The Truth of Guidance



Simona Manenti



Not all that is believed to be true is truth, yet all that exists is true.”


Many on the quest of awakening their psychic abilities, will struggle with their inner demons when first attempting to connect with Spirit and spirit guides.

Let’s face it, we all have been there, doubts of credibility will be the first obstacles to overcome. Followed then by: fears, accuracy, truthfulness, clarity and trusting one self.

Overcoming these first difficulties can seem like a daunting task for some. In order to prevail, one will need to learn to trust oneself, to discern ego talk from true guidance and to build confidence in delivering the message that it is given.

 “Who is giving me guidance”, “what if I am wrong?” and “ let me check again” become common questions we ask ourselves.

Learning to discern the source of any guidance demands a clear understanding of “Energy Source.”

We are all sensitive to energy, but not all of us pay attention to it or have learned to tell the difference between the various types of energies. Many in the initial stages of opening themselves to guidance, fear inviting lower energies or entities in, it’s what we are warned about most often, which funny enough, promotes even more fear!

In order to learn to sense the difference between the diverse types of energy you need to understand frequency. Frequency is the type of band-with energy that etheric beings carry; its what sets them apart and can be felt and sensed. In order to invite an angel in to communicate with, you need to train your body to switch to that frequency. When you do that, you instantly create a chamber of energy that allows only those that match it to come in. Therefore all you ever need to do is to make sure your frequency is always of the highest levels..

The truth is that our own emotional barriers, limitations and fears, are what lowers our frequency and exposes ourselves to these so feared lower frequency beings. Even then, your Ego is often responsible by making you believe that of which you fear already.

The one in charge of our limitations, fears and dysfunctional perception is our Ego mind. Focusing on understanding our Ego mind, will lead us to gain greater access to amazing abilities.

 The Ego mind purpose is to create confusion to keep us unaware of our own traps and prevent us from expanding ourselves. It will work extra hard to make sure that we notice and see proof of our fears, giving us reason to remain attached to them and strengthening our belief in them. This in turn will prevent us from being able to discern accurately.

 Ego mind is very tricky, the only way out of its grips is to question our belief system and its origin, which would mean questioning all we ever believed about ourselves, and all we thought we are.

When you question all that you are and its origin, you will be forced to let go of things that you acquired along the way. Many of these things are part of “the story” that is the source of the pain. The story we continue to tell ourselves, like “ because I was never wanted, loved or accepted” is the creator of our fears, beliefs and distorted perception; changing the story or eliminating it completely will change all else as well. It’s a process that demands persistence, patience and compassion for one self, but extremely rewarding if done the right way.

Ego guidance will sound and feel exactly like Spirit and Angelic guidance. Ego loves to speak to us if a question that we seek the answer to, is asked from a place of fear. Since ego’s best friend is fear, ego will always answer fear’s cry for help first.

When emotionally triggered and in need of spiritual guidance, it is always best to drop into the heart space first and ask for only the truth no matter what and from the highest and purest source. That is usually enough to move away from the ego mind and into a heart space.

All is required to drop in the heart is to take a few seconds in a quite space and ask your angels and spirit guides to help you drop in the heart. You may have to ask a few times, do it gently, not forcefully and patiently, within seconds you will feel an energy shift around your mid section and literally drop in your heart. At first you may shift often and quickly between the two, but after a bit of practice you will learn the difference between being in one space or the other.

The next barrier to triumph over is the validity of Guidance; always dependent on its source, its purpose, interference with one’s purpose, and how psychically gifted one is in order to obtain such guidance.

If you are new to receiving guidance from your angels, guides and or messages, then you are all too familiar with the anxious feeling of what if I am just imagining things. Since the source of the information is only visible to the receiver and or just a feeling with no visual components, being skeptical and questioning ourselves, becomes common practice when first developing the ability to communicate with Spirit guides.  

Doubting can only be eradicated with practice and experience; even then the little doubting voice may rise from the depths of oblivion, to question any given information that doesn’t resonate with you or the person whose message is for.

The complications encountered along the path of understanding how to navigate through the maze of giving or receiving messages, has left many with feelings of frustration and defeat, and brought many others into giving up this practice.

