Ring of Truth

On a freezing solstice day love found a place within her heart,

As it penetrated each darkened recess within, the residual shadows dissolved.

Shade was replaced with clear incisive knowledge,

This was the one she had waited for over lifetimes.


This love she knew to be true. 

The one who would bring light to her wounded spirit and

renewal to her heart stood before her.

As the shadows fell upon the icy ground, the ring of stones witnessed the commencement of a love story.


The long cold night would end, lighter days lay ahead.

Her days would now grow brighter with the knowledge

that her ring lord had found her.


The ring that has neither beginning nor end but binds eternal love,

is the mark of the wisest and most just of men,

descended from the shining ones

whose light shall bless the earth once more.


Rejoice the Yule tide solstice, the cycle of the old year ended

A new and bright creation starts at dawn.

Mother Earth is well pleased and smiles upon her work, as the spark to weld two lovers hearts burns bright within a ring.