I Am a Small Fish

I am a small fish
That swims in a dish
But I have heard tales
Of the whoa and wails
Of Big Fishes in ponds that eat up our tails
You see I’m a spec
Just a fleck of a spec
They shouldn’t want me
I’m small you see
And can do no harm to the world that I see
If I was in a pond
Bigger than yond
I’d be scared of my tail
My fins and my scales
And wonder what madness inside them avails
I’d scatter between coral
The reef and the floral
I’d stay out of sight
From shadows in light
Stay away from Big Fishes that bite and that fright.
But I also heard say
That Big fishes these days
Will hunt me out
Without a doubt
And eat me until I profess and I shout
You are the Big Fish!
You own the Big Dish!
You can take what I own
My house and my home
And leave me to rot in the depth of unknown
But back in my dish
I sigh a big “ish”
I wake from my sleep
Nightmare, Oh Bleep!
And go swimming safely, just not so deep.