Maybe you were the one receiving messages, or maybe you went to someone to get messages from your angels and or guides, and maybe you didn’t like what you heard, or you didn’t get the specific answer you were looking for, or maybe it really surprised you or it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, maybe it turns out that none of it was true, and maybe you went to someone else and you heard a completely different take on the same message.

No matter your situation and or experiences, the world of messages from another dimension and beings, will remain for now uncertain and unreachable if we look at that world with the understanding and beliefs we use in this one.

Receiving guidance that maybe obscure or deceiving at times, functions to promote trust in self, by allowing us to make our own judgment and come to our own decision, which will then give us the ability to make our choices based on our own guidance. Those choices reinforce trust in self; when we make a choice because of what someone else has told us, we give our power away to our fear of commitment, to the fear of taking responsibility for self, and to the fear of making a mistake and experiencing failure.

All these fears strip us of whatever little trust in self we may have left. After all, if you did have trust in self, you would make decision and choices based on what you wanted no matter who said what, and would be able to live with those choices without regrets, giving you freedom to move along your pre-destine path and experiencing being in the “now”.

Your life purpose, or as I like to call it, your scripted mission, is the most valuable and most guarded part of you by your Spirit guides; to whom you entrusted the successful completion of said mission. Our own guides and angels will often have to protect us from our own selves, and our choices. We are aimlessly moving through life, mostly blind to our purpose and therefore easily swayed in directions that lead us further away from our mission.

All is to ensure that what you chose to experience and learn in your mission, sticks to plan. It will become paramount for them to do all that is necessary to help us stay on track. That includes messages that may end up being wrong or in accurate.

Unfortunately our fear of the unknown leads us to become dependent on knowing what is going to happen to us, in order to try and control the outcome or to try and avoid making a mistake. But if making a mistake is part of your plan for your mission, then avoiding said mistake is not the right thing for you, therefore the messages you may be receiving are to steer you in the right direction even if it is to make a mistake.

Below you will find instances where messages may need to be altered from the truth or where the truth needs to be withheld:


  • In order to keep us on our soul path
  • To not interfere in the choices we make in order to experience exactly what we asked to experience in this lifetime, good or bad, and to help us stay on our path
  • To help us abide by the soul contract, as it was established with another soul, whether we act as the good guy or the bad guy
  • When we otherwise wouldn’t listen, and are determined in our ways and or beliefs, especially when nearing a crucial time on our soul path, or when nearing an important marker that signifies a turning point in our life.
  • To not interfere with someone else’s path and choices even if it’s our own child or loved one
  • When we need to make choices blindly without fear of the unknown, especially if it’s what we asked.
  • When we are meant to arrive to some specific conclusion or understanding or learning or growth, or in order to experience the other side of the coin of judgment
  • When we try too hard to control an outcome
  • If our involvement into another life is of a personal level.


In the end, what you will get in the form of guidance from spirit, or a psychic or a healer or even your closest friend, it’s all meant for you, even if they contradict each other.

It all serves a purpose, usually for the person receiving the message, and at times, for the giver of the messages as well. At times the messenger function as the deliverer of bad news, devastating news, news that may create turmoil within one self and destruction all around us. But even then, that type of information is strictly related to our life path and where we find ourselves on that path. It’s not the messenger that is wrong; whenever we receive a message and in what ever form it reaches us, it is meant exactly that way. What the person hears and interprets may not necessarily be truth, but the reaction to said words is what is most valuable. The reaction to anything is a mirror into our emotional evolution; it’s the best foreteller of what has affected us in the past, what we still carry with us from our earlier traumatic experiences, what needs to be reviewed and what still needs healing. We too often assume that who we think we are is who we really are, mostly based on the knowledge that “I have always been this way” and “this is how I always do things”. If you hear yourself say these two sentences, know that you have some revisions of old beliefs to take care of.

Because we cannot possibly know or be aware of all purposes and intention of anything that exist and the role it plays for someone’s soul’s path, and we cannot possibly be aware of all soul karmic contract that are active at any given moment, the judgment of what is or isn’t in itself defeats the purpose of experiencing the full spectrum of emotions attached to the infinite amount of experiences that this world has to offer and that were chosen by us to be part of our scripted mission before we came to this life. It is why we are here.

Therefore all is to be experienced as truth, and we all need to make independent decisions from these truths, by which we will be enforcing the blessing of having free will.

