Ahhhh, “I Understand …”

The mantra "Om" (or Aum to be more Sanskrit-correct) applies to both the 6th and 7th chakras. The color of the "crown chakra" the 7th, is usually described as clear lavender, blue purple, or sparkly violet. It emanates from the crown of the head but encircles the entire body, like a flowing waterfall, refreshing, healing, protecting our body's entire aura — reaching outward for several feet from our physical selves. I prefer to describe the color that appears in "my mind's eye" when deep in meditation, as either complete nothingness … which is not "solid" black but motion-filled, energized, shimmering shades of pewter luminescence. (click here to continue reading on my blog LordFlea.com )


BE Love

The mantra associated with the heart chakra is Yam. The affirmation is "I am love." The color associated with this chakra is brilliantly sparkling, emerald green. Yam is a splendid sound to make. I like to think of it as Yummy Yam (the way I remember Yam associated with the heart, which feels so warm and expansive when we eat something yummy, or spend time with someone who feels yummy delicious to be with). Continue reading this post on my spiritual blog LordFlea.com


Through Hell – Heavens Gates

An angel guided me through hell, and asked me if I loved myself. I tried to lie, but she could tell. Said it's okay to ask for help.

And as I walked amongst the flames, a part of me began to change. The inner beast inside of me, had gasped for breath so I could breathe. I'm not afraid, I said with grace, holding onto my mistakes. I've had regrets along the way, that made me who I am today. 

She said these stones were thrown by those who lost their way along the road.

At first I pondered than I asked, is time my friend and will it last? She said of course your mind is still. And life is just an upward hill. Sometimes we're weak and then we fall, with broken backs against the wall. But please remember you're not alone. You'll always have somewhere to go.

It seemed to me she didn't believe, my darkest thoughts or wildest dreams. She let me know that I was troubled, and the price I paid would soon be doubled. I hope that I have made amends, and if not then I'll try again.

She said these scars are seen by eyes, that most won't touch or can't describe. I said I'm  done, nowhere to hide. I've built these walls so no stars shine. But beauty hides in empty eyes. And truth come out within the lies. Innocence is left behind. Just be aware you're born to die.

But due before it is too late, don't hide your shame with masks of hate. Ignite the flame that fuels the rage, and learn to live another day.

Before she left to say goodbye, she looked me, began to cry. Dead straight looked me in the eyes, said you've been low when you were high. And you will make it out alive.

The devil walked me to the gates of heaven but I had to wait. So patient in his evil ways, it's funny but I'm glad he stayed.

We talked about the sins we shared, and just right then I knew he cared. He gave me lots of good advice, said angels sometimes come disguised.

I second guessed, and questioned time. I thought that it was on my side. I'm blinded by these bloodshot eyes, I've tried my best to just survive.

This world has brought me to my knees, I cannot pray or live my dreams. I know that darkness comes from light, and someday that I'll be alright.

I cannot fight these waves of fear, I've carried on throughout the years. But silence is my only friend, when I can't seem to love again. But I have so much left to say, I won't back down or fade away.

You'll find me in a better place, far amongst the fog and haze. I'll lay beyond the verdant trees, and pass by like a summer breeze.

And as he left me there to stay, the last thing that he said to me, was maybe you're not meant to lay, but stand your ground, and find your place.


The Dream

The Dream Gift

By Maggie Honnold

The first time he saw it, he knew. Here was the perfect gift. Something she had wanted all of her life and never had, but now he would be the one to provide her heart’s desire. Oh, she would be so surprised. First, that he could still gift her even now, and second, because the coloring and character was none of which she had ever been seen before in a living creature. The whiteness of the coat with only a few of the Appaloosa spots on the rump was outstanding. But it was the whiskers and the mane that drew him to this magnificent creature. Glowing in the sun of Heaven they looked translucent, giving off a soft, pink glow. He had yet to know how she would translate to the dream world below but He could not imagine that she would not be beautiful there also.

He caught up the sparkling reins and began to gently rub the velvety muzzle. The horse whinnied softly as she came under the spell of his touch. He always had a way with horses. His Midnight had been a beautiful horse but this gift, the white coat with the glowing pink whiskers, oh she would love it so. He knew she would not need a saddle. Just reigns and the flowing thick mane on which to grab should she feel herself sliding. He chuckled to himself of the stories she had told in the past about falling off her cousin’s pony as a kid.

