Labels and Emotional Imbalance

We use labels in order to identify ourselves. This can be detrimental if attachments and expectations begin to cling onto what you feel is "your role" in this life. Only because if we have built up a fantasy around this expectation, than it can send us in a downward spiral of despair when this doesn't work out the way we anticipated. We may end up feeling disappointed, rejected, or not good enough to reach this level of desire around what it is you are seeking or moving towards.

Labels are necessary and beneficial when we first need to understand a soul process or dynamic that we are going through. After that initiation, we will be energetically pushed to let go and surrender the outcome with trust and faith that our life purpose will continue to play out as planned. It may seem daunting to release control and let our guard down in order to become vulnerable. But there is growth and opportunity around being vulnerable. That means that we are able to be our true authentic self and feel all emotions openly. We cannot heal our core soul wounds until we can open up in entirety even in the face of fear and vulnerability surrounding our emotions.

There is an unhealthy stigma currently circulating in the throws of society that the idea of expressing emotion is unfavorable and unaccepted. The feminine is deemed "over-emotional" and the masculine are labeled as "pansies or wimps" when emotions are expressed. 

It is time for us to reach balance and conclude the past energies that have dictated to us how we should feel and express ourselves, with unhealthy values that we pass on to our children. Sensitivity is heart and soul-felt. To allow our self to be sensitive is the same as allowing our self to open the door to being vulnerable. Let love in. Be open to this healing within and without. ❤️

~Adeana Slater 


Return Of the Goddess. The Divine Feminine Rises and Anchors

The Divine feminine leading this Ascension has been pushed beyond their means to heal and rise above not only the emotional imbalances but the hierarchy of energy that has been displaced between the masculine and feminine over eons of time. This imbalance has caused much strife in humanity as a whole because we lack balance, equality, and the shared unconditional love we once felt and recognized towards one another. 

She has been pushed heavily to her breaking point, to release all of these old paradigms and conditions placed upon her. To heal the rejection, the abandonment, and the feelings of not only a lack of support from her counterpart, but absolute dissatisfaction and disappointment as a result. In a Patriarch dominating society, she has fought hard to become an equal voice with an equal chance to live in freedom without persecution. Without restrictions and boundaries placed upon her by a failing society. She is fighting hard to prove that her intelligence is of equal to the masculine. That her nurturing and quiet loving nature is needed and required to off-set the ego-centric and seeming angry dominance of the masculine who have held power and sway for far too long. Complete balance is required and necessary of both polarities in order to support the new Earth.

She has made significant progress to release not only the codependent relationship tendencies, desires, or expectations, but to continue to fight for her own self love, values, and independence. In her fight to stand authentically strong and true, she may lose those dear to her heart along the way. She knows despite the possibility of feeling like she is standing or fighting alone, she will never give up or relinquish the progress she has made. She is fighting a battle for the entirety of the feminine representation of humanity. If she is unable to hold steady without giving her power away, who will? 

The Divine feminine press on. They have no other choice with the progression, desire, and fortitude that is driven deep within the core of their soul. They are here to change the paradigm and will stop at nothing short of that. Their success and sheer determination is not only heart and soul driven, but divinely orchestrated and guided by Source Creator. ❤️

~Adeana Slater


Go With The Flow Of Life

The current energies permeating Earth and her inhabitants at this time, are intense. This divine energy brings with it love and light that is intended to strip away the last remanents of the old structures, but also uplift you simultaneously. This is to prepare you for the New Earth that has been created and is now available for all to begin integrating slowly. Even though the energy is intense and moving swiftly, the change is being implemented at a much slower speed for you to get used to this new reality. With that being said, the process is still "unforgiving" to those who wish to hold onto the old ways, out of fear. The lessons and hardships will increase in your life the more you resist this change. This is not punishment dear hearts, but to show you that it is a disservice to your soul growth and expansion, to go against the currents of Divine Will.

