s current mind state simply arises and once it does because there’s no awareness of it, one will reach for and act upon the temptation with whatever they have developed to fulfill it. It could be cutting, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or a slew of other things, but regardless of what’s used the response to the temptation is in place because of the unawareness of it. Temptations will arise as it seems it’s just part of being human, but giving into it is not human, it’s conditioning, and as long as the conditioning is in place to act upon an arisen temptation, it will become that much more common place as it becomes unconsciously what is considered the norm.



Your Story Your Lie

To the level of understanding of how you alone create the stories you think are needed to live your life, to that extent is how your created stories become the lies you live by.

Whatever it is you reach for that’s outside yourself becomes your story, and unfortunately it also becomes the lie you live by. Life needs no such story or lie to exist, but you probably do because you have never been taught otherwise. Our lies are at the core of everything reached for and what’s reached for actually reinforces the lie. This is why dependency is dependency regardless of what it is. A program, therapy, another book, meditation, retreats, your favorite team, politics, are no different than reaching for alcohol, drugs, food or something else. They are all a form of the lie one’s Conditioned Mind uses to make you believe they’re needed to live your life, but it just isn’t true; there would be existence even if none of these things were reached for. If there isn’t some awareness of this which just may create some space, your entire life can be lived as a lie. Because of the lack of awareness of this, my life was lived as a lie for forty nine years.

Today because there’s some space between reaching for these lies, they’re not nearly as dominant as previously. They still arise because of the conditioning in place, but they have so much less control because there’s awareness of them. It’s imperative to understand how the reaching itself is the lie as what’s being used only matters in the respect to the harm it causes. It seems the less harm it causes the more the lie is accepted, but this is all just part of the lie because a lie is as lie no matter what. This isn’t as complicated as it may seem, know your lies and you will come to know truth, but understand if you don’t they will dominate your life which will than be lived as a lie you alone create.



The Blame Game

When the blame game stops, it has nothing to do with the world or people changing, it’s because the enemy is found and it is you. Once this is seen there’s no more pointing a finger at someone because there’s no one to blame.

It’s very difficult to go beyond your own conditioning when the blame game is played. There’s only one way to break the chains of the Conditioned Mind and that’s by stopping the blame game of pointing your finger at others. No one can make you do or feel like anything, but if you give something or someone that power, they own you. There are no facts to the way that you feel, but if it’s always something or someone else’s fault as to why you think you feel a certain way, you are just giving your Conditioned Mind the energy to manifest blame, which just keeps you entrapped to your own misery. Many injustices are done, but so what, it’s the way many humans are. You can point all the fingers you want, but you just reinforce the conditioned energy by doing so.

There’s also the delusional blame game where you make up stories. This is an extremely heartbreaking place to be because the internal struggle manifest outwardly with almost everyone. There’s very little harmony with others when this blame game is played because there’s very little harmony with yourself. I blamed the world and the people in it for all my troubles and for many years this was reinforced on a daily bases, I had the inability to look at myself. It wasn’t until the blame game stopped that my life changed, not because the world or people changed, but because I had found the enemy and it was me. Once this was seen there was no one to point a finger at so there was no one to blame.



Spiritual Propaganda

Sit often and watch your thoughts come and go, eventually there will be more and more space between them. It’s in this space that one sees all the spiritual propaganda holding you in bondage.

With the emergence of the World Wide Web, there’s so much information available on spirituality that it really needs to be investigated before one considers using it to assist in their development. Here is the definition of Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. To see if the information you are using to develop the direction or path you are on is authentic and truly beneficial, there can’t be anything associated with it that forms attachment. Methods, programs, guru’s, life coaches, teachers, or any other form of propaganda that is used to keep you attached, just keeps you entrapped to the very thing you are trying to break free of. Just as there’s a lot of “fake news” out there today, there’s also a lot of fake information on spirituality. Bondage is not something that’s truly understood by many people and so most of the information out there is propaganda to keep you in bondage in some way. Those telling you to buy their book, pay for retreats run by paid speakers, or follow (instant bondage) a program, are clever to a fault, with the fault being keeping you in bondage.

The only thing one needs to do is look within so one millisecond of space is created between your thoughts. Once this occurs and there’s awareness of it, more and more space will slowly be created. It takes nothing but awareness to create this space. The propaganda out there that someone’s program, book, method or whatever has your answer, will keep you in bondage to the very thing you trying to break from. I know people defend their so called guru or people they follow adamantly, but it’s only because there’s no awareness of the bondage they’re in. Sit often and just watch the thoughts come and go, eventually there will be more and more space between them. It’s in this space that one will see all the spiritual propaganda holding you in bondage.



