Expand me in boundless love
Take me to the expanse of expression,
And fill me beyond the universe of your creation
“I will come again,” is what you said.
Now, I anxiously await.

My heart knows what it is to be loved to perfection.
It searches for nothing less.
O come to me like you did that day.
Come! O come to me like you promised you would.
O come to me, and this time stay.


The Light of Love

You are the eclipse of my heart and mind. 
As in the heavens, eclipse of my being you are. 
You are the two that become one. 

Be the light of blinding love 
Behind the darkness of my mind. 
Slowly, come upon me and engulf me in your Light. 

As the moon exists, not without the light of the sun, 
So I am not, without the brightness of your love. 
Forever above, below, beside and within my being. 

As the moon knows not that it shines because the light of the sun, 
So, I have been lost in thinking that I am without you. 
I am naught without you. 

You still exist without me.


You are the greatest of love songs.
You are the most perfect rose. 
You are the stillness of a full moon sky. 

You are the shooting star. 
You are my first broken heart. 
You are the dark moonless night. 

Alone, you are my greatest fear, 
And sorrow’s anguished cry. 
You are the last note, of life’s sweet song.

The Hybrid Nature of Love

The seed of love you sewed lifetimes ago
Has blossomed.

Thy petals extend outwards in all directions,
But, now are pricked by Love’s own thorns.

You have hidden from me Love’s hybrid nature of pleasure and pain.
You have embedded the seed of pain deep within the seed of Love.

O how you have tricked me!
But it is too late for me to change the nature of my being,

For love has born its fullest expression,
In thine petals of love for Thee.

It is reaching out for you in all directions,
Yet cannot reach the sun of my heart.

The light of my life.
O Love! How you have tricked me!