It is best for you to go with the flow in your moment to moment, everyday life. The old templates, beliefs systems, and dysfunctional patterns will continue to come to your full attention and awareness in order for you to transmute and heal these from your energy field. This may feel uncomfortable and leave you in emotional outbursts that doesn't seem to occur with "rhyme or reason." This is all a part of release. It's not uncommon to feel particularly panicked or anxious at times. These feelings may increase as you are getting used to the frequencies of the New Earth. Since it's unfamiliar to you, it will leave you in uncertainty and can come on suddenly as you will feel "unsettled." These are all normal responses to what is occurring with you, for you, and all around you. You are encouraged to step forward into this unknown territory with courage, and be proud of the progress you have made for you will continue to move in great strides towards self discovery and endless possibilities. 

Most souls will be able to evolve into the 5d templates with ease. Some however that do not choose to evolve out of fear or are stuck in low frequencies, will leave this Earth. They will be unable to withstand the intensity of the love and light energy permeation, and will decide to exit this Earthly realm. 

Rest assured that although the magnitude of this Ascension and healing has never been done before, all is truly well and going according to the Divine plan, as it should be. ✨?✨

~Adeana Slater


Forgiveness IS Freedom

Most of our lessons and soul growth comes from the most unfavorable situations or circumstances. It is often people or events that enter our life and seem to present challenges in which we are forced to deal with head on. If pain or upset is triggered in us as a reaction, it can lead to bitterness and a feeling of anger. As we put up these blocks to our heart, we close ourself off to experiencing love. The more these energetic blocks stack up, the less we are able to give and receive love from others. Our heart space begins to close more and more as life goes on. 

Remember to see the positive in all things. Rather than choosing to wallow in self pity and victimization, open up your soul awareness and see the higher perspective. Often times whatever we were challenged with also offered us the most significant soul growth and lessons. We do not often learn by the best of situations, but by what we deem as the worst. The reason for that is we are unable to truly appreciate what is good, until we have experienced the opposite in comparison. It is by this important lesson that we choose to act or react differently towards others, so that we do not inflict the same "trauma" as was done to us. In order to learn how we want to behave, we must first learn what's unfavorable or unacceptable to us. 

As we all begin to release the ego dominant grip on our human psyche, we will all begin to energetically trigger one another into a cleansing and healing dynamic. This involves shedding all suppressed emotions, and unhealed parts of ourself. What no longer resonates with our soul during our personal evolution, will come to the surface for us to purge and release. Be patient and forgiving with yourself as well as with others during this difficult and painful process.

It is by the power of forgiveness that you can remove these shackles from holding you back as you continue to move forward. The more you are able to let go of the pain and agony you choose to carry with you, the more you become lighter and lighter as a soul. Your projected heavy heart will begin to ease and open up slowly, the more you can release all of these impediments that are keeping you from experiencing the love you deserve. ☺️

~Adeana Slater


Angels And Spiritual Guides; Your Unseen Audience

We are never alone when we choose to incarnate into this Earthly realm. The reason why is because Gaia is known to be the most difficult "school" for souls. We chose to incarnate here in order to learn lessons and grow as a soul. Once we get here, we experience amnesia. Rightly so, because if we were aware of each hardship or lesson beforehand, we would be prepared and ever ready to "ace" what was placed in front of us. If you were to walk around in complete awareness, then you really wouldn't be learning anything at all. It is by the element of surprise or the act of getting caught off guard that you learn the most. Not only by the circumstance itself but by the reaction. How we react becomes our ultimate reality by the perception we choose.

Our goal as a soul is to stay on the path that we have chosen "as predetermined" before incarnation. But once we get to Earth, it's not only amnesia that steers us away from our chosen destiny, but other factors can come into play which can cause a detour or distraction. This can come from hereditary templates, religion, race, location, societal programming and expectations, monetary means, education, children… Just to name a few. 