All serves as a lesson for someone at some point or another, and vice versa. It’s ludicrous to think anyone immune from this or not part of this interconnected chaos that we call life.

We have some great and some not so great purposes, we may not be fond of having to be the bad guy to provide the predetermined experience to another, and to promote their soul growth, but given the ability to see the benefit, in the long run, of any experienced and the learning that it often follows from such experiences, allows one to remain open to any event and accept it as it is without judgment. The expression of don't shoot the messenger is relevant in this case as often it is the case that the first emotional reaction to a troubling event are usually directed to the person delivering the message or the experience, missing the point completely and playing into the fears fully and the drama that it creates to blind us. As you become more accepting of this system you will become closer to your truth and it will begin to be less necessary to know whether is true or not and make the right choices for you regardless. Learning to be in the now and trusting that everything just is as it should be in all moments, only then you will obtain the greatest clarity and confidence in what we call guidance.






Leap onto the Spiritual Highway

For the average person who's interested in the betterment of our world, the survival of our planet, and the uplifting of humankind's mass consciousness — we too must maintain a vigilance in the name of Truth. We must watch the words we speak. When our hearts are open, we have an obligation to serve Love. We do this, by watching every word, and thought, we allow in our consciousness. When our spiritual centers are open full-blast (and stay open!) … our thoughts and words are our weapons to destroy un-truth. WE warriors in the Army of Love MUST BE VIGILANT. (click here to read rest of this post on my blog


The Ascension Flame

We are given direct guidance from Ascended Master Serapis Bey himself, the Cohan of the 4th Ray. The direction Serapis Bey gives us is on the use of the Ascension Flame.




That Ascension Flame is intelligent, beloved ones, and I have loved it long and loved it well. It can ascend any condition in which you find yourself. It can ascend that condition from limitation into harmony, from distress into peace, from poverty into opulence, from discord into perfection. It is one of the activities of divine alchemy which the student body, for the most part, have not thought about using.



Put The Ascension Flame Into Action Beloved

ASCEND the substance in your worlds, everything and everywhere. I am most willing to help you and most joyous to put it into action. For instance, when you are riding on a trolley car, if that Ascension Flame was placed on every seat, think what it would do for the atomic structure of every person who rode on that trolley car again. A you ask that it be eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever-expanding. One of the angels from Luxor will do that. The same in an airplane, a bus or a private car, or whatever you are using, even the chairs in your home. Streamers from the central flame will flow forth at your call and they are so grateful to be invited! As you have been told time and again, the first activity of the flame—not only the Violet Flame but ALL the flames—is gratitude for being called into action. The first activity of every Hierarch and every Ascended Master at every retreat is gratitude when somebody speaks his name, calls upon his service and asks for radiation to assist him or her.


(Exert from "The Bridge to Freedom Journal" book 4)



All Time Is Now

Realize that we may use these gifts in several ways. Sometimes we get caught up with things that have happened in the past. So, we may use these gifts from the now to heal anything from our past and our present. The Ascension Flame can be used for any point in time that we require.


And even beyond the notion of time, eventually we get to the point of knowing that all stems from the now. In each new moment of now, we are truly a new. And our true power is from the now.


When we truly know that all is now, we will have the full strength behind manifesting using the sacred fires that the Cohan's teach us to use. Also, realize that the Divinity that is within works with the various Angels of each sacred fire to accomplish the result. We are merely the channel by which it is called forth. Thus completing the circle of the Divine Realm and ours.


Always manifesting through Divine Love and in harmony and peace. Through constancy and focused decrees, visualizations and meditative practices we bring about the ascension that we all desire as quickly as we can.


Where Our Attention Is, We Are

Remember, where our attention is our manifestations within Creation exist. Therefore, focus on the divine realm. Picture Heaven on Earth. Speak of the Ascended Host and the representatives of the various Sacred Rays through the Divine Cohan's teachings. Be of the attitude of gratitude as we manifest while creating directly with the Angelic Host, Ascended Host and the Elementals. Give praise and divine love to the animals, birds, salamanders, elves, divas, sylphs and all of those that through their direct divine manifestations, creations and precipitations within, throughout and around our planet allows us to have a divine schoolroom in which we all can ascend.


