Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence

How do science and spiritually offer evidence of oneness?

Objective: Growth in compassion and emotional freedom.

The following excerpt was included to give you some background on just how connected science and spirituality are through the carbon atom, the basis for all organic life. Human beings have the same basic elements of construction, so it would stand to reason that we also have the same basic emotional needs too.

 The Carbon Atom’s Significance

 Carbon_02Atomic theory is an ancient science, contrary to what you might think. The earliest record of it can be found in Vedic texts from India which are many thousands of years old. Legend has it that the Vedic civilization was highly advanced. The sages that oversaw its development, through their mystic insight and deep meditation, discovered the ancient symbols of spirituality: Aumkara and Swastika. They also discovered many scientific principles that they applied to develop a highly advanced technology.

They gave the atom its Sanskrit name “Anu.” While the technical achievements of this ancient civilization have been forgotten, the archetypal symbols of spirituality have maintained their eminence in our consciousness. Now, thanks to advances in modern atomic theory, the atomic basis of these divine symbols can be appreciated.

Western theories of the atom took shape in the 18th and 19th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, John Dalton theorized that an atom was an indivisible particle of an element. However, after the electron was discovered in 1897, and then the proton several years later, the atom model was revised. In 1909, Ernest Rutherford showed that atoms were mostly empty space, revising the model of an atom to a tight positive nucleus containing the protons and neutrons with electrons around it; by 1913, Danish physicist Neils Bohr envisioned a planetary arrangement in which the electrons orbited the nucleus at different energy levels.

The current way of describing an electron is a model called the charge cloud model/quantum mechanical model/orbital model. This model is based on the idea of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that we do not know the precise location or the velocity of any given electron. The model uses indistinct and overlapping “probability clouds” to approximate the position of an electron. Imagine capturing a particle moving at the speed of light.

Where a cloud is dense, the probability of finding an electron in that vicinity is low. In this model, each electron energy level is denoted by numbers that take concentric shells as suggested by the Bohr model because there are overlaps in the ordering of the energy levels. In the case of the carbon atom the electrons occupy four tear drop shaped clouds in a tetrahedron-like arrangement. These clouds represent the areas in which the electrons spend most of their time. They move so rapidly in this zone that they form a cloud rather than a specific flight path.

Recently a number of researchers have suggested that within these clouds exist specific zones that the electrons favor. These zones form a spiral around the surface of each of the tear drop shaped clouds. This new development came into the attention of a great Indian saint and mystic. Disciples were encouraged to develop the principle as it related to the carbon atom.

In deep meditation one of those disciples, who was a chemist, spontaneously realized the true significance of this theory: The electron’s high probability zone formed spiral standing waves around the carbon atom’s nucleus. When this configuration was viewed from certain angles the physicist was surprised to find that the spirals formed recognizable symbols.

In the first view a 3–dimensional Aumkara could be seen. From a different angle that Aumkara became a flat, 2-dimensional Swastika. The Swastika, he concluded, was actually 2-D representation of the 3-D Aumkara. Rotating the model to another angle shows those symbols change into the Greek Alpha and Omega.

At a cosmic level the symbols of Eastern spirituality (Aumkara and Swastika) are literally and only different aspects of the same spiritual truth that is also represented by the symbols of Western spirituality (Alpha and Omega). All people, objects and even energy itself are expressions of the same divinity that so many religions, cultures and philosophies have tried to claim exclusively as their own. The Carbon atom, by containing within it these universal symbols, demonstrates that matter is a manifestation of the same Divine consciousness experienced by the saints and sages of all history. Matter is innately spiritual.

The Universe does not exist separately from the Universal Consciousness; it is a direct expression of it. Living matter, which is carbon based, must have a unique role in this expression. A saint is one who lives in eternal experience of this all pervading divine purpose. All people, objects and even energy itself are expressions of the same divinity. The alpha and omega are traditionally ascribed to Christ. In India the Deity called Ganesha presides over the Swastika and Aumkara.

There are some remarkable similarities between the two: Both deities demonstrate the value of childlike innocence; Ganesha is himself an eternal child famous for his simple wisdom; while Christ, son of god, often exhorted his disciples to “be as little children.” They both are divine children; both conceived immaculately; both divine sons of a holy trinity (Christ is the son of Yahweh and The Holy Spirit/Mary and Ganesha son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati).

Are Ganesha and Christ one and the same deity? Each, like their symbols that exist as different aspects of the carbon atom, represents different aspects of the archetypal cosmic child. Thus the distinction between Eastern and Western spirituality, like any division based on race, culture or belief, is no more than ignorance of the true spiritual nature of the universe and all that exists within it.

Knowledge of Reality Magazine 1996-2006.

