Within Me.

Like a vast open desert
Like a deep endless sea
There are uncharted waters
Lying deep within me
Like a bird on the wing
Like a horse running free
From a tiny acorn
Grows a strong oak tree
Like the phoenix shall rise
To spread colourful wings
And the songbird at daybreak
As it joyfully sings
My spirit has risen
No more to sleep
And into the shadows
The light starts to creep
The darkness is fading
As night turns to day
And fresh rays of hope
Clear the sorrow away
To light the way forward
No more turning back
Down a perilous road
Paved with nothing but lack
A bright new path beckons
Me to my destiny
As it waits to reveal
What lies deep within me.


Messages from Dad in spirit.

My dad always believed in an afterlife and he often said in conversation that ‘There is no doubt in my mind our spirit lives on when we die’. He held fast to this belief and it never faltered. My gran also had the same belief so I guess it’s no surprise that this is also what I believe.

I don’t just believe it because they did though. I believe it because of experiences I have had that prove to me that we are far more than our physical bodies.

When my dad passed away in December 2011 I was devastated. My dad and I had always had a volatile relationship and when we argued, which was very often at one point, we pulled no punches. We wound each other up but that is because we were very, very similar. Having said that, there was never any doubt that we loved each other. It was just the way we were.

However, during the immediate days after dad passed I felt his presence around myself and my ma and I just somehow knew he was still with us comforting us in our grief.

In the weeks and months that followed, I could still feel his presence and I also started to have very real dreams about him. I believe when we dream of loved ones that have passed over they are actually paying us a visit, just to let us know they are still with us and that they are safe, happy and at peace.

In all of these dreams it would feel as if somebody was trying to wake me up by gently shaking me. In one of them I turned over and my dad was sitting on the side of my bed. I said ‘Dad!’ and he just said ‘I love you so much’ and he was gone. This was hugely comforting to me and I knew it was my dad communicating with me in spirit.

I have had a few like that now. In one of them I heard whispered words, most of which I couldn’t make any sense of but then I distinctly heard these words ‘I’m assisting you all the time just SHUT UP!’ I woke with a start at this because they were said somewhat forcefully.

Now anybody that knew my dad would tell you he was a lovely, lovely man. However, he wasn’t afraid of putting his foot down should the need arise, which it often did with me in my youth. So when I relayed that story back to my ma, she laughed and said that sounded just like dad.

The interesting thing is that, before I went to bed that night, I looked at my dad’s picture and asked for his help with some situation or other. Well, I say asked but it was more like begged, to be honest. See I still talk to my dad every day and ask for help. He was my rock when he was alive and if there was a problem I could go to him and he could usually help in some way. So I still go to my dad with issues and right now that means I go to him every day. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

So anyway, I can just imagine dad losing his patience with me a little bit and having to tell me that I don’t need to keep asking because he’s doing everything he can to help me with my situation. Thanks dad 馃檪

The biggest confirmation for me that dad is still very much with me however, came to me on Saturday 3rd June 2012. I had gone down to London to go to the Mind, Body, Spirit show at Earl’s Court. When I was looking to see who would be giving a talk that day I saw that the medium Gordon Smith was there. Now I had always been impressed with him whenever I had seen him give readings on television. His accuracy was always spot on. I felt guided to go and see him actually. So when the day came I went into the room where he would be doing his demonstration and I sat in the second row from the front, three seats in from the isle. There must have been about five hundred seats in that room and the majority were filled.

Gordon entered the room and took his place on the stage. The first part of his demonstration was his talk about his personal journey into mediumship. He was very grounded and down-to-earth about it and he made a lot of sense. He then answered questions from the audience. I noticed throughout that he often looked in my direction and I just had an inkling he was going to come to me during his demonstration.

I had been asking dad to come through while Gordon was answering questions and they seemed to go on forever when all of a sudden he said he needed to move on to his mediumship demonstration. He seemed very keen to crack on with things.

It was then that he stopped said ‘Ok I have somebodies dad here with me in spirit and he’s very eager to get through.’ He then looked straight at me and said ‘Lady in the second row with the red hair, I have your dad here with me in spirit.’

I was absolutely blown away. No, that’s an understatement, I was stunned, elated, overwhelmed and overjoyed to say the very least. Dad had heard me and wanted to let me know he was there with me that day.

Gordon then went on to give me the most amazing and accurate reading. He covered so many things that were all true and relevant. I was in tears. At the very end he stopped, nodded his head and said the words ‘Lovely, lovely man.’ Those were the very words that had been said about him at his funeral by many in attendance that day.

I didn’t hear any of what was said after that. I was too busy noting down what he had told me. When I told my ma she said that dad had often watched Gordon Smith on television and was always impressed with him, like I was. So it made perfect sense to me that he would choose someone he felt was a genuine medium to get a message through to me. My ma has always been more sceptical than my dad was but it was when I told her that he had said ‘Lovely, lovely man’ at the very end of his reading that made her think that maybe she needs to be a bit more open minded.

However, for me it was confirmation enough that my dad is still with me and that our spirit lives on. I truly believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and we are all infinite. That is my own personal belief but for me it’s more than that. It’s like an inner knowing. It’s hard to explain but I feel this is something I just know.

There will be those that will disagree with that and there will be those that also believe it to be true. Either way, we will know for sure one day.

I do know however, that when my time comes, I will be overflowing with joy to see my lovely dad again.