Do as the Oracle Card says and "Go Now" and let us manifest our Divine Godly Virtues through Divine Sacred Fire energies, ever perfecting the Creation as we co-create as the Ascended Host have taught us.


Ever further perfecting the already perfect Creation that Source, God, Great Spirit, Universal I AM and all other titles the One is known by has given us. Such an honorable and divine position as co-creator within Creation.



Oracle Card Image by Doreen Virtue



Trust … no matter what!

One of my most respected spiritual teachers said the other day, "Everything that's happening right here, right now, is the accumulation of every single choice made up to this point —in your personal life and out in the world around us. Trust that this present moment is happening for all the right reasons. You may not know what those reasons are … yet! … but in time, more shall be revealed. Trust is what a child first learns from good parentage and upbringing. If you don't have it, look back and fill in the cracks. Repair your trust leaks."

Because I want to have a pure approach to Trust, at this moment I'm going to (for the first time here on Lord Flea!) "tune "out" of my ordinary, rational mind … and go within. To that still, deep place within … where I connect with my inner Self. Because I want "him" (I call my special Spirit Guide Noname — and yes long ago "he" told me that's his name, so yeah laugh if you want because I, LordFlea — am female!) and I want Noname to speak about this, not me. I invite Noname, whom I have been contacting for special messages, to talk today, and not me, about this pivotal topic: Trust.

The way I connect (and you can, too) is to get quiet, breathe deeply, and ask Noname to "take over" … and then I simply (after having trained myself to) trust what comes out … as I sit at my keyboard (I type as fast as I think, as swiftly as the flow of receiving is). I've been doing this exercise — tapping Noname's wisdom — for years. So … here we go! Allow me to introduce you to our guest blogger today, my very own spirit guide … Noname, my personal angel! (click here to continue reading on my blog )


Through Hell – Heavens Gates

An angel guided me through hell, and asked me if I loved myself. I tried to lie, but she could tell. Said it's okay to ask for help.

And as I walked amongst the flames, a part of me began to change. The inner beast inside of me, had gasped for breath so I could breathe. I'm not afraid, I said with grace, holding onto my mistakes. I've had regrets along the way, that made me who I am today. 

She said these stones were thrown by those who lost their way along the road.

At first I pondered than I asked, is time my friend and will it last? She said of course your mind is still. And life is just an upward hill. Sometimes we're weak and then we fall, with broken backs against the wall. But please remember you're not alone. You'll always have somewhere to go.

It seemed to me she didn't believe, my darkest thoughts or wildest dreams. She let me know that I was troubled, and the price I paid would soon be doubled. I hope that I have made amends, and if not then I'll try again.

She said these scars are seen by eyes, that most won't touch or can't describe. I said I'm  done, nowhere to hide. I've built these walls so no stars shine. But beauty hides in empty eyes. And truth come out within the lies. Innocence is left behind. Just be aware you're born to die.

But due before it is too late, don't hide your shame with masks of hate. Ignite the flame that fuels the rage, and learn to live another day.

Before she left to say goodbye, she looked me, began to cry. Dead straight looked me in the eyes, said you've been low when you were high. And you will make it out alive.

The devil walked me to the gates of heaven but I had to wait. So patient in his evil ways, it's funny but I'm glad he stayed.

We talked about the sins we shared, and just right then I knew he cared. He gave me lots of good advice, said angels sometimes come disguised.

I second guessed, and questioned time. I thought that it was on my side. I'm blinded by these bloodshot eyes, I've tried my best to just survive.

This world has brought me to my knees, I cannot pray or live my dreams. I know that darkness comes from light, and someday that I'll be alright.

I cannot fight these waves of fear, I've carried on throughout the years. But silence is my only friend, when I can't seem to love again. But I have so much left to say, I won't back down or fade away.

You'll find me in a better place, far amongst the fog and haze. I'll lay beyond the verdant trees, and pass by like a summer breeze.

And as he left me there to stay, the last thing that he said to me, was maybe you're not meant to lay, but stand your ground, and find your place.


Living a Lie

Problems that are based in lies can’t be fixed with the same lies. It’s not that truth has to be known to change this, but the lies will have to become known if they are to cease being in control.