To keep us on our chosen path, we do have angels and guides that communicate with us as our unseen audience. Most of us are unaware that they are even there or exist, because we don't see or hear them. But they are the whisper in your ear, the song you hear, the phrase on TV, the number you see on a license plate, intuition, the tone in your ear, the goosebumps or chills when truth is spoken, the déjà vu feeling when you are meant to pay attention…
The ways are endless.

Earth has a very specific Cosmic Law called "Freewill" and this ultimately means that no "outer means, energy, or beings" can influence you or your incarnation directly without your permission. The conundrum is that very few even know that they have angels and guides surrounding them, let alone, the knowledge that you need to ask for help directly and specifically.

Rest assured that your soul team is standing by, ever ready and just awaiting for your word and permission. They will be eager to receive acknowledgement, let alone to be able to step in and assist. I've used this awareness to ask for communication via certain words, songs, or number sequences to mean specific things for me. This has helped me immensely on my own journey and I've learned to trust my soul team's guidance and messages as they have proven to be very accurate and inspiring.

You are never alone. Life can seem very difficult at times when our lessons and growth are intensified to the utmost degree. Find comfort in knowing that you do have help and support. Call upon them and be sure to show gratitude when you receive and understand the messages given. ❤️

~Adeana Slater


The Ability To Manifest Your Deepest Desires Into Reality

The biggest key to manifesting your reality is by intention. The reason why that is, is because the desires you wish for the most need to be pure of heart and proven beneficial to those involved.  Since there is no such thing as sin or judgment, we go into the Law of Intention which is the fuel to starting the hopes and dreams you hold most dear to your heart. ?

The intention you set does need to correlate with your life theme and specific soul journey in your here and Now. Often times, when we first decide on a desire, we use the power of thought as a way of bringing this to our attention. We first think about what we desire most, then we are able to set our intention. This can be stated out loud with purpose, or written down. The goal of intention is to express how or what you desire will be of the most benefit to you, others, and the positive outcome as anticipated for the betterment of all involved. 

Once we have thought about our manifestation desire and stated it clearly with intention, we are ready to visualize this reality with gratitude. We can use the mind's eye to bring this clearly into our vision field. Like a movie, we can play out the scenes or outcome in our mind. Another way to visualize is with a "vision or dream" board. This is when you use pictures or phrases on a poster, in order to clarify the outcome of what you wish to bring forward in your reality. What you are picturing or paraphrasing needs to be that "which already happened." It is with complete faith, trust, and gratitude that you bring all things to fruition. 

The last and most important action is to thank the universe and source creator for that which you have already received. Gratitude is the driving force to experiencing blessings and for "good will" to continue to those who are the most appreciative for that which they are gifted with. This also ties in with the energy of abundance that you send out into the universe and will come back to you with MORE of what you are sending out. 

Some common reasons for self-sabatoge with manifesting is impatience, ill-intention, negativity, or revisiting your "idea" with analytical and ever-changing agendas. Once you have your thought, stated your intention, used visualization with gratitude, you are done! There is nothing more to do, but to let it go and trust that what you most desire, is on its way in divine timing. ?

~Adeana Slater


Placing Healthy Boundaries or Complete Removal in any Relationship

It is important for you to first drop any and all labels of your current relationship or situation. If you can release the labels that you have placed on it, you will automatically loosen the grip that you have that surrounds your expectation or attachment. These attachments or expectations don't have to be yours specifically, but most likely society-based or hereditarily engrained.  

This doesn't necessarily apply to a love situation. It can be friends, family, or co-workers. Most of us are unsure when it's time to either temporarily or permanently remove ourselves from those we hold dear to our heart, as the relationship has become toxic or no longer healthy for us to nurture or reside in.  It will be tailored to your own specific situation, desire, and truth. Each relationship may be different as well. For instance, you may have more patience with one soul connection over another. It will always be your choice and reasoning. There is no right or wrong answer.

