Blue Wind

Oh when the wind carries tears


Oh when the wind carries tears and I stoop to gather my longing for you

And when tenderness and love disappear in rainfall dancing the forward beat

Oh when we say we were both to blame forsaking our unspoken desires not even promises

And we had just trembled in each other’s arms and kissed each other’s eyes


No more a chance of a moth around your light being silent in your shadow

And it’s come to this, not even the moonlight can show me the way

To climb the starlight on which you bask, the grains of sand your might

As underneath the golden moon, I lay breathing your reflection in the night


And I think of you every waking moment, missing your every single heart beat

And must I gather up your relics in my hands ashen to the night, there will be quiet

And I miss your every single breath, climbing down your mountain unattained

Whispering your name that you don’t hear, whispering my fear of being so near


Another moth around your flame, the hurt of the stillness is the same

Who can say there is no regret for we had met beheld

There is no regret, yet the sable eagle soars the peaks and glides on falls of sunlight

There is no regret, yet the wind cradles my tears towards the moon light, each drop forgotten


Copyright: Manuel Corral 2013


Sea of Dreams (poem)

Sea of Dreams




Don’t you see, before we bleed

Don’t you understand it can’t be

Don’t you want to be free of me

Close your eyes smile




You know what could have been

All your space your heart is free

Hold your head high another look another smile

Walk right past me to my sea of dreams



The future holds no escape

Now the moment of life

Nothing and all now and forever

Yesterday’s today another day



More light, more darkness

And you not beheld by what you want  to see

Well I’d come running to brush your hair

Crawl to tie to your shoes


 Sink to my knees dive into your sea

Fall into your eyes to get lost for eternity

Well I’d count to three before you could see

Walk with you in your dream of tears


 I’d stand on your shore and swim the dance of stars

Watch the sun fade slide away to another day

Is it me I can’t remember the day I showed you my pain

You taking my sorrow not what could have been tomorrow


 Listening to see the words roll on for you and me

They say it takes two to make a cut

Twice to measure once for the pain

Three tears in the rain washing the stains


Dreams to engage and compromise

Look at the observer who is you

Look at the observer inside and outside you

Look at what you see the one beyond time


 The one that is inside and out

The beholder by the stair climbing the needle’s gaze

To see slender styles of trees dancing the breeze

Watching me waiting for me to dive into the sea of dreams




Copyright: Manuel Corral 2007