Yogi walt
December 3 ·

the only thing important in my life is that i continue to grow along this path of self realization. my days are spent listening to master on cd. or the OM or other spiritual teachers, this is how has life has become since i started to meditate.

when i do anything i do it for master and the lord, and i am never tired. i meditate
at 3 am till 4, 5 am then sleep until about 12 – 2pm. meditate, then i go out wherever i need to go, do my chores, feed my dogs etc, write on the computer and go to bed about mid. or so where i usually talk with master and sometimes doze a bit until 3am.
this has been my routine lately, its starting to work good, ive tried for a long time to get it together and bit by bit its happening. master told me what to do and slowly with effort its happening.
i know i have far to go but master is with me, guiding me.

these last days have been emotionally painful due to wrong thinking. ive asked divine mother and master to help me. tonight as i talked with master i had a awakening, a realization and a calm came over me. i was able to see things as an observer, i saw my human self from above or at a distance. i was not attached to the mind or body, it was like watching a movie. i could see exactly what caused me to suffer and remembered that i have risen above it befor and had thought for good. i guess not, those minutes and hours that i lose sight of my guru i fall back into the little self, the little self that concerns itself with the body and the mind, never happy, always complaining. we must forget the body and forget the mind.
your spirit will guide you if you ask……

im filled with the spirit
peace and love


Yoga Meditation, Raja Yoga

yoga meditation

Another long day for me, I cant believe how much energy I have. If i didn’t know better I’d swear i was getting younger. I have no doubt its a result of Raja Yoga and meditation, I come alive this time of year, I get excited like a child. The child with-in us all, always looking for a chance to play. Seems to me the older we get the more the child comes out, at least that’s how it i…s for me. Maybe we just realize the irrelevance of paying any mind to meaningless thoughts. We hopefully have risen above the need for approval from others.

To be who you are meant to be, to be yourself. This is the way to freedom and the crushing of the Ego. I have never felt as free as i do today. The opinion of others is none of my business, I pay them no mind. I know longer play in that arena, it no longer matters. i have throughout my life insisted on being myself. Being ourselves is not always an easy thing to do. When we are young peer approval is everything. We are hurt so easily when we are growing, trying to find our place in the confusion of the world.

I have spent much time in rest homes and i have seen souls that have regressed. They seem to be frozen in the past, another time another place. We return in our mind to the times of childhood, or to happier times in our lives. This brings comfort to the sick, the elderly and the lonely. I find these places filled with sadness and the pain of forgetfulness. Many poor souls langwich for years until death finally comes to take them home. I watched for years as my Mother slowly fadded away or turned with-in or both.

Life can be a painful experience, some spend their lives consumed with fear of death. Others live lives of pain, sickness, loneliness, addiction and mental problems. Life equals pain, there is no way around it. Karma will not be denied, we WILL pay whats due on our account. The bad karma we create today we will pay for in this lifetime or the next, or the next, or the next on it goes. Until we have grown in the spirit. Until we chose spirit over ego and the trappings of life. When our goal is to seek spiritually above all else we are on the right path. There are many paths leading to the same destination.

we carry from life to life Karma, both good and bad. We must work off our bad Karma through-out our many lives by doing good works, and seeking contact with a higher power. Only when all bad Karma is gone can we move on, to continue our return to the source. Never to reincarnate again, “to go no more out”. Burn up bad karma and walk the path of good and righteousness and create only good karma. Meditation changes the way you think about life, yourself and God.

I practice Raja yoga and can attest to the power of Yoga meditation. I urge all to investigate for yourself the rewards of meditation. There is peace and joy to be had for those that follow this path. Freedom from the critical mind and the ego can be found. Learn to live a new way, know that the Ego is not your friend, know the Senses do not hold happiness. The true way to happiness has always been with-in. Its been with us since the moment we “Became ‘ in the womb of our mother.

We are connected always to the Father, the Source. Never have we been alone, never. From the moment we “Became” to the moment we leave the body in death, we are one with the source. Look inside your soul, there you will find what you seek. So many are unable to find this Consciousness and are lost in the Dogma of organized religion. We are all as one, like beads on a necklice foever linked.

Others pray to the Gods of Greed and Pleasure. They lie cheat and do evil as they go along. All the while accruing massive amounts of bad Karma. They will reincarnate a thousand times a thousand times, until they have risen above Ego and seek the Source above all else. Only then will true happiness be found, of this you can be sure.

This is our reason for being here, this is our duty. To grow along Spiritual lines, not to be distracted by the temptations of life. We are not the Ego, we are not the Senses and we are not the Body, we are Spirit. When we know this truth we will see with new eyes. We see things as they are and not as they appear to be. We are able to stand back and watch the show, we can see behind the curtin. We can see the true reality, the only reality.

