Kali Ma – Kali Me


The pain and rage of a million sorrows I carry within my breast

As the love and compassion borne of every mother bleeds red from my womb

I am the circle cast of flesh and spirit
The sheer will of my intention is the athame I thrust up before man
The fire of Kali shoots from my nostrils as dragon’s breath
The destroyer I am
The alpha and omega I AM
The healer I become when first I have licked my wounds
Their bitter weeping intoxicates me and I am made powerful
Strike me with your whips,
Ha! Bind me with your chains and still, I am not yours
Untamed, I rail against the boundaries of my own body
I am more than what you see
and more than what you feel with earthly hands
My edges grope the endlessness of being

In defiance of all that is assumed of me, I bare my teeth
And scream in ragged wrenching silence my truth,
My law that no one knows
Because it resides locked within and the key is mine alone
Those who play at divinity with long winded speeches and heavy hands
Shall crumble and be broken by the very divinity they spout
For She hears them all and She cares not for words

She wants naught but complete and utter surrender beneath Her dancing feet

Beat the drums; call forth the sitar, the ankle bells and the flute

This is the hour of reckoning, a time for karmas to come and play
My body sways and spins with the rhythmic call of Her charge
Moon carries with it the fullness of my power
Sun bows low before my passion
Stirred and released through an act of love with the Beloved
Don’t speak to me of truth, speak to me of humility and I might listen
I don’t want the hollow chords sung by sweet voices masking hatred
Rather, give me the discordant tones of a soul stripped bare and broken
The body of a mendicant over the marble carvings of perfection

For this is what I AM.