A Soulful Awakening




In August of 2012, amidst the magnificent mountains of Whistler British Columbia Canada, Stephanie Banks, misjudged her surroundings and narrowly avoided death as her body and bike collided with a rock wall before falling into the rocky crevasse below. As her body lay in the gully, her spirit united with her guardian Ruby where she experienced her life and the universe from another perspective. After her encounter with Ruby she decided to return to her life and found herself back in her injured body with no immediate memory of her journey.

The extraordinary events that transpired during her recovery will restore your need to feel and experience all that this vast universe has to offer. You will feel a renewed sense of self as you are led down a path of self-discovery, re-aligning with who you really are as opposed to who society expects you to be.

As she was forced to sit and be still she began to put the words she was hearing to the pages of her journal. These profound words of wisdom originating from ancient knowledge will encourage you to re-examine your approach to life and all that is.

Stephanie’s compelling true stories combined with messages from the non-physical realm will bring depth, insight and clarity into your life. Times are changing, we are all one and fostering faith in yourself as the artist of your own creation are the underlying themes that will ignite the passion within while paving the way to your own true path.

A Soulful Awakening is the gateway to transforming a life of mediocrity to that of an empowered awakened soul.

Authors Bio

Stephanie Banks is an award-winning author who is quickly making her mark as an accomplished author. She was born into a family of intuitives who encouraged fostering faith in accepting guidance from within as well as from other realms that surround our own. Prior to Stephanie’s near-death experience she led a life directed by modern day terms that lacked depth and clarity. Immediately following her encounter with death her life transformed to that of an awakened soul. She has now dedicated her life to mastering ancient wisdom and writing candidly about all that she learns through this process. Her unfailing connection to the non-physical realm has offered guidance and transformation to all those that seek profound insight into our existence.

Stephanie, attended the University of Western Ontario and is currently enrolled in the master class of spiritual enlightenment. She lives with her family in British Colombia Canada.


A Soulful Awakening Excerpt

Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about a year and a half ago. It is one of our favorites and one that I’m grateful and excited to share. Happy reading and contemplating!

Coral: Serenity is the path to travel. Hold serenity in the highest regard. We are here to learn and teach collectively from each other. We shall rise above fear and pain. We shall move closer to divinity through diligence and belief. We together are very strong and are gaining strength daily. The movement is very encouraging to all.

The language of the soul is universal. Peace, love, and compassion do not need passports to cross the borders of society. All they need is intention. From the hills of Somalia to the plains of Pakistan, from the rocky cliffs of Atlantic Canada to the Seven Wonders of the World, to all the wonders left undiscovered. We are all one. Our roots caress each other and share their warmth.

The spiritual well-being of every single cell that inhabits the earth relies on one another, and all have the same origin. The universe is our birthplace; earth is merely a classroom to foster our inner truths. Humanity has seemed to stray from our true understandings, but things are changing. Evolution is underway. These are revolutionary times that we are all a part of. It is really quite magnificent to witness.

Our ultimate achievement is to vibrate on a consistent level continuously and simultaneously with our fellow souls. When our physical bodies are weak and tired, we vibrate on a lower frequency. When we engage in emotional torment, we enable our energy to fluctuate, creating highs and lows. These fluctuations will affect all else, as we are all one.

We are all looking for the same answers to the same questions—questions that flow far beyond life on earth. We were not put here on earth; we chose to be here. We did not choose to be slaves to money; we did not choose to be slaves to greed, power, and ego. We did not choose to be representatives of fear and anger. These are born as a by-product of misrepresentation of our purpose on this planet.

The road to recovery is being paved, and it is time to choose a new course. If we choose this course as one, as a whole, collectively, the road will widen and breach the banks of uncertainty.

Let go of your insecurities as they serve society, not your soul. When we walk with truth in our hearts, we are able to let go of the anchor that binds our souls. Our souls are meant to be free—free to roam and explore. They are meant to be weightless and energetic. When we as humans are fearful of the unknown, we anchor ourselves to an emotion that debilitates our spirit and our physical self. By placing complete faith in ourselves, those we trust on earth, and our universe, we enable our souls to roam as they please, which is with ease.

Allow for new doors to open as others close. Look for opportunities to present themselves to you in unconventional ways. There is so much more to experience. Refrain from spinning without a destination. Seek clarity within your heart. Within your heart resides your innermost desires and ambitions. Create new boundaries for yourself, as your current ones may have expired. Relinquish thought processes that are not your own that you have adopted along the way. To see your heart clearly, you must remove all thoughts completely and feel your inner self.

Connect yourself through vision and intentions to all the souls. Caress and nurture your spirit, as this is truly what it needs. It is difficult at times, of course, but believe in your intuition, your strength, your courage, your patience, and your determination. Follow your own yellow brick road to clarity. Return to your roots that are intertwined with the rest of the world and universe. Draw from this endless, vast source of energy and wisdom as needed. It is there for all to drink from and contribute to.

Become a contributor rather than merely a consumer. Find your passion and embark on your life here with full attention on your inner self and the non-physical world that resides all around you. Walk your road while savoring every step. This is your creation, so create your own beautiful play of happiness.



Here is what Shanda Trofe, founder of Spiritual Writers Network had to say.

“It’s often said our deepest spiritual awakenings follow tragedy, loss or some deep-rooted chaos that turns our world upside down when we least expect it. In A Soulful Awakening, the author shares her soul’s journey with us in a beautifully written masterpiece documenting one woman’s journey through adversity to enlightenment. This book will challenge you to look within, question your beliefs and the way you look at life. If you are open to the gifts within these pages, there just may be a special message waiting for you. Every now and then we run across a book that forever changes us, and this is that book for me. Thank you, Stephanie Banks, for a heartfelt and honest portrayal of an emerging soul so eloquently written.”