You are encouraged to feel your own inner truth with complete discernment and intuition. You have ALL of the answers within yourself if you are willing to feel what your heart is guiding you to do versus the ego-analytical mind. If you can learn to trust yourself, you will begin to feel your way and come to an understanding in any relationship, based on experience and reason. The more practice you have, the easier it will become for you. 

It truly makes a difference in who you choose to interact with. Others can either make a positive or negative impact on your life. Try to see the positive even from what you would deem as a less-favorable or less-desired relationship of any kind. Most likely there are hidden lessons or periods of growth offered in these specific interactions, however unfavorable they may seem on the surface. Most likely, they have come into your life to trigger your soul into a cleansing or healing. We should always give thanks and gratitude to the souls who enter our life however temporary or permanent they become, since they all aid in our spiritual growth in one form or another. 

You don't, however, want to give your personal power away to someone who is going to be disrespectful, unkind, or unsupportive to you repeatedly. After several episodes of mistreatment by this person, you need to re-evaluate your situation. At this point forward, it's best to communicate with them personally and face to face about how you feel. If they acknowledge your upset and continue to hurt you and mistreat you, you can choose to speak to them about it again, or simply walk away and remove yourself entirely. Only you will know as to what degree they violated you and what understanding or agreement your personal communication with them, has brought you. 

Communication is key to the success of all relationships no matter the label or dynamic. Regular, clear, honest, open, face-to-face communication is absolutely necessary in order to build the strong foundation of any partnership. Without it, even the most lasting will begin to crumble and peel away. The new paradigm demands this and anything else will fall away with the old templates of yesteryear. ❤️ 

~Adeana Slater


Presidential Election: The BIGGEST Illusion

If you listen to the media, you can see how the current US Presidential election has disillusioned the American people the most as hatred and unkind words are being spewed forth to all who will listen. There is bantering and bashing, friends are now acting as if they are enemies. The election in itself is already proven to divide the people and to make us all feel like we are separate, rather than joined together. We have the illusion that "hatred" has won, and if this is the experience that you decide to take from it, the Dark-side has temporarily won you over yet again as you choose to live in fear.

Although the elected Presidential outcome is temporarily causing most of us grief and upset, it is the biggest trigger to your heart that change is needed and crucial. Sometimes the seeming "divide" needs to occur first to show everyone how truly important it is that we do stand together as ONE in peace, love, and harmony. In truth, the President is not the one in power. It has always been the politicians who fund them into power. The true voice of the USA is of the people and if we can see that truth, we can stand together and be the voice that will triumph over the politicians who will always serve according to their own selfish agendas.

Alter your perception and know that true change occurs from within before it is reflected into your outer world. However small or significant rules or laws may temporarily cause you anxiety or strife, know that you have the power and ability to rise above any hardship placed before you. You have the strength, courage, and ability to see right through this illusion and how it is not only affecting you, but everyone around you. If you can be the voice of reason and bring forth positivity, just like a domino-effect, you will also inspire others to change their perception and choose to see things differently as well.

True change and energy occurs within you and is emanated outward. Choose love. Choose to stand with your fellow brothers and sisters in peace and harmony. See the harm with division and see the truth of oneness in your heart. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Open your mind to the higher awareness that is being brought to your attention. Evolution is on the horizon for all of us and your experience and reality can be as free or as restrictive as you desire it to be. ❤️

~Adeana Slater


Law of Attraction; Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

The Cosmic Law of Attraction states that, "like attracts like." We are energy-based beings that transmit a certain electromagnetic frequency and energy vibration that attracts those most like us, to us. These bonds will become natural and when you meet those who seem to share in similar frequency and vibration, you hit it off easily and quickly. There will be a sense of knowing them before as you seem to "pick up where you last left off." This could be in the form of soulmates with whom you have lived a past life with and are already familiar. 

Now we are all evolving and changing as we ascend into higher levels of consciousness. I've mentioned before that as we grow and change into the higher aspects of ourself, we will also begin to attract those most like us and intermittently fall away from those with whom we no longer resonate with. This is the Law of Attraction in the physical form, but there is also the Law of Attraction "in thought" that is the most powerful of all. 