He made a clicking noise with his tongue and pulled gently on the reins in his hand, off they went…


It had been a restless night for her. She was constantly shifting positions and dreaming the oddest things that kept waking her. Looking at the clock once more, she rearranged herself around her faithful basset bed partner and dozed.

It was the world between wake and sleep when she first understood that he was with her. She felt a soft touch on her arm and as she turned she could smell his gift. She loved the scent of horses – every single part. She breathed deeply and looked at the white face before her. The pink whiskers stood out in the sun, glowing and beckoning for her touch. She reached for the soft muzzle and received a soft whiney and nudge for her effort. As she ran her fingers across the whiskers and nose, her right hand reached into the soft pink mane.

“Can I get on?” she asked the man standing at her side holding the reins.

He nodded, “she is a gift for you. Take her and ride, stable her with the other horses but ride her every day for she will wither without your attention and love.”

She mounted and gripped the shoulders under her with her knees. She loved dreams – her knees didn’t hurt. She chuckled to herself. Using her bare heels to communicate, “let’s go” and felt the sure response of her wonderful gift as they began to trot down the dusty dirt road.

It wasn’t long before they were galloping across fields, and over fallen logs. As a kid she would have fallen off with the jump but now all was different. Turning for home, she looked for him but he was gone.

Heading to the paddock area (she never had a paddock but this was a dream), she dismounted, removed the halter and turned her out into the field that was more green and vibrant than she had ever seen. Her new gift began to leisurely nibble.

Walking back to the house her mind turned to what it means to be loved for a lifetime, understanding that even now, her dreams can communicate longings that cannot be reached in her conscious mind.

Suddenly she knew it was over. The whine that wakened her was her basset, ThelmaLou, wanting to go outside. Morning light was showing through the blinds, and the birds sang loudly through her open bedroom window. As she sat on the edge of the bed she thought of the white horse with the pink whiskers and the man who brought her the special dream gift.

“Yes, my love,” she thought. “I will nurture the dream that I hold in my heart. I will feed it every day and exercise the gift. And even though you are no longer present to cheer me on, I know you watch and clap and hold me close, that I may fulfill all my days and my dreams.”

“Let’s ride.”


Releasing Theresa

I had had chronic neck and upper shoulder pain, particularly on my right side, for weeks. I had massage after massage to no avail. On top of that I couldn’t get rid of a continuous toilet smell around me; I was starting to worry that the smell was coming from me! I had asked if it was from a spirit and sent one off, but the smell and pain lingered.

Finally, one Sunday after returning from Launceston, my friend Lyn came around for a meditation session and a chakra balance. After we had finished I asked her to see if she could ask about my neck. She got the words, “sitting on her neck.” We both went into meditation to see and immediately I could see a little girl, aged around 7, clinging to my neck. I asked Lyn what she could see and she confirmed it was a child. She began to feel very sad as she tapped into the little one’s emotions.

I asked her what her name was. She said Theresa. Her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around me. I told her gently that she needed to go. She said she loved me and she didn’t want to. At the same time Lyn was also getting the words, “I don’t want to. I love it.” I asked her where her mummy was. She said, “On the ground,” which I took to mean she is still alive.

I then called in Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who gently prised Theresa off me. I sent her a stream of my love, which was a golden colour. She then passed over.

Lyn and I were in shock! Oh my goodness, did that just happen?! I asked more about her and was told that Theresa had died of neglect and was soiled at the time of death. No wonder I could smell the toilet! I asked for her soul to receive love, healing and peace, but then cleansed all of her energies from my bodies and energy fields. Lyn also gave me a healing. My neck was still sore but I was told it will ease over the next few days. The next evening, using Theta® healing, I released all of Theresa’s pain, suffering, fear and feelings of abandonment from her soul and from me. Creator put in the feelings of unconditional love and how it is to feel safe. My neck and shoulders were much better in the morning.

We all have a light which spirits can be drawn to, but I guess my light was calm and loving and the little one felt safe there. I just glad she is now free to fly with the angels and to grow spiritually in the light, where she belongs.

Victoria Cochrane



Our Dear Animal Brethren

This experience occurred in 2006.

