Things Left Unsaid

Things left unsaid

Emotions are craving to come out of me 

My heart bleeds inside 

Just making me realise 

Gal, your still alive..!


The pain given by you is so immense

That only my heart could take it

But my eyes couldn’t resist 

Tears rolled down slowly & smoothly 

Sharing my intolerable pain..!


I don’t know what made you say all that 

You knew it’ll hurt me and tear me apart

Still the thought of my tears didn’t stop you from saying it all..!


You call me your doll, your kid

And that’s how you treat me now instead

A doll to be played with when you are bored

A doll to blast off when your red with rage

A doll to throw away whenever you found no time to give it all..!


A kid to love 

A kid to tease

A kid to cry..!


What other significance is left?

You have given me everything

World’s best smile &

World’s worst tears..!


Still this bleeding heart beats for you

Cos you may change 

But your heart wouldn’t

I love your heart

Not the person you have become

I’m helpless with everything as

Things left unsaid..!


You And I

I never knew
I’ll meet you
I never thought
I could
I never believed love was true
Until you started to love..

Your laugh
Your smile
Your voice
Your choice
Your eyes
Your dreams
Are the things I admire
More than that
                                      Its you                                        
Whom I desire..

We got together
Came closer
Just to feel
The essence of close up
We went apart
Broke our heart
To know
How much we love each other..


That’s how we are
Crazy, stupid, loveable pair
To show the world
We don’t need a repair
We’re together
For now
Never try to bring us down
Cos that’s not possible ever..