444: Living In Harmony

I love when the perfect message comes to me at just the right time.  As I finished yesterday’s leftover green curry and checked my phone, I noticed the time: 4:44.  Although I see number patterns on a daily basis (especially any variation of 2), I had a strong urge to look up the meaning.  What was the significance of 444?

There are a few websites I frequent to read about Angel Numbers- Ask AngelsSacred Scribes, and Willow Soul (check out their cute clothes, too!); each have great summaries with their significance.  Today, I knew 444 was special- numbers are often how our angels or guides communicate with us, and ever since becoming more conscious, I am very in tune with signs from the universe, synchronicities, and patterns.  I also just realized today’s date is 1/3… 1+3= 4.

As soon as I Googled 444, the first thing I read was from Willow Soul:

“444 is your messenger telling you to have faith and be confident that things are going in the right direction in your life. 4th Meaning of 444: You Are in Harmony with the Universe. Whenever you’re seeing 444, the angels tell you that you’re resonating with the Universe in perfect synchronicity.”

Learning to be in harmony with the Universe has been a huge life lesson for me this past year, so the 4:44 message couldn’t have been any more perfect!  I’ve been on a slow and steady path, and as I begin working even harder toward my goals, the right people, thoughts, or signs come to me effortlessly.  As I get more in alignment with my heart and stop forcing old people or habits into my life, there’s been much less irritation, anxiety, or disappointment.

I’ve talked to many friends about things in their life falling apart; toxic relationships that aren’t improving, problems at work, bad living situations, and break-ups.  It’s a common theme for everyone to try and “fix” the situations; however, there comes a time when you realize they’re just doors meant to be closed.  There’s a reason why these things aren’t working out; it’s time to break the cycle and open a new door.   The reason these life factors aren’t working for you is because you’re not in alignment; you keep trying, and it keeps resisting.  Think of it as a nudge from the Universe, telling you to let go and make room for what’s to come.

This was a huge lesson for me over the past year.  As my life completely changed and I began stepping into the person I was meant to be, I began attracting like minded people and stopped thinking so much about the past.  I stopped worrying about what people would think of me, because I wouldn’t want to to change.  We’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’ll find your tribe when you’re true to you.

I’m grateful to finally become the person who speaks up without fear of judgement.  I’m grateful to be able to share my own experiences, pain, and lessons in hope of helping at least one person.  I am okay with being vulnerable, because not only does it help me heal, it helps me connect with people who need to know they’re not alone.  We find strength and hope in one another.  As we open up, let the ego go, and act with our hearts, we’ll be much closer to harmony and happiness.

I’ve decided “harmony” is my word for 2018; it’s important to me to live a peaceful, joyous life.  Any time I feel anxious or irritated, I have to ask myself, “am I in alignment? Am I thinking with my heart?”  I also have to remember to take deep breaths and remember I amon the right path; I am meant to write, paint, and create along this spiritual self-discovery journey.  As a messenger, I’m not only helping myself and others, I’m having fun, too!  Following your heart, whether it’s through art, nature, animals, or other activities, will ultimately help you align with the Universe and be in more peace and harmony.  As you let the old out of your life, you’ll notice how much lighter, happier, and free you will feel.

It can be scary to let things go, but even the butterfly has to struggle to fly.  Keep the faith… something great is on its way to you.


Ahhhh, “I Understand …”

The mantra "Om" (or Aum to be more Sanskrit-correct) applies to both the 6th and 7th chakras. The color of the "crown chakra" the 7th, is usually described as clear lavender, blue purple, or sparkly violet. It emanates from the crown of the head but encircles the entire body, like a flowing waterfall, refreshing, healing, protecting our body's entire aura — reaching outward for several feet from our physical selves. I prefer to describe the color that appears in "my mind's eye" when deep in meditation, as either complete nothingness … which is not "solid" black but motion-filled, energized, shimmering shades of pewter luminescence. (click here to continue reading on my blog LordFlea.com )


Seeing with “The Eye of God”

Now we've reached the sixth in our exploration of the seven chakras. After the other five energy centers (chakra means "wheel of energy" in Sanskrit) have been opened, just by our being aware of each of them and their significance in our lives — we now have arrived at the place within our Being that is …. One with bliss.

In yogic scriptures the state of Oneness with All is often described using the Sanskrit word, Satchidananda. Sat is Beingness; chid is "the Light of Understanding" that comes with knowledge, and ananada is … bliss. (click here to continue reaidng on Lordflea.com my spiritual blog)


I Speak — with throat wide open

Our stressed-out world needs to know that right within every person's own being, just as the yoga-girls in lockup found out in our class, every person has the power to change themselves. Just by wanting to. Being aware of needing to change is all it takes — for change to start happening. Of course, having someone demonstrate, or share books like I'm doing, about how change can be done, helps enormously. That's why I call myself a spiritual activist. It's my job … to spiritually help others who are interested in uplifting their perspective on things. (click here to continue reading on my blog lordflea.com)


Leap onto the Spiritual Highway

For the average person who's interested in the betterment of our world, the survival of our planet, and the uplifting of humankind's mass consciousness — we too must maintain a vigilance in the name of Truth. We must watch the words we speak. When our hearts are open, we have an obligation to serve Love. We do this, by watching every word, and thought, we allow in our consciousness. When our spiritual centers are open full-blast (and stay open!) … our thoughts and words are our weapons to destroy un-truth. WE warriors in the Army of Love MUST BE VIGILANT. (click here to read rest of this post on my blog lordflea.com)