This is the way of it,
Yogi Walt



may you always rise
if you should fall,
be you large
or be you small.
bones will break
oh this is true,
but they will heal
and so will you.

the most important
thing i know,
is always
to protect my soul.
with evil lurking
all around,
i keep both feet
upon the ground.

my Guru leads me
on my way,
to live in peace
from day to day.
to those i help
to those i see,
i wish them well
live life be free.

yogi walt



2:30 am, here i sit at the machine wondering what to say. its Sunday and you know what that means, its time to give thanks. we
should really do this every day for our families and the food we eat.
not to mention the roof above our heads [leaky as it may be] and the love of friends. I’ll be going to Temple for meditation soon, always a good thing. i will sit and meditate in the same spot, the same chair Ive been sitting in for many years. sitting in Temple one can feel the energy, its like a warm blanket being wrapped around you. very heavy, elevating, a peaceful place to meditate, to quiet the mind and to turn with-in. meditation can be learned by anyone that’s willing. it will bring you peace, lower your blood pressure and enhance your life. i have found truth through introspection and meditation. i follow the teachings of my Guru and listen to my intuition. i have never been more at peace than at any other time in my life.

go about your day, think good thoughts and be grateful for all you have, blessings to you all.

yogi walt


lifes battles

like my Guru Paramahansa Yogananda i will die with my boots on. this life is a battle and we are Warriors all, we’ve fought and fallen only to rise up again. we carry with pride the scars of life on the inside and without. to survive we must stay strong, the battles will continue. hold dear your values, your heart, be unaffected by the things of the world. the fight is with-in, this is the battleground, this is were Ego and Spirit meet. this is where the blood flows as the opossing armies do battle. stand strong with the Spirit and it will serve you well. each day we face the enemy Ego and the pull of the senses. the desire for sex is most powerful and has been the demise of many men and women. strong drink too has caused mankind to suffer.  Drugs,Tobacco, on and on it goes, the pull of the senses is strong and the temptations are many. from the moment one awakens each day it begins, the non-stop internal struggle we all live with. in the end we decide where our loyalties lie, which God we knell before is our decision alone, Om Guru.






one sorce


my God is the only God, this the cry of some organized religions throughout the world. folks say their way is the only way, their God the only true God, anyone with any spirituality knows this way of thinking is wrong. there is but one source, it matters not what face it wears. there are different ways for different peoples, there are many paths to the same place.

Avatars are found around the world, in every generation, God conscious men and women, here to us show the way, just as Jesus did. we have only to keep an open mind and realize there is a power greater than us, and this power, this energy, is within us all. we have free will to do as we would, we can pursue the spiritual path if we chose, this is the way to freedom,. freedom from the senses, from body consciousness, we are not the body, we are spirit, the spirit is timeless, we shall never die……..



soul power


look with-in and find your soul, it hungers for your attention. feed it with words of truth and righteousness. know that you are never alone. in your darkest hour, when all have forsaken you, you will turn to the father and beg him to remove your suffering. God and Guru will be with you always, do not wait until you are lost. seek the source now and your journey will begin. when you stumble and fall as we all do we must rise up and stand tall. we must hold strong to that which we hold dear. we must never forget that as children of God we have the power to do anything.



positive thinking


i didn’t want to be sick anymore, i made a decision not to allow a bunch of self created drama in my head. when it came in i threw it out immediately and with practice the useless negative thoughts stopped coming so often then hardly ever. amazing, simple, positive, and easy, we all have the power to change the direction that our lives are going at anytime. we have only to imagine how we want to live, to harbor negative emotions or memories is counter productive. we can find serenity through positive changes, we must change the way we see the world and our rightful place in it. introspection and self honesty are needed to effect permanent change. life can be as you desire to an amazing degree, we all have the power, thoughts are manifested, they become our reality. people come into our lives and situations change and before you know it your where you wanted to be. you’d be amazed how often we sabotage ourselves with negative self talk. were always having discussions with ourselves, once i say i dont think i can, i can’t. self fulfilling prophecy, we do this all the time and wonder why were not happy with ourselves. we must change the way we talk to ourselves and the thoughts we allow to fester in our heads. i made rules, i would no longer allow certain thoughts and memories ” all negative ” to spend any time in my consciousness, when the negative would show up i threw it out. this takes practice but one gets good at a fast rate, nature abhors a vacuum so positivity takes the place of the negative. peace of mind and happiness are some of the many benefits of positive thinking and meditation, this is the way of it.



positive mindset


when your honest and try to live a good life good things will come your way. we create our present and our future lives with our thoughts. be they positive or negative, happy or sad, we are the author of them all. a positive mindset is not hard to obtain, it takes only a little practice and your thinking will start to change. you will begin to think and see the positives in life, the blessings that we’ve received throughout our lives
and the peace that comes from meditation.



ego and soul


why does man take the path of the senses, of the ego and not the way of the soul, the spirit? man with all his false pride thinks he is God in his little kingdom. he doesn’t believe in a God he doesn’t understand. he lives his life to gather up the shinny gold and silver of materialism. like a squirrel that never stops gathering acorns

he runs through life chasing all that sparkles and catches the eye. the senses are powerful and will take you from your true self. sex, drugs, money, power, Gods to many, disappointment to all in the end. to be righteous is not easy, helping others is not always convenient and it takes faith to give your last dollar to someone that needs it more than you do.

you must give freely and speak of it to no one, there is no need to tell anyone, this is the way to give. if we give so everyone will know it means nothing. we have lost any good karma we may have gained by our giving. we must humble ourselves and not look down on those that have fallen but to help them up. we have all fallen, many many times, to think we are somehow above all of that, now that we can stand on our own, is folly. we can fall again should we stray from the center of the road and fall into the ditch of confusion and despair.