Recognizing this sameness allows us to be more tolerant of each other and of our challenges in life as we seek comfort, security and love. Compassionate relationships encourage us to grow in the process of self-development. In these relationships we can make mistakes and know we are still going to be accepted and loved no matter what.

Part of what keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile are the belief systems we grew up with, their affect on our curiosity and the separation from other belief systems that appeared to be contrary. Religion, in its purest form, is the reunion with God, Creator or Great Spirit. It appears that even at the core of our genes, we have signs that lead us back to the holistic view of oneness – being one people.

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On the Path to Fulfillment

soul pathFulfillment: a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires. This coursework is designed to facilitate practical understanding and use of the natural processes of emotional transformation that lead you toward fulfillment.

Men and women process information differently, but emotions are virtually the same. Men, unfortunately, have been taught that we must not appear weak and sharing deep intimate feelings tends to make us feel vulnerable, so we equate that to being weak. There is great strength in being gentle.

We will analyze and examine the process of feeling and thinking so that you become more aware, able to manage your emotions, making better choices toward achieving goals. The result will be some pragmatic processes for your quiver, sand box, tool box, or daily drive. The weekly layout is only to provide a foundation for the process. Any educational endeavor, transformative or not, needs structure for effective delivery.

Concepts are explained in order to give a consistent understanding of the information. You will be exposed to the practice of several processes that open the door to your emotional freedom, a prerequisite for creating the life you desire. Balanced living often results from addressing the polarities of personal desires and social responsibility.

Daily living environments include a plethora of choices and stimuli vying for our attention. You will learn how to pay attention better.

The freedom from anger, fear, guilt, shame or other immobilizing emotional attachment allows you to make choices in your best interest. Choices that are in your best interest align all the spiritual concepts and components of life and living toward achieving fulfillment.

Fulfillment varies from individual to individual; the subtle and sublime sensation of gratitude and reverence are a sure sign of it. Joy and serenity are results of success in life, love and service or work.

Weekly Assignments: Assignments include exercises, journaling and written papers of approximately two typed pages in length. The completion of this workbook will show you how clearing your emotions and igniting the imagination can get you closer to experiencing fulfillment on a more regular basis.

Important terms are defined at the beginning of each section. It’s up to you to actually do the work. If you have doubts, you’re normal. If you move beyond the doubts, you’ve achieved freedom.

We need to be clear regarding the processes you are about to experience. Your benefit from this coursework will depend on your openness to exploring concepts and practicing exercises. You have to be willing to explore the depths of the ocean of emotion within you.

Transformation happens automatically through doing the exercises and practicing the techniques. A good sense of humor will go a long way.

I stumbled upon an interesting insight a few years ago. The challenge is to change… whatever. Challenge and change are only three letters different.. the ‘lle’ removed creates change. Well, consider this as the ‘lle’ expanded: liabilities, limitations and excuses.

When we remove those from our life, our thoughts our working relationships – change happens automatically. We ‘shift’ from the old way – habits, patterns and subjective beliefs – to being available for intelligent insights that move us toward a better life.

Journaling empowers the transformation process because it gives you proof of how your feelings and thoughts change. Journaling allows you to write in a stream of consciousness without filtering your thoughts. You will journal daily about your process; the feelings, insights and thoughts that are relative to the coursework.

If you currently journal, please be inclusive in your course volume. Journaling is a great process for self-awareness. Apathy is your worst enemy and clearest sign change is necessary.

Sometimes we are so locked into a particular perspective and we may not realize the liabilities, limitations or excuses it has created. There are options for garnering additional perspectives if you choose to share your discoveries. I encourage discussing your insights with a close friend or confidant. Open conversation that invokes candid and realistic dialog gives you the opportunity to screen your thinking through the insights and/or perspectives of others.

We tend to keep our thoughts to ourselves as a result of old patterns of social behavior. These patterns change with the new living awareness garnered by the personal work you accomplish.

You will find reason and truth in creating the life you want to live authentically. Fulfillment is achieved as you actualize success in your chosen field, hobby or vocation.

You are required to write several papers and answer questions from this workbook. Please fully engage the coursework; your focus and intensity will bring about far greater results.

Authentic expression moves our spirit and builds bridges to our greater wholeness, our holistic lifestyle. A natural sense of gratitude evolves as we recognize the serendipitous connections.

It is vitally important that you engage this coursework. The desire you have to strengthen your personal connection with this material will create greater access to the insights and wisdom. These processes inherently generate results for you, but you must do the work required.


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A New World Order – Harmony

A New World Order –

Harmony among People and Planet

SignThe phrase ‘new world order’ creates concern in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Why? There are two versions of this scenario. The polarity this creates offers a unique opportunity to view their reality. It presents the chance to examine, compare and contrast to determine what resonates as truth for each or whether there is a progression from one to the other somehow. Let us take a quick tour on a cursory level; a 30,000 foot view if you will.