BE Love

The mantra associated with the heart chakra is Yam. The affirmation is "I am love." The color associated with this chakra is brilliantly sparkling, emerald green. Yam is a splendid sound to make. I like to think of it as Yummy Yam (the way I remember Yam associated with the heart, which feels so warm and expansive when we eat something yummy, or spend time with someone who feels yummy delicious to be with). Continue reading this post on my spiritual blog LordFlea.com


The Bridge, our Open Heart

Love filled my mind with white diamond light. My body melted and I watched myself becoming this ever-expanding love. The warmth and fullness of my chest spread everywhere. I was one ball of a wholesome, loving heart. Was I chanting anymore? Probably not. Was I pure Love itself, me? Yes. Without a doubt. I can attest that I had become Love itself. (continue reading on my blog LordFlea.com)


I Am, I Feel, and NOW — I DO!

As we continue exploring the raising-up of our consciousness using the yogic system of chakras to help us better understand who and what we are, we are now at the third chakra, known as the seat of our personal power. This is an energy center most humans (not in a coma) experience on a regular basis. The next chakra, the heart chakra, is where we start on our spiritual journey. Truly! Stay tuned for next post. (Sign up on my blog and receive each post via email.)

If any of you have ever been forced to do something absolutely aligned with, or totally against your will, you are familiar with that “good warm feeling” or the opposite, the aching discomfort in your midsection, close to your navel. Both reactions, opposing yes I know, are referred to as a “gut reaction” or a “feeling in my gut.”

A good reaction: Let’s say you’ve just met someone/thing who rings your bell. You feel this instantly in your gut. Sometimes the reaction almost knocks you backward. Have you ever felt it? This is your own intuition telling you that something is very right about this person (a dog, a cat?) you’re meeting. It could be a business contact, a romantic interest, but whatever it is, it’s someone/thing you’ll greatly benefit from spending some time with, learning more about them.

A bad reaction is the other kind of gut feeling, an uncomfortable ache, and sometimes it’s harsher, like a punch. This is a negative reaction to whatever you are facing. Maybe it’s a person, but it could be a job, a house you’re not supposed to buy, a type of food you’re not meant to eat. I hope you pay attention to these uncomfortable signs from your own inner knowing, as well as the more intriguing signs that make you want to know more.

Both reactions, good or bad, if those word judgements apply (better choice is interesting or not interesting) — they come from your 2nd chakra center of energy, located very close to your navel. But the sensation can come anywhere in your midsection. Click here to continue reading on my blog Lordflea.com


Right Effort — starts here!

When I first heard this phrase “Right Effort” from my meditation teacher a couple decades ago, my ears pointed up sky-high. What did she mean? What could possibly be more expected of me than … just showing up? I was there, wasn’t I? I was sitting on my cushion, spending time with a great master of mindfulness — wasn’t that enough?

Well, according to the Teacher, no.

Just showing up ain’t enough, sorry to say. Don’t be discouraged. Just let me explain. I learned this from the greatest spiritual teacher I could find, and I searched high and low until I found her. I’ll explain using the same approach that I currently teach my students how to achieve a balanced and beautiful yoga pose.

When we first learn how to move our body, the temple of our soul, into a new position for the purpose of strengthening and stretching, a good enough reason to start a yoga practice, I start with a simple approach. I teach the ABCDs, and this automatically develops mindfulness. Whether you’re interested in the physical, mental, or spiritual aspects of life, I hope you check out yoga (which means, simply, “union”), Right Effort, no matter what your approach to life, is easiest to achieve if we remember  …

Always, the BREATH, the CORE, and … continue reading on my blog lordflea.com


Trust … no matter what!

One of my most respected spiritual teachers said the other day, "Everything that's happening right here, right now, is the accumulation of every single choice made up to this point —in your personal life and out in the world around us. Trust that this present moment is happening for all the right reasons. You may not know what those reasons are … yet! … but in time, more shall be revealed. Trust is what a child first learns from good parentage and upbringing. If you don't have it, look back and fill in the cracks. Repair your trust leaks."

Because I want to have a pure approach to Trust, at this moment I'm going to (for the first time here on Lord Flea!) "tune "out" of my ordinary, rational mind … and go within. To that still, deep place within … where I connect with my inner Self. Because I want "him" (I call my special Spirit Guide Noname — and yes long ago "he" told me that's his name, so yeah laugh if you want because I, LordFlea — am female!) and I want Noname to speak about this, not me. I invite Noname, whom I have been contacting for special messages, to talk today, and not me, about this pivotal topic: Trust.

The way I connect (and you can, too) is to get quiet, breathe deeply, and ask Noname to "take over" … and then I simply (after having trained myself to) trust what comes out … as I sit at my keyboard (I type as fast as I think, as swiftly as the flow of receiving is). I've been doing this exercise — tapping Noname's wisdom — for years. So … here we go! Allow me to introduce you to our guest blogger today, my very own spirit guide … Noname, my personal angel! (click here to continue reading on my blog Lordflea.com )