I’m sure many would love to know a little more about the whereabouts of our animal brothers and sisters. Have you ever lost a pet through death and always wondered about its whereabouts, or if it’s being looked after and loved by those on the other side?

I had a red cattle dog, raised him since he was 6 weeks old. When he was (5) years old I noticed he was having difficulties urinating. With closer inspection I found that something was blocking his urinal tract which was causing him quite a bit of discomfort, and I noticed blood mixed with his urine whenever he strained.

This caused some alarm in me where I quickly bundled him up and rushed him to the nearest veterinarian. He was diagnosed as having a very large (gallstone) which the vet said was blocking his urination canal. After they operated he was fine. The next day when I went to pick him up I could clearly see gratitude in his expression.

He was a beautiful male dog with deep copper colour tones and a touch of black. I would wash him often in certain oils which greatly highlighted and enhanced his natural colours, and it also gave him that soft comfortable coat which he enjoyed.
He was not overweight by any chance but very well formed with a solid build, he was a very spectacular breed of dog and had the intelligence to go with it. We both had a deep love for each other and he would show it sometimes in certain things done. He was just an incredible dog to say the least – near human.

Three months later another gallstone appeared which again prevented him from urinating, so back to the veterinarian we both went for another operation. After the that the doctor took me to the side to discuss my dogs diet, which seems the foods I feed him is what’s causing the gallstones to appear. It’s rare the vet told me, but some dogs have this problem with their digestive system. I was offered to purchase certain foods from the vet that had a certain drug in it which would somehow cancel out the forming of gallstones, otherwise not only would it send me broke in having to keep paying for operations, but it wasn’t fair for my dog to keep suffering this way. So I agreed to purchase this food, then went ahead with the second operation.

Again roughly (6) months later another gallstone appeared causing the very same problem, only this time he was whimpering. After the vet checked him out I was lead into another room where I was told that my dog was suffering and it’s not fair to him, no matter what prevention is given he will keep forming gallstones …. it’s in his makeup the vet said, there’s nothing we can do. Then he said: the most compassionate thing to do is to put him down. He explained about the “needle” and how there was no pain or discomfort with it, though it’s your choice (he said).

He left the room to give me time to think it through. That’s when I silently began asking God to let me know what to do. Then the answer to my prayer arrived with the vet as he walked back into the room….without effort my mouth spoke the words, (yes) alright. But I want to be there when you give the needle. I kept speaking with God in my mind to take him quickly and keep him safe…..let him know I love him and I did this for him so not to suffer anymore.

I was the last thing he saw before his eye’s closed; it was only seconds after the needle was given that he permanently closed his eyes while looking at me. Its sometimes difficult you know, we become so attached to the things in life that we forget that one day we (must) give them up. This goes for family members as well, one day we must give them up to death. Nothing can stand in the way of death when it comes, and most of the time death sneaks up on us. We never know what the morrow may bring.

I know of a woman who lost an infant 24 hours after birth, this nearly destroyed her as you could only imagine. I discovered (through meditation) that this infant was a very high soul who chose to come down and experience life for some brief hours only, and it was played out to “Perfection.” Apparently the woman had a debt to pay which was brought over from another life, and the debt to pay was to be the loss of her new born. I won’t go into the full detail but will say KARMA is perfect.

Nothing ever happens unless there’s a cause for it. Where there’s a cause there’s always an effect, it runs accordingly and to perfection. We cannot see the truth of these things because its hidden by the illusion of this physical world we live in. Even for those who are some ways along the path, illusion can at times still block ones vision at the most inappropriate of times. As for animals, people just don’t realise the affect animals can and do have on us, and yet look at how they are treated. These are God’s creatures who come to earth to evolve the same as all things do.

My mind was troubled in what I had to do and it did weigh heavily upon me….even though I felt it to be the most compassionate thing to do.

My prayers for the safe arrival of my dog was constantly sent. Each day I would think of him and send my thoughts hoping he would receive them. Then two weeks later as I was digging a garden in the back yard, a powerful energy washed over me. With shovel in hand I stood upright and looked in the direction it came. What I then witnessed was incredibly beautiful, something you could only see in the movies, but this was no movie this was real.

Through many of my visions I have always tried hard to paint a picture as clear as possible when telling them, so others can get a taste of the splendor and the beauty of what I had seen and what awaits us all. But it can’t be done its impossible, only through ones imagination it may come close and that’s all.