It’s very difficult to explain truth because there’s so many different definitions of it. Instead of trying to prove what truth is, let’s explore what a lie is. A lie is something that has no real facts as its base. Perceptions aren’t factual, they are usually made up by the perceiver to suit some sort of belief. People ask me if I believe in God, I answer that I believe in what I know which is based in the facts of what I’ve experienced, and that’s why I share only what has been experienced. I don’t see the benefit of making up a story about something to suit a mind made need. In my case I know love is more beneficial than hate, patience more beneficial than being impatient, kindness is better than being mean so I learn what the blocks are to living my (factual) life so it’s of maximum benefit to myself and to all beings. Truth will be known when the lies are understood.

The biggest lie in place is that things will satisfy you, this is reinforced everyday. It’s an untruth which is at the core of our entire misaligned society. It creates all our issues as a society. Religious sects all claim to have the truth, no facts, just their truth. Politicians try to fix problems based in lies with the same lies. The entire entertainment and sports industry are based in lies that create the false impression of the haves and have nots, which creates separation in our society not unity. How can there be truth in that? There’s also the lie of social and career status. Lie after lie after lie, and what happens to a society when this is its base, we become a society of liars. Not because we want to, and not because we can’t know the truth, but simple because we don’t understand the lie in place.




Angels And Spiritual Guides; Your Unseen Audience

We are never alone when we choose to incarnate into this Earthly realm. The reason why is because Gaia is known to be the most difficult "school" for souls. We chose to incarnate here in order to learn lessons and grow as a soul. Once we get here, we experience amnesia. Rightly so, because if we were aware of each hardship or lesson beforehand, we would be prepared and ever ready to "ace" what was placed in front of us. If you were to walk around in complete awareness, then you really wouldn't be learning anything at all. It is by the element of surprise or the act of getting caught off guard that you learn the most. Not only by the circumstance itself but by the reaction. How we react becomes our ultimate reality by the perception we choose.

Our goal as a soul is to stay on the path that we have chosen "as predetermined" before incarnation. But once we get to Earth, it's not only amnesia that steers us away from our chosen destiny, but other factors can come into play which can cause a detour or distraction. This can come from hereditary templates, religion, race, location, societal programming and expectations, monetary means, education, children… Just to name a few. 

To keep us on our chosen path, we do have angels and guides that communicate with us as our unseen audience. Most of us are unaware that they are even there or exist, because we don't see or hear them. But they are the whisper in your ear, the song you hear, the phrase on TV, the number you see on a license plate, intuition, the tone in your ear, the goosebumps or chills when truth is spoken, the déjà vu feeling when you are meant to pay attention…
The ways are endless.

Earth has a very specific Cosmic Law called "Freewill" and this ultimately means that no "outer means, energy, or beings" can influence you or your incarnation directly without your permission. The conundrum is that very few even know that they have angels and guides surrounding them, let alone, the knowledge that you need to ask for help directly and specifically.

Rest assured that your soul team is standing by, ever ready and just awaiting for your word and permission. They will be eager to receive acknowledgement, let alone to be able to step in and assist. I've used this awareness to ask for communication via certain words, songs, or number sequences to mean specific things for me. This has helped me immensely on my own journey and I've learned to trust my soul team's guidance and messages as they have proven to be very accurate and inspiring.

You are never alone. Life can seem very difficult at times when our lessons and growth are intensified to the utmost degree. Find comfort in knowing that you do have help and support. Call upon them and be sure to show gratitude when you receive and understand the messages given. ❤️

~Adeana Slater


Goddess Mother Mary



Goddess Mother Mary has been with me my entire life.  She is the mother of Jesus and she helps us with self-love.   She has taught me to love myself. She is the Goddess you can call upon to gently open your heart space. She is full of unconditional love.  She helped me feel worthy of love.  I don't have to earn it.  It is mine.  She will help when you feel lonely and will help you heal from unhealthy female relationships in your life. She has also taught me not to do anything out of obligation, but because I truly wnat to do it from my heart.

To invoke her or call her in just say " Dear Mother Mary, I invite you into my life to help heal my heart and fill me with love.  thank you and so it is" you may see a ladybug or smell roses when none are around.  She is a beautiful energy that I can't imagine not having in my life.  

