Holy Saturday: The Power of Liminality

They take my body bound in linen
And lay it in a tomb hewn out of rock.
I can hear the echo of the large stone

Sealing it shut.

While outside the earth is a formless wasteland
An abyss covered in darkness,
I hear a mighty wind
Sweeping over the waters
Howling with grief and expectation.

Debilitating death incubating a power
Too great to be contained-
An indigo evolution on the threshold
Of a New Way waiting
For the energy to explode
In an iridescent aurora swept in
By The North Wind.

Let there be light.
And there is light.

In the earthquake the angel announces
I am not here.

Go to Galilee.
Go to Galilee.

© rita h kowats 2015

The poem harkens back to the Easter Vigil readings from the Genesis creation story and Matthew and Marks’ passion narratives.


Come Back

Come Back

Whirls around me, like a hurricane
In search of its eye,
Cavorting, contorting, convoluting
Around and around,
Down and down,
Careening toward
It plucks me up and flings me
Far and away from
Dissociated, aimless and exiled.

Come back.
Presence will wait.
Gather up your scattered and scarred ego
And bring it home to


© rita h kowats 2013


Synchronicity: Moments of Grace

The synchronous events of my life have been times of grace, when the movement of the Spirit pulls me into her essence for a moment, I am one….if I am paying attention.  Only if we live consciously, and expect synchronicity, will we truly encounter it.

A particular event that still moves me when I recall it happened while I met with a client.  She was unfamiliar with the term, synchronicity, so I illustrated it by recounting the Carl Jung’s story of the scarab beetle.  As with me, Jung was meeting with a client.  This woman had difficulty identifying and engaging her feelings.  As a scientist, she lived in a left-brain world.  She was in the process of telling Jung about a dream she had had the previous night which featured a beautiful gold scarab bracelet.  As she spoke, they heard a rattling at the window.  Jung went to investigate and found a rare scarab beetle, not often found in the area.  He brought it to the woman, held it out and said, “Here is your beetle.”  A rich and poignant conversation ensued.

When I finished telling Carl Jung’s story, my client stared at me silently for a while, then reached into her bag and drew out a photo.  Handing it to me, she said, “And here is your beetle.”  She had been on a photo shoot just the day before, and had caught a lovely still shot of a scarab beetle.  We sat silently in the mystery for a while.  I have no doubt that those events merged because it was simply time.  This moment of grace brought a message to both of us, a wake-up call, if you will.  It taught me that I am a catalyst of the Spirit when I pay attention to the promptings of intuition.  It validated the artistic and spiritual longings of my client.  Both of us subsequently worked with the symbol of the beetle to learn why the universe brought it to us in that way, in that moment.


Synchronicity is a powerful spiritual tool.  If we embrace it and cultivate our awareness of it, we will learn new stories about ourselves.