Energy for manifestation

Everything is energy; everything is vibration. Energy fills the world. The reason we are all here is to experience the power & magic of energy. God is energy, and so are we. The vibration that comes thr us is what makes of us. Our vibration is inter-connected with one another, that’s why we are called Oneness. There is no gap or distance between us because we’re all filled by energy such as love. If we can make good use of this energy, we can create a different world. This has been true since the beginning of time and up till now in the modern time. Love prevails & it will always continue to flow from one form of energy to another. Writing is one of the ways to express this love. So we should make good use of this channel to spread positive energy. Here, we are talking about unconditional love. Other forms of communication can also be ways to share & spread energy, now & forever. What sets apart the happy people and unhappy ones is their energy vibration. So what is energy vibration?


Since everything is made up of energy, everything vibrates. This includes not just the living things, but also all objects that don’t seem to have life, such as rock or the soil. Energy vibration is something that has scientific proof, not something paranormal or spiritual. The logic is called quantum physics. The smallest particle of all matter is called quark. Everything on earth is made up of matter, ie quarks. Everything vibrates, including the rocks at the bottom of ocean, yet at a different rate. We human beings vibrate at different rates too. A happier person vibrates at a higher rate while a sad person has a lower vibe. Since every thought, word or action from us will go out to the Universe and be manifested into form & reality, we can use this logic for our manifestation. The higher our energy vibration, the quicker & stronger the message will reach the Universe and be manifested. In other words, if we carry happy thoughts, gratitude & kindness in our heart, our manifestation will be come reality much faster. On the contrary, a man who always carries negative thoughts and complains about life or everything, his thoughts will be manifested at a lower rate, but will eventually bring him back the same life experience because these are the thoughts on which he has focused his energy. This is what the Universe has received, thus returning similar experience to him.


Our thoughts, words and actions are all energy forms, which determine our life experience. If we want to create a happier or a different life, focus our energy on what we truly want in our life. With high vibrating energy, our thoughts will soon turn into reality because this is the law that regulates the Universe.