As I looked at the back of my house from where I stood, it slowly faded away, in fact our world disappeared altogether to be replaced by a great hill of lush green grass. In different sections on this hill amongst the grass were little white and mauve flowers. Slowly coming into sight was a man walking to the top of the hill from the other side. As he reached the top he began walking down towards me and he had a dog on a leash, (yes, he was on a leash). All this I could see in crystal clear vision.

Halfway down the hill the man came to a stop, he knelt down and took the leash from the dog. By this time I knew it to be my dog (Boxer). As I perceived clearly into this beautiful world, Boxer commenced to run down ever so fast with his tail swaying rapidly side to side. As he reached where I stood, he sat before me and said: (do not worry, what you did was the right thing to do. You stopped me from suffering I know this, and I was suffering terribly. Now I am very happy. Thank you for what you did, I love you, and I will see you again) …

In the above words there is definitely no imagination or exaggeration in what I have put; He sat before me with his tongue hanging out and he was smiling. His thoughts were registering in my mind with great clarity as if he spoke them verbally out loud. It was absolutely astonishing and beautiful.

Then he raced back up the hill where the man once more knelt down to replace the leash. As they both reached the top, (Boxer) glanced back for the last time before disappearing over the hill; then that majestic world melted away to reveal once again the back of my old house. I sat down in the dirt and gave thanks to God for allowing this to happen. Gratitude and love brought many tears of joy to roll down my cheeks that day.

Every now and again I get little visits from him who brings with him other dogs I remember from my childhood days. You see, we are never alone. There are those in spirit who care deeply for us, family, friends and well-wishers. And at times even our dear animal brethren.


Obsessive Chains

One will always do whatever it is that’s in place, until what’s in place is no longer there. The more one attaches to what’s in place, the more what’s in place becomes an obsession.

Watch the obsessions arise and how they grab hold of the mind. When this occurs it’s very difficult to stop, even if one is aware of the obsessive behavior, once one’s in its grip it usually has to run its course. Don’t be to discouraged with this because a person really isn’t at fault, one will always do what they have in place until what’s in place is no longer there. This is nearly impossible for people to grasp without some form of an established method that allows the mind to settle, even then it’s still difficult to grasp. I say don’t be discouraged because even if there’s some awareness that something sort of has you, until it truly arises and grabs hold, the magnitude of the obsession won’t truly be known.

Once whatever it is takes hold and runs its course, a serious reflection on how it grabbed you will have to be done to first see the affect it had on you and second can you or do you even want to, possibly stop this from grabbing you again. This is a very important reflection in one’s flight to freedom; if that’s what one wants. Without going into detail this exact thing recently happened to me with something a few weeks ago and the way it took control over me was like nothing I’ve experienced in a long long time.

Obsessive thoughts take away all logic and reasoning, it lays before one only one purpose and that’s to fulfill the obsession. The core of all obsessions are selfish and destructive and although all obsessions don’t physically kill they wreck havoc mentally and spiritually. Most times they run their course before one can truly see the affect they had. It is then and only if there’s an established discipline in place. that a lesson can be learned, if not the obsession will become dormant and lie in wait until the next set of circumstances activates it. If and this is a big if, if one doesn’t want this to happen again there will have to much more work towards what caused the obsession in the first place.


Life Isn’t About You

When the past is used as a means to form the identification of you, it doesn’t allow one to get in touch with what’s truly going on, therefore most of life is missed because life isn’t about you.

A person is always changing unless the past is being used to define who you are. How this is done is by holding onto past behaviors patterns and identifying them as you. You who had no control whatsoever in what was done in the past, you who just did what your developed Conditioned Mind told you what to do, you who was influenced by other people’s conditioning, who unfortunately know not what they do either. The more this you is identified with as you, the more control it will have in holding you in captivity to it. There isn’t one thought from the past that truly identifies a person, but you is made into you because it’s not known how not to be this you.

When your named at birth, is that you? When you begin school and certain traits are noticed that are just there, is that you? Your athletic ability, is that you? Your IQ, looks, talents, weight, personality, is that you? And if you say yes, who is it that’s saying yes? How about when you get older, now the things used to make up you become different, but what’s already in place is being used to build on. Job, social status, significant other, pets, children, material worth, what you’re attracted to, what you attach to, and so on. Are any of these things truly you? They can all be if that’s what you’re identifying with as you, but the real question is are they truly you?

