The Teacher Appears

Born God Freedom = Culture Equality Power Cypher! Freedom justice and equality! The Jewels Food Clothing and Shelter! I want what every hueman wants 2 B at Peace! The 9 forces that control my equilibrium! Attraction, repulsion, cohesion, dissimulation, assimulation, creation, projection, reception and intuition! Which help me utilize the 650 muscles that cause these bones 2 navigate the 9 worlds of man! Skin, muscle, nerves, blood, bone, breath, mind, sensual and spirit only then can I use the 5 elements! Ether, air, fire, water and earth! There R 3 paths 4 a man! Knowledge, devotion and action! Without the 5 steps 2 proper conduct! Observe, weigh-up, judge, decide then act! A man can follow neither! LISTEN! Thought travels at 24 billion miles per secondd, light travels at 186,000 miles per second, sound travels at 1,120 feet per second, your nerves communicate with ur brain at 224 miles per hour! So if U blink U miss it! The 5 stages of learning! Silence, listen, learn, retain and teach! I remember! How the Old Left the Young Basic Instruction B4 Leaving Earth! It was 66 books, 1,189 chapters, 21,093 verses, 773,692 words and 3,586,489 letters! After all that U should B able 2 develop physical mental spiritual and moral 7 dimensions of the original man’s mind I use physical mental spiritual emotional self soul and will! I Self Lord And Master! My perception thought attitude feeling and behavior R in order! My house is not divided! (+ – x -:- ) these 4 symbols represent 4 kinds of people! The straight up person, the dead person, the person of action, and the liar mischief maker! Remove all obstacles and there are 2 formulas 4 success! Success = 10% technique + 90% action Success = thought + purpose B4 I could consider any success I had 2 B a master at fixing repairing and straightening out illogical irrational unrealistic thinking! I could not B a victim of unjustified anger. Ineffective responses 2 an uncontrollable situation! Nor can I believe the illusion of practicing same behaviors         

“People say they want the Truth! They don’t want it! When you give it to them! They hate you for it! They ask? “Why Did You Open My Eyes”! Some People! They are so Blind no matter how many times you tell them the Truth! They won’t see it! If You tell me the truth? I love You! I thank You for it! Even if the truth is about me! and it opens my eyes about my faults!”