~Shanda Trofe, Founder of the Spiritual Writers Network

You can purchase A Soulful Awakening at www.stephaniebanks.org and watch for it in The Spiritual Writers Network book store.


excerpt from “The Book of Truth”

The creation of chaos magnifies the lessons we are in need of learning. We do the best we can with the lessons we have learned, the lessons still under way and the tools we have gathered along the way. We cannot have expectations of either others or ourselves. Expectations are an extension of control and greed, an extension of fear. If we feel that we have created expectations of either others or ourselves we need to figure out why we have put these quiet little demands into play. Once we understand why we made that move we must learn to remove them from the field of life. Expectations will lead to anger, guilt, jealousy and pain. Pain created by us and directed unto others and ourselves. Every action that originates from our emotions rather than our spirit inevitably becomes a drain on our soul. Devitalizing, compromising and challenging in a way that will call out a battle. Simply using the word “battle’ in explanation brings forth a feeling of shame and inadequacy. The energy required to battle is increasingly immense. Increasing because of the state of denial that most of the planet chooses to live, denial of the truth, denial of more, denial of our raw authentic beings that are cocooned within a web of destruction; destruction on a spiritual level and destruction on a physical level. As the world, human’s, continue to insist on living in such an unharmonious manner, destruction unfolds. A negative thought, unjust words, unfavorable actions against any species that shares our space produces a new scar that will take time and energy to heal. Healing has begun and is underway. Healing of the heart, healing of the soul, healing of our physical bodies, healing of our mental wellbeing. Through chaos comes confusion, through confusion comes judgment, through judgment comes anger and eventually hate. As a well is about to run dry, we turn off the pump in order to allow the reservoir to replenish, so to is the need to turn off the pumping of anger and cruelty into the atmosphere. The way to accomplish this is through unconditional love and patience. Watch as the lines of frustration dissipate the next time you greet negativity with compassion. Feel the energy shift from one direction to another. With diligence we can do this. Love is the last and first piece of the puzzle. With love in our hearts we come to understand the needs of others. With love we can transform unnecessary wants into worthwhile needs.

Carry with you always, an abundance of patience and understanding and your plate will never be void of nourishment for either others or yourself.


Excerpt from “The Book of Truth”

Reach for the stars and the light will shine through our souls. The gift of everlasting love is there for us all to feel, appreciate and respect. For some, life seems mundane and un-manageable. Our dreams seem un-tangible but really our dreams lie right before our very selves. Through intention we create our dreams. Through intentions we come to realize exactly what our dreams are and the purpose for them. Not always are these clear but often if we write them down or simply verbalize our intentions, clarity will follow. Want not for an outcome but clarity in each individual moment in time. Time is the master of realism, a master of confusion, an entity of its own demise. Without time we are unable to achieve a higher ground, time wasted is an achievement lost. We must prioritize our lives in such a manner that time is set-aside for spirit. Spirit requires undivided attention on a daily basis just as our physical selves require nourishment to survive. If we simply provide our physical bodies with the bare minimum our bodies will respond accordingly. The same concept applies to our spirit, our souls. Spend time understanding your inner self through awareness and persistence. Take the necessary steps to learn what it is that your soul needs to not only survive but to thrive. Wandering aimlessly will bring you to nowhere. On a moment-to-moment basis what is your destination? Is it to find clarity or compassion? Is it to look directly into the eyes of your inner fears? Is it to reflect on your personal journey? Whatever your destination may be, look in the direction you must take to get there. If you are unclear as to finding your direction ask your inner self or your non-physical guides to assist you. You will find your way.

Appreciate the clouds that may have formed and are obstructing your view. These clouds are our clues to our own consciousness. Within our consciousness there is years and often lifetimes of unwanted filth that is in need of cleansing. The filth is simply residue of unacknowledged emotions that have been swept under the carpet of our souls. This carpet must be lifted and discarded in order for the clouds to lift. The sun will then shine freely and continuously providing warmth and freedom, freedom of burdens, freedom of regrets, freedom of judgment not only of others but also ourselves. With freedom comes honesty; honesty to our higher selves and this keeps our hearts ticking. As you unleash each buried feeling that lies beneath your own personal carpet take the time and energy to sort through these emotions and allow these emotions the freedom of expression. If tears must fall in order to release this moment back to the universe then please allow the tears to fall. If anger sets in, acknowledge how anger feels within your physical self and also within your heart. Our hearts are a reflection of our spirits. Do not under any circumstances; enable your emotions to take control over your intentions. Prior to revealing your un-consciousness (your cloud) it is suggested to set your intentions.

“I hereby stand before my buried emotions with enthusiasm to deliver them to a higher understanding. I intend to reveal my past to myself through love and compassion. I will not judge others or myself as I process my feelings and acknowledge their existence. I will allow myself the freedom to laugh, cry or scream where needed but I will not enable my emotions to bring physical or emotional harm to either others or myself. Once I have acknowledged each emotion that lies beneath my veil of uncertainty I will ask the universe to grant me the strength and trust to release it back to the universe forever.”


excerpt from “The Book of Truths”

Rise and fall as all of us shall but always return to your roots that run deep. They are embedded in time for all to remember and share. As you nourish your roots ask for the truth to set you free of restless unruth. Ruthless lives are living with ties that bind their souls to dead end skies. As the clouds begin to part, warmth will set you apart from the shackled souls of unloving roles. The time is here again as a new day has begun to play the part of an unfailing heart. There is order and peace in universal beliefs that strengthen with efforts of followers of calm. Your faith is strong, your legacy to live on, empower yourself and those you seek to share the magic of a world not so bleak.