When the false identity of you is revealed, one is still the same person in the sense of what one’s experience has been, but there’s no clinging to it so the mental formation of you isn’t created. This is when one will experience true freedom because the concept of you isn’t blocking it. You alone creates your prison, but you doesn’t create one’s freedom because a you based mind can’t fix itself. Beyond you in the space of stillness is one’s inner sanctuary, but this will only seen when it’s realized life isn’t about you. 


Heartfelt Insight

Life can be intellectually understood and although one may be alive, without insights allowing one to go deeper within, it doesn’t mean one will know how to live.

Having insight into something is very different than having an intellectual understanding of it. Growing up I didn’t have much understanding of what life was about nor was there awareness of the self centered view I developed. This created a delusional existence and although I was alive I didn’t understand how to live. Fast forward to my late twenties and because of dire circumstances I was forced to change the way I was living; for me this meant stop relying on alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism. Granted just by doing this my outer life changed and my intellectual understanding of it became different, but the self centered view that was developed did not, thus the only thing that really changed were my outer circumstances.

My understanding of things became somewhat better than when I was under the influence of substances, but because the self centered view was intact, no true insights were allowed. I made up stories in my head, but I didn’t have any “aha moments” that allowed a deeper look into myself. This is just the way life unfolded for me, it wasn’t right or wrong, but it was the way it was. This went on for forty nine years at which time something happen that allowed me to look deeper into myself and shifts started occurring that produced insights which changed the self centered view I had.

This is when intellectual understanding began changing to heartfelt insights and I truly started to change; from the inside. One of the insights allowed, was seeing how the self centered view was at the core of all my delusions. This insight was so powerful that to this day it’s the base of every insight that followed; when the self centered view is in place nothing new is allowed. I had a very basic intellectual understanding of the self centered view for many years prior to the shift that occurred when I was forty nine, but this knowledge produced very superficial and limited results. It wasn’t until my mind started settling through meditation that these insights began manifesting. They changed me when my intellectual understanding couldn’t, and although there’s nothing wrong with intellect, if not incorporated with some form of meditation, it will be superficial and limited at best. 



Conditioned Mind Lies

Unless one’s mind is settled enough, most of what one thinks will be a lie of the Conditioned Mind, so one shouldn’t believe everything they think. A thought is but a thought and it’s not necessarily true.

Nothing is a problem unless it’s made into one. Think of the context of this simple yet profound sentence. Nothing, no matter what occurs is nether right or wrong, good or bad, or liked or disliked, unless it’s labeled in that way. Our life is controlled by our thoughts and our thoughts are based in a faulty foundation. The fault lies in the mind and the way it has been conditioned.

Listed are some of the ways it has been conditioned and if one gets quiet enough this will be seen. The car in front of me is going to slow, I have to go food shopping, I’m tired, my allergies are horrible, I’m bored, etc, etc, etc. All of these start out as a single thought, but that isn’t where the fault lies, the thought is just the result of something that triggers it, what happens next is where the fault lies, we believe the thought; we actually think the car in front is going to slow, or going food shopping is horrible. We believe our thoughts to be true and then we act accordingly, if the thought wasn’t labeled to be true, we would be able to see beyond it. We would see what was really going on instead of what our conditioned thoughts we’re making up. It would be seen the car in front of us really isn’t going to slow, we are just being controlled by our undisciplined Conditioned Mind.

Learn to watch the nonsense that’s believed to be true, there’s so much of it, it’s hard to grasp. I mentioned one time to a person about the way we poison ourselves with tobacco products and his response was, he enjoyed them. This is insanity to enjoy poisoning yourself, but that’s the lie of a Conditioned Mind. People enjoy all sorts of things that are harmful to themselves, this also includes behaviors that harm others, and one’s own mind justifies it all. All I am saying is watch the thoughts that you think and learn how so many are based in lies to keep you in captivity to the Conditioned Mind. By no means should you take my word for it, the next time a thought pops into your head, take a moment before you label and act on it, and really take notice if what you are thinking is true or if it is just a lie of your Conditioned Mind.