From Wikipedia – The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which replaces sovereign nation-states—and an all-encompassing propaganda that ideologizes its establishment as the culmination of history’s progress. Significant occurrences in politics and finance are speculated to be orchestrated by an unduly influential cabal operating through many front organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to achieve world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes.

Alternative view – The uncommon theme is an evolving New World Order that is happening organically through the rising of consciousness in humanity. It is serendipitous and synchronistic in the awareness of the individual or group. It is a process of the development of harmony among people and planet stemming from the intrinsic natural order embedded in our consciousness and linked within the genetic codes we have perceived as being inactive. It is the next level of evolution of our planetary civilization, but it doesn’t come without challenges. It certainly does not come with a magic wand as a panacea.

This new world order also has numerous historical indicators across ancient texts and cuneiform references. The process of chaos to order includes the manipulated efforts of the ‘control group’ so to speak, yet does not end there. This, too, shall pass in its time and with due process because it was forced into manifestation and does not resonate with natural order. Significant cosmological occurrences coincide with the political and financial indicators purported to be part of the culmination of the old world order masquerading as a new. We’re looking for sense to be made common.

Humans are the creation of cosmic consciousness condensing into form; light and sound lowering in vibratory rate through conscious volition. It has been happening for millennia, with an evolutionary leap occurring during one of the rotations of the Milky Way Galaxy around the Central Suns. It shows up as the ‘missing link’ in the evolutionary chart. The Big Bang had two aspects; one of consciousness and one material, created by the same universal consciousness that permeates all things in the space between the particles. Humans are just now beginning to perceive this consciousness en masse through deep meditation and/or psychotropic journeys of the last half-century.

The experiencer or seeker arrives at a level of consciousness deep within being human that pulses with the heartbeat of creation, much slower than perceptually available to waking consciousness. Evidence of this can be found in references to the ‘sound current’ or Shabda. It is heard with the inner ear and often is confused for tinnitus at first. Through conscious effort at attaining silence and/or spontaneous quietude of a psychotropic experience this sound lowers and opens the consciousness to other worlds within.

Further evidence of this natural order shows up in the cross-references contained in the Chinese, Egyptian, Hindu, Hopi, Mayan and Sumerian calendars. Each one of the interpretations of these calendars alludes to a change of consciousness within the human race that leads to a new world order of significant transformation toward a greater good for all. The point of transition seemed to be the winter solstice of 2012 and thousands if not millions prepared for ‘something’ to happen. Nothing did outwardly and the chaos only continues to get worse.

We are indeed moving from one to another. How is the chaos changing to order? Earthquakes or natural disasters happen quickly. Planetary civilizations evolve slowly. Apparently the exponential rise in consciousness and drive for understanding began around the Harmonic Convergence, even though it was seeded by the efforts of explorers and pioneers of the 60s and 70s. Thanks to Paul Ray, Sherry Anderson and Malcolm Gladwell we can relate to the ‘tipping point’ of a ubiquitous rise of consciousness in the Cultural Creatives and their will to do good.

This rise in consciousness equates to understanding natural order and resonance with a theme of harmony among people and planet. The speed of surrender within the individual to the theme determines the smoothness of the transition. Understandably so, the process of chaos to order applies and the rise of a new civilization comes through the fall of another. It is a process, however painful, and results in a new world order of magnificent construction over time.

The 25-year window on the other side of the 2012 Solstice, referencing the 50-year window that began with the Harmonic Convergence cosmological event, now offers the opportunity to implement what we’ve learned. It has begun with rapid advancement of sensitivities in many already, like the ‘clair-alls’ manifesting in an amazing number of people. The thoughtmosphere is ripe with new fruit and those who have remained faithful and true to the inner drive for understanding through faith, love and trust are harvesting greater clarity in the use of their natural abilities and skill sets developed through education and vocation.

The next steps appear to be conversations focusing solely on our capability, compassion and cooperative efforts to create better systems and technology to deliver food, clothing, health care and shelter to all. Inhibiting those conversations are distractions introduced by well-meaning individuals and groups that want to focus on the ills of our world instead and expose the nefarious acts of others. In truth, that action in itself is a nefarious act and stifles the flow of creative energy that empowers the smooth transition, yet their consciousness has not evolved to recognize it yet. This is neither good nor bad, just part of the process of transformation.

What we can do is encourage each other to remember the principle of energy following thought and do our best to limit the attention we give to what we do not want, such as the nefarious actions of others who wish to control our world’s resources for selfish gain. That does not mean we are in denial that nefarious actions are happening – quite the contrary. What it means is we are better equipped to let our thoughts not get distracted from creating a better world for us all.

As we think and act together, so shall the world change before our very eyes. What do you feel or see as a result of reading this article? Is it on target or out of bounds?

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