Nothing is Missing

The next time the need arises for you to reach for something, ask yourself if it’s truly needed and if you can see that it’s not, you will be complete simply because nothing will be missing.

The only thing missing in your life is what you tell yourself is missing. This is what makes one have the unconscious urge to reach for something. This feeling that something is missing is so deeply engrained and because of this there’s not much awareness that it’s even there. What’s also not noticed, is that you are the one who creates the feeling that something’s missing. If you can understand this, it automatically takes away the feeling that something’s missing, as peace manifested as truth fills the space. There are many things used to try and fill this space, but only the truth that nothing is missing will truly fill it. The thing to try and understand is when the need to reach for something arises, it’s only because the mind has become agitated which has caused the feeling that something’s missing, but nothing is ever missing and how this is known is because when one has the feeling something is missing, nothing will fulfill it.

There is an underlying completeness to life that naturally occurs without the mind agitations being in control. You don’t stop them from arising, but if you just notice them and allow them to be without attaching to them, the feeling that something is missing will not arise. The sense of completeness is not a feeling, it’s a knowing. This is why completeness can never be attained by reading a book, attending a program, or using things, but this doesn’t stop the Conditioned Mind from keeping you entrapped to trying to become complete. So the next time you reach for something ask yourself if it’s truly needed and if you can see that it’s not, you will be complete because nothing will be missing.


Exposing Your Lies

Those who don’t understand their lies cannot know truth and therefore remain a slave to the lies. You needn’t have all the answers to know truth, you just need to expose your lies so you’re not enslaved by them.

Nine years ago I began developing a practice of quietness because I started understanding and exposing the lies of what it was to be a slave to the noise, and I say “was” because in truth I am a slave no more. I know the poison of the lies of greed, hate, and delusion and have developed the discipline to not to allow them to control me to a large degree. I know how living selfishly and being judgmental caused not only my suffering, but it caused suffering to those around me as well. Because this is known today I am provided with tools so I can live differently. If there wasn’t exposure of the lies, there wouldn’t be awareness of truth.

The ultimate delusion is by the one who claims to know truth, but doesn’t even understand the lies, this is the place where the majority of people live. I ask you this: Is it arrogant to know the truth by understanding and not being controlled by the lies, or is it arrogant to claim to know truth, but remain enslaved the to lies? Many state that there are different versions of truth and no one can know all truth or truth of another, but it has been through my experience that I have discovered there aren’t different versions of truth, there are only versions of the lies, but a lie is always a lie. When your lies are exposed, you will know truth, and another’s truth can also be known because another’s lies can be known, but this can only be known by knowing your own lies. Remember truth is not about having all the answers, it’s understanding all the lies. The lies the world presents are the gateway to truth because they are the gateway of seeing the lies of greed, hate, and delusion, so it is possible to know all truth, but only when one exposes all your lies.



BE Love

The mantra associated with the heart chakra is Yam. The affirmation is "I am love." The color associated with this chakra is brilliantly sparkling, emerald green. Yam is a splendid sound to make. I like to think of it as Yummy Yam (the way I remember Yam associated with the heart, which feels so warm and expansive when we eat something yummy, or spend time with someone who feels yummy delicious to be with). Continue reading this post on my spiritual blog LordFlea.com


Past Determined Future

If all we do is allow past Conditioned Mind Patterns to control our life in the present, our future is pretty much determined for us. It’s the fear of the unknown the keeps one stuck in the familiarity of the past.

What keeps the past in place is our fear of the unknown. It is much easier to remain in a familiar setting of the past than to venture out into the unknown. Although it’s not beneficial to live from the past, it’s our own mind that tells us to do this. There is no truth in the past, there’s only attachment to a lie. The Buddha called this lie Mara. He would say “I see you Mara” and just like that, the lie would give way to truth, but to see the lie one must know the lie is in place. To not know the lie, is simply to not know the truth. Only the truth can set you free, and only if it’s Universal Truth and not some story of what one thinks truth is. And how will you know this truth? When the mind is quiet truth is revealed and in this truth whatever it is you fear will fall away, fear can’t exist where there is existence of truth.

Our lack of truth is our down fall, not because it’s bad or good, but because it keeps us locked into Conditioned Mind Patterns that makes for the habit of repeating unloving behavior. To overcome this, the unloving conditioning in place has to be overcome. If this doesn’t occur, the squirrel cage mind will remain in control and the love that can overcome fear will be blocked as one will continue to live a lie and repeat the same unloving behavior that is harmful to all beings and our precious planet. This is the reason one is not happy and at peace all the time, if this isn’t known, the unloving conditioning in place will keep running the show; life can’t be lived any other way. This is what makes us remain attached to the familiarity of the past and pretty much has our future already determined. This can change, but only if you can say “I see you Mara”.