Our thoughts and perceptions of situations and circumstances are what fuels us into action and reaction. When something happens to us that we "deem" as tragic or unfavorable, we get to choose at that very moment in time, how we want to respond. Often times, there are two distinct versions of reaction: negative or positive. The negative reaction may cause you feel anger, vengeance, sadness, depression, or victimized. The positive side may show you soul growth, lessons, gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation, love or any and all combinations. You may wax and wean with emotions between the negative and positive view points, changing direction as your pendulum of perception also swings to and fro. This is a very natural reaction to any given situation.

You have the power to choose how you want to react and ultimately view your position. When that pendulum stops swinging back and forth, and comes to a halt, you have an important decision to make; what do you want to learn or take away from this experience? Your choice perpetuates your thoughts and then becomes your reality. 

How we create our reality most is through thought and visualization. The more you think it, the more you visualize it, and then create this to be your experience. If you choose to attract more "negative" thoughts in any given setting by the energy you visualize and send out into the universe, this all gets attracted back to you. You may continue what you desire to experience less. You again, have the power to change direction at any point in time by shifting gears and deciding to view things differently. 

As we are increasing in consciousness collectively this becomes a common struggle for most. To not only recognize when we are triggered into an unfavorable reaction, but to have the awareness to change it before it perpetuates too far and too long. There is of the utmost importance for us to learn how to process information differently, knowing that all things happen for a divine reason. It's not for us to decide what happens to us and who we meet, but we certainly have the choice in how we wish to respond. Your degree of happiness essentially becomes determined by the quality of your thoughts, and the power of attraction will take it from there… ✨

~Adeana Slater


Shift Your Perspective. Face Your Fears

Often times a dissatisfactory event occurs to show us what we need to work on the most to heal and grow as a soul. When a situation "triggers" a reaction in us, we can very easily spiral out of control with our perpetuating thoughts, which fuels our "upset" to continue in full force and longevity. It takes conscious awareness to recognize when you are reacting to a circumstance. The challenge for most is to not only realize the autopilot response, but to have the ability to stop it as soon as you notice that it has pushed your buttons in an unpleasant way. 

Once you are able to stop the reaction, you have the choice and ability to look deep within yourself to see what or why you were triggered in the first place. What belief system, expectation, or emotion became challenged the most? Why? You may have to talk it out with yourself, or journal it. Sometimes we aren't aware of why we are bothered until we dig deep within to find the root cause. We may find that our "inner child" needs nurturing or healing from an event or situation we experienced in childhood. It's not uncommon for most of us to carry with us feelings of rejection, abandonment, or not being "good enough." These belief system installments were engrained in us collectively and were passed on for thousands of years from generation to generation. These deep wounds that you are carrying may not be from this lifetime, but the culmination of many life times that you are now ready to heal and release once and for all. 

How we are able to heal and release triggers is by loving ourself through it with patience and understanding. Once you have discovered the root cause, you can choose to shift your perspective. Often times it just takes our conscious awareness in order to most effectively heal and transmute. Some of the deeper wounds may be released unconsciously in the dream state or by expressing the emotion and allowing the tears to flow in order to be felt, healed, and let go of. A major misconception in today's world is that expressing emotions is a sign of weakness and vulnerability. This is furthest from the truth. It is through our sensitivity and freedom of self expression with emotions that allows us to become intuitive and able to connect intimately with others. 

Rather than run away from what triggers or terrifies you, have the strength and courage to face it head on. These patterns will continue to show up in your life until you heal them completely. We are in a time period of transformation now where all of us are in the process of letting go of all things, situations, belief systems, and relationships that no longer resonate with our soul truth or path. The more you run "from yourself" and avoid healing, the harder the lessons will become. You are encouraged to shift to a higher perspective with the intention of self love and for the betterment of ALL. ? 

~Adeana Slater