Signs You May Be An Empath

According to the internet, the definition of an empath is "a person that is extremely sensitive to the emotions and energy of other people, animals and places". Empaths are able to literally FEEL these sensations emanating from these particular things. I myself had no idea I was an empath until a few years ago. I just thought I was incredibly observant for most of my life! Thanks to the World Wide Web I was able to finally figure out why I felt "different than most" for the majority of my life. I was always told I was "extremely sensitive" and I needed to "keep my emotions in check". I never understood why people said those things until I realized my calling. Without further adieu, here are some signs you may be an empath:

You FEEL other's feelings as they are your own – The one major indication I was an empath was I was able to pick up on other people's feelings very easily. I was unable to fully comprehend this aspect when I first discovered this, but with some hard work and research, I have been able to control it for the most part. It really explained why one moment I would be happy and the next I would be angry or sad etc. Grounding and meditation (especially in nature) really helps to center yourself and be one with your mind, body and spirit.

Crowds Overwhelm You –  If you find yourself in a mall, a stadium, or just any type of place that has an influx of people, expect to be inundated by everyone and their emotions all at once. It can be debilitating to say the very least! In my experience, wearing or having certain crystals (like amethyst which is my go-to crystal for most issues) on you will aid in absorbing these emotions and block you from them ultimately. In addition, solitude after an intense interaction with droves of people also helps to regenerate and recharge. Grounding and meditation never hurts either.

You are a human lie detector – Based on people's facial expressions, body language and the way they speak, you can tell almost instantaneously that someone is lying to you. This can be a curse sometimes, especially if a person you love and respect is the one fibbing to your face.

Narcissists are your weakness and your poison – The definition of a narcissist is " a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves". Which means, they are only in it to benefit themselves and they have minimal, if any, empathy for others. In my experience with "narcholes", they like to make you believe there is something wrong with YOU and they don't ever take responsibility or accountability for their hurtful words or actions. They thrive on manipulation and lead you to believe you are the problem, when that is furthest from the truth. Stay as far away from these types of personalities as you possibly can as they will drain you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You always root for the underdog – This sort of intertwines with the narcissist point above. You have an overwhelming sense of needing to help anyone who needs it and essentially be their "savior". Narcissists tend to play the "victim" role any chance they get which is why us highly sensitive people tend to gravitate toward them. Not just narcs, but people or animals who are being treated badly. You just cannot fathom how there can be so many evil people on this planet and you wish things were different.

Your sensory receptors are more sensitive than the average person – When I was a child, I was weird about certain things. The tags in my shirts always bothered me, scratchy material like wool or lace, or anything too binding. As I have grown older, these instances still bother me but I also have developed sensitivity to bright lights, sudden loud noises, smells, or too many things going on all at once. I don't know about you, but it is incredibly comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

You are a dumping ground for other's emotions and feelings – My whole life I always wondered why random people would pour their hearts out to me constantly. Almost daily. We are definitely fantastic listeners and give great advice so it does make sense in that aspect. However, before I discovered I was an empath, it didn't make much sense besides I allowed it to happen. I would always leave the conversation incredibly drained and like I took on those emotions and they seemed to be all good after our chat. Which is ultimately what I wanted out of it secretly. For the person to feel better. I always seemed to succeed in doing so, but there came a point in my life where I had to start setting boundaries. Boundaries are healthy and necessary especially being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Don't ever be afraid to say no to someone. Saying yes all of the time can be draining in itself. I learned the hard way and it was very stressful and could have been avoided if I had only learned to set boundaries prior.

You avoid the news and negativity like the plague – Too many negative images and stories are portrayed on the news every single day. As an empath, negativity in general is too much for our empathic hearts to deal with. The news rarely has anything positive on it these days so I never watch it. Senseless wars, terrorism, child/senior/animal abuse, thieves, murderers etc. are the epitome of evil and we just cannot perceive how these things even happen and it tears us apart inside. We crave peace and serenity.

You have a strong inner "knowing" or intuition – I have found since I was a small child, my gut feelings were never off, albeit I rarely listened to them until I became an adult. The older I have become, the more my intuition has been developing. If you do not have guidance growing up when it comes to being an empath (which I didn't) then you unfortunately have to learn the hard way almost every single time. Always trust your intuition because it helps us to make informed decisions based on circumstance and feeling.

In conclusion, these are the most prominent of the signs of being an HSP that I have encountered. There are also many more subtle signs but I don't feel they are relevant to me so much. Us empath's are unfortunately painfully misunderstood if we encounter those who don't get what we are about. Perhaps we need to inform others we trust more often instead of hiding who we are. You need to embrace this gift you have been given and learn to control it as best you can. I will touch on that subject in a later blog post. Through awareness and consideration we can educate the world of our gift and make it a much better place to live through our loving actions and good deeds. Love & Light!

~ Cadence xoxo