If yiu can do me one favour…




If you can do me one favour…




If you can do me one favour…


Never speak about us


In the past tense


Not until you tell me


Face to face.




If you can do me one favour…


Look in the mirror


See what I see


The beauty of your soul


Face to face.




If you can do me one favour…


Recall how I smile


When you’re near


How you make me feel


Face to face.




If you can do me one favour…


Think of tomorrow


Whenever that is


When we will again be one


Face to face.









I’ll sing you a lullaby

Straight from my heart

Words wrapped lovingly in sunbeams

Rhymes from the stars

It’s meant to soothe you

During dark and desperate nights

Created to remind you

The world is your light

The flowers dancing in the meadows

Rain clouds in the sky

Colours of the rainbow

All natures covering to keep you warm,

safe and dry.



A Mind In Conflict – A mind At Peace

A mind in conflict

tortured, twisted, tormented.

Divide and fight

the enemy that exists only

within. No prospect of respite, only oppressive

blackness. Suffocatng

all hope and snuffing out

the light.

A mind at peace

quiet, steadfast and strong.

Bond and unite

conflicted opinion and

belief. Bend like the

palm trees, a life force both

flexible and forgiving.

A heart felt desire to be good

and kind.

All minds born

pure, innocent, untarnished.

Nature and nurture

providing the building blocks

of living. Who knows

why experiences take one soul

to the brink of

defeat, whist another delights

in life.


It’s All A Matter of Perspective

It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

Imagine two people

One experience

Different tale to tell

It’s all a matter of


Supposing that one

Has sorrow

And hurt in their soul

Shaping their take

On the world.

The other blessed

Holds the belief

At the end of the day

Love and kindness

Conquers all.

Consider two worlds

Smashing together

Connecting individuals

Shifting their reality

Mixing up life.

If friendship formed

Treachery and

Naivety risky partners

Chaos in the making

Acuity muted.

Pretend not to know

How it had to end

Candour and fact just

Garbage in the land

Of perspective.

Two lives destroyed

Because of a

Difference in opinion

Running in circles

Chasing the truth.


Her Song

I hear her song

In the crash of the wave

In the howl of the wind

And the beat of the rain.


I see her form

In the shape of the tree

In the curve of the hill

And the swell of the sea.


I feel her touch

In the breath of the wind

In the heat of the sun

And the run of the stream.


I carry her loss

In the ache of my heart

In the tears that I cry

And the song I don’t sing.



The earth

Warm beneath my body


Balanced and nurturing


My tears, absolving my sins

I return

Back from where I came.

Chest rising

Falling with each breath


The ebb and flow of the sea


Of the waves against shingle


Words of comfort in my ear.

The perfume

Of the sea reaches deep within


Tears and waves merge as one


Deeply, lovingly embracing

The ocean

Take care, heal my emotions.

My meditation

Deepens as I welcome the


Like a thick woollen blanket


In the night,unseeing, unseen


I can return home to my family.



I Promised…

I promised I’d be the good guy

Stereotypical Samaritan type

A truly decent human being

I’d choose the right path.


I’d choose the right path

How ever hard that would be

Say my prayers, go to church

Help old ladies cross the road.


Help old ladies cross the road

Missed my step, lost my faith

Grew to be a liar and a cheat

I walked on the wrong path.


i walked on the wrong path

Unconscious of my own self

Image in the mirror is not me

Hiding in the shadows forlorn.


Hiding in the shadows forlorn

I begin to listen, think, pray

Understand it’s down to me

To choose the right path.


To choose the right path

Got to forgive my mistakes

Repair the hurt and try again

I promised I’d be the good guy.