Silent Stream of Consciousness

The mind determines our reality; therefore, nothing is real or unreal. Thought is the designer of our personal experience. A quiet mind enters a spiritual and mystical place. The vehicle of transportation is the spiritual body. Transport to places beyond space-time is conceivable for all. This includes transcendent situations which occur in memory and in places between earth and a vast domain of conscious awareness. We wonder, what is real? Reflection into the past and future leads to the Sacred Light of Understanding. This reflection or mirror image upon the self, arouses Holy Inspiration in a sphere of darkness.

A Silent Stream of Consciousness exists within the mind where everything is a possibility. Become mindful of these higher levels or consciousness. Guide others into this world, in which dreams are a reality. The first step, and most important, is to pray for Divine Guidance and assistance. Enter this realm with a spirit of Love and compassion. This is a domain where thought form appears and disappears. Internal images are derived from a limitless, universal consciousness. Control is always within our own mind. We have been there frequently in lucid dreams and during various altered states of consciousness. Become aware of each blessing as we reach higher levels of consciousness.  Find eternity in the Silence of the Mind during prayer and meditation. Always expect and allow only goodness to enter. Enter the Kingdom of God in the Dimensions of Heaven. Explore and journey through Earth to Heavens Island. Seek to convey a Touch of Love toward all.

Everything is occurring during transformed states of consciousness. This includes prayer, contemplation, meditation, spiritual transport, dreams and guided imagery. Information is derived from within the sub-consciousness and cosmic mind. Guided Meditations for achieving a higher level of consciousness lead the way through the dimensions. Ancient mysteries are known to all, but are hidden within the psyche.  Spiritual experience combined with inspiration, basic science and philosophical information lead us toward understanding. Experience now, this Touch of Love in a Dimension of Heaven.

“This is a very profound entrancing state in which the ability to visit actual places, actual reality in the form of the astral or spiritual substance exists. A world of subtle matter materializes into existence. There is the ability to visit other dimensions while living in this third dimensional consciousness. In this state of bilocation, the physical body is inactive, physically immobile and safe while the spiritual body is traveling and able to communicate in an absolute world of tangible substance. This is an ancient concept and a natural ability that is frequently dormant. It is practiced by many saints and spiritual leaders. It is now essential to awaken to the Holy Light in the spiritual cosmos, the realm of the Creator.” This is a true-life story that occurs in real and imaginary time.