“A Wait For a beautiful Sail”

My ship stands empty, 
Waiting at a shore,
Where no one cares if it is broken,
Or rusting its nails in vain.
The peg in the sand is losing the grip,
The rope holding it is now torn enough,
But then each yarn is holding strong,
Wishing for a one person with no wrong,
To ride it through the storm. 
Along the margin,
Where the sky meets tides,
Rising high from the sea, 
Where the sun warms the droplets,
Dazzling and floating over the leaves, And
Where the truest of the souls,
Somewhere on an old island,
Will adore and chant a song of mercy.
Where the little birds and the flowers,
Will accompany.
And the time will fill up the hearts empty,
With the ambiance of love and humanity. 
To such place my ship wants to sail,
Where of humans there would be no scarcity


Pearls of the Poverty

The roadway was all deserted,

Street lights making images,

Some were of naked, and

Some of rolling bones.

I walked but couldn’t see,

An immature drinking salt,

The mute voice he carried.

Ah! I stumbled hard,

With a sore throat and a dry tongue,

Pupil glowing under the star beam,

Gazing at me,

Starved and ragged,

Human nature called me,

I stepped with a lost scarf,

Forgot the misery,

Searched the bond,

No colour, No caste,

Searching the one lost.

Paupers crying for pennies,

And I, for grandeur.

They grumbled,


“This World, a jury of miseries,

We the marionettes,

Designed for torturous ligatures,

Systematising fortunes,

For bank of presidents.

Decorating our castle,

Out of worn out candles, and

Dining a table of empty vessels,

For the pearls of the poverty.”


 I stepped to talk,

And  found my lost veil,

Stuck the pin,

Searched the pocket,

The loaf! It wasn’t desired,

Money! I never tried.

In thoughts the night passed by,

Thinking about the denial,

Of fulfilling the need,

Questioning self,

“Are these complaints then out of greed ?”