I know where I have been and I know where I must be,
I pay no heed to what all expect from me.
The world is mine to see whenever I feel the need,
 I wish to sing my tune to the multitude,
 Succumb to pressures not, it is my own accord,
I wish to live to time that only I can claim.
No longer will I live based on all my history,
for someone else’s needs that they expect from me,
Demands I won’t accept for my own self respect.
 Following my bliss, it’s the only place to be,
and to whatever it is I feel aligned to be.
My life is mine to live and mine alone indeed
 so why would I exist in someone else’s deeds.
 I feel so much within, the light you just can’t miss,
it radiates from me like honey to a bee.
Eyes that all would see are full of love for thee
so tell me why indeed my life I should foresee.
Staying on my path for this I know I must,
to live a life of love in all I see and have.
SJ~ Copyright 2013




While reflecting where I have come from,

the paths I have walked,

the stones I have stepped on,

the walls I have brought down

brick by brick,

the people I have met,

the lessons I have learned,

the experiences I have gained,

I realise that I can’t compare myself to nobody

for I AM unique in knowing

perfection is not possible to

begin with.


I never need to judge myself

harshly for I AM authentic so

I will not torment myself

by making unnecessary comparisons,

I will only measure my heart and its wisdom…


The way I see my Path,

my efforts are sincere and appropriate,

and that is all that matters for I can place

my head on my pillow at nights knowing

I have done my best with my intentions

that come from a place of love, ethics,

value, respect and integrity.


I AM happy with all that has transpired in

my Life, I AM happy with Whom I have

found in ME.

SJ Copyright 2013





Let it go, let it be, it was once yours, but it was not meant to be,

a purpose it did serve, without any of your consent.

The clock ticked, the moment gone, once promised to you but not anymore.

It was a fantasy you see but it was never meant to be,

time stood still for only you to see,

a lesson it had been for you to look within.

Now naked and exposed, it is your duty to divulge,

the truth was never lost, you just had to look beyond.

What promised your life to transform is now forever gone,

for a veil we can use to cover all that’s true,

a further look inside promises the world a sight,

but we must never be exposed for our fear to be shown.

Is fear all there is for us to create this masterpiece,

or is this mask our only friend to keep us so afraid,

not all is what it seems so we need to look within.

The truth is ours you see for all the world to see,

no longer should we be for darkness to exist,

the shows we once believed, no longer ours to live.

The light we feel come through, from deep within our core,

no longer we resist the need that’s ours to exist.

The veil we must lift in order for all to see,

the time is here now for us to BE.

No longer are we slaves for all that once we craved,

our senses made us feel of all it is we need,

a life of love you see in order to be FREE.

In this world we must exist for our purpose to fulfil,

no longer we predict what was written in our script.

SJ – Copyright 2013