She will also help heal your heart if you are adopted.  She will help you release any feelings of abandonment and ensure you feel loved and cared for.   A gemstone to use with her energy is a heart shaped rose quartz.  Put it on your heart chakra asking it to bathe your heart in unconditional love.  She helps us learn to fill up our cup first, because you can't pour from an empty cup.  You are so loved.  Affirm with me: I am love.  I am loved and I am lovable.








What is Serendipity?

Have you ever had a mysterious feather left at your door? Or had  a multitude of pennies left along your path? Have you seen the reoccurring numbers such as 222, 333, 444,  or even 1111?
 Perhaps, you simply asked  for a sign from the universe to tell you what to do, then had one appear?  These  signs are what we refer to as Serendipity. What is Serendipity?
                   On January 28th, 1754, Horace Walpole wrote a letter to his friend about a discovery he made while researching a coat of arms. Horace Walpole was the son of Britain's first de facto Prime Minister, Robert Walpole. He was also an inventor. He invented words, as well as an entire genre of fiction, Gothic fiction. He invented over 200 words that we use today. Among them are the ones we use more often such as  beefy, malaria, nuance, somber, and souvenir.
            In a 2000 poll, the United Kingdom voted Walpole's most precious word discovery the most favorite word of the UK.  It actually beat , Harry Potter's word Quidditch which got second place to this famous neologism. "Serendipity" was born out of fortunate circumstances. It actually comes from the word Serendip, which is the old name for Sri Lanka.  The English author, Horace born Horatio, first coined the word when he was writing his friend Horace Mann. Horace stated, "This discovery indeed is almost of that kind which I call Serendipity, a very expressive word, which as I have nothing better to tell you, I shall endeavor to explain to you: you will understand it better by the derivation than by the definition. I once read a silly fairy tale, called 'The Three Princes of Serendip': as their highnesses traveled, they were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of…." The Three Princes of Serendip’ is one of the earliest stories about coincidence in existence: it tells of how three princes track down a missing camel through luck and good fortune.  Serendipity through time has come to have a  fortuitous meaning, the ‘faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident’.
            Serendipity  has another well-known name synchronicity. Psychiatrist, Carl Jung first explained that events are meaningful if they have no relationship to each other or causation. He described it as an "acausal connecting principle" or a " meaningful coincidence."  
              In a spiritual sense, Serendipity or synchronicity are
signs that are given to us from the universe to help guide us on our true paths to happiness. Now, they are not just random occurrences but signs from the divine placed by angelic presences.  We come into contact with Serendipity every day. We just have to have our eyes open, as well as our hearts. We must be willing to be open to the divine guidance that is waiting for each of us. All you have to do is ask, wait and watch. The magic of Serendipity will come.


Two Realities

When one’s thoughts are used as the primary means to live by, there will be a very limited view provided by the minds content, but when the mind settles, a second view is provided with limitless content.

When thoughts are primarily used as a means to live, this leaves only one way to view life and thoughts are so restricted and limited, it’s really a wonder we as a species have survived as long as we have. We think by thinking, studying, and reading books we’ll become all knowing and be able to master life, but the only thing this provides is arrogance, smugness and a state of unconsciousness. When one constantly has a need to read someone else’s book, one is limited to only learn what the content of the book that’s read is. What if what’s written in the book isn’t totally correct or only has partial facts about a subject, that will be what one learns. People get a college degree because the content of books are memorized, and the thoughts taken from these books are used to create experts by the worlds standards. This method produces a very limited view of the way life is seen, with the limit being whatever one’s thoughts are from the content of the books that are read.

Humans have wars against each other, we fight with each other and most of this happens because of the nonsense of our thinking, and because of this thinking there’s very little unity in our world. Everyone thinks they’re right which arises from what is heard or what a books says, and all this does is fill one’s head with noise. This noise is the only version of reality that one will ever see unless the mind becomes quiet enough to allow a second (thoughtless) version of the reality to be seen.

What happens when the mind settles? It allows for two versions of reality to be seen, one is the reality of the made up stories of one’s conditioned thoughts, and the other is the reality of just doing whatever it is that’s in front of you because it’s what’s there. Both realities are from the same mind, but there will only be one until the mind settles. When this settling occurs and one sees the reality of a second view, the limitations provided by the world view of thought will fall away. It will be at this point that one will go beyond the limited view of the thought world to see the limitless view of just doing what’s in front of you, without the need to think about it.