The Heart of God


The Swan of The Lord

The Swan of the Lord

Swift sound, sweet heeding in keeping sequence with the flow Surrounded by love, all grace abounds in still waters Emerges the ‘Swan of the Lord’ in garment white as snow Tucked beneath safe wings, His love for her so pure. Glides across waters sweet in still the movement of the flow In hibernation is preparation for presentation of proclamation Feathers sharp like arrows Face like flint Frame strengthened set in profile of backbone, made more resilient ‘Arise and Shine’ emerging wings, embracing flight ahead. 1,2,3…Ready, steady, go… ‘Whooper lift-off!’ Where once was injury is now pardon Where once was lame is now to walk, to run, to soar and not grow weary. A crown of beauty bestowed upon your dainty head Dripping quills, finest fragrance, oil of gladness, is Gilead Lubricating Marinating Nourishing Oozing Penetrating…pore in deep out from over-flow never shall ink run dry Every quill of your feathers filled, be the source reviving Lifeless and listless no more, like a puffer comes the Breath of Heaven Inhale to the peak of the flow as much as your lungs can inflate! Plumage fuller, posture composed, refined, defined is the ‘Swan of the Lord’ Such graceful strokes across the glass of sea you glide White as snow, exquisite love reflects in a beauty pure as you. O swan, O swan, carry in you the ‘Song of the Lord’ Soften hardened hearts Straighten crooked places Smooth rough edges ‘Come all ye kings and queens upon the earth, flock to the King’ A Royal Priesthood procession be long in Kingdom perspective The ‘Song of the Lord’ is noble and of Majestic theme Proclaiming in making way to come Preparation for Bride and Groom ‘A Royal Wedding!’ In Heaven here on Earth Let your light ‘Arise and Shine’ and write your Psalm 151 (note worthy) For the sons and daughters of Righteousness shall arise with healing in their wings.

© Rhea Helena Morgan 2012