Beautiful You

Don’t you know just how beautiful you are?

Why do you see what we do not

You look into your reflection as from a mind unworthy

But you are unique, there isn’t another you 

See what is inside you waiting to smile waiting to shine

You don’t need to hide in the shadows of your mind

In the darken hallways of what you have made

Harden from a tormented soul unsure of where to go

Come out in to your Light and see what we behold

In our hearts that is you, beautiful, beautiful you!




How Magical Are We

Many blessings to those that see beyond their own needs

That aid in others to bring about change

Starts with me and then you and ends in us

We all need to see that there is nothing we cannot do

If we just allow ourselves the risk of being unique

As we all are but have forgotten how to connect

To each other, to our space in our place 

To the neighbor next door 

In the town we live in to the country we hold as our own 

Where we feel we belong

To the people and places we see from afar 

In this world its life in all creatures who dwell here 

To the outreach of space planets we know of 

And those yet to be discovered and back again 

Pulling it all in holding it close to our hearts our minds our dreams

A harmony of man seeking beyond that which knows no boundaries 

To the thoughts unknown but to dream into reality that which we create 

How magical is that! How magical are we!




There Is One

There is One who catches my breath

One who sees deep within the walls I have surrounded myself in

There is One who knows the sorrow I cannot let go

One who leaves me wanting more

There is One who cannot count the days gone

One who loved singing their song

There is One that holds my memories

One who told me always, always, always

There is One that is here just behind me standing back

Sometimes to let me have the day without pain

One that holds dear what I cannot through tears

There is One that carries what I have dropped

One that carries me




Celestial Dance

To Dance The Dance Forgotten By Time

To Touch The Edge Of Rippled Vine

And See That All Has Been Misplaced

In Some Far Off Reach Of Space

Catch No Star Passing By

Slip Not On The Zephyrs High

Take No Chance To Stand For Long

For All Else Here

Will Soon Be Gone




The Land Of Fey

Shall We Venture Into The Land Of Fey

All Here Is Not As It Seems

Stay To The Pathway Follow Not The Flowing Streams

Leave The Pebbles Beneath Your Feet As You Cross The Archway

Cascading Into Magical Dreams

That Casts You Beyond  The World Of Man

One With The Power Of The Talisman

With This Wand Forever Traps You In The Sandmans Hand

Perhaps You Awake To Never Having Left Where You Looked Into The Pond

Now You Fear It Is More Than Luck That You Walk In Your Time

It May Be More Than A Faint Remembering  As A Pebble Rolls In Your Way

As You Go Back To Your Kind

Away From The Land Of Fey




Healing Self

You should be able to tell your love anything without having judgements placed upon your heart.

Should be able to but sometimes we don’t feel that we can share deep feelings, feelings of lack of self worth, of shame and blame and sometimes abandonment.

All of us feel these kind of things from time to time, sometimes they come up fast from almost nowhere and slap us back into moments from our childhood when we first felt them or when they were the very strongest that left such a deep impression never to be erased.  Perhaps even buried or covered over with grains of sand we call life.

For life does go on, each day bringing more and more things to fill up our gaps and put corks into the tops of bottles that are too full only to start on new ones with different emotions. So it goes on and on.

But you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

If you don’t want to make a collection out of the emotionally filled  bottles we either toss to the sea of our discontent or bury in the back yard of our minds and even try to escape from them all together by pretending they don’t exist.

You don’t have to!

After all why would you carry around with you what hurts so much and doesn’t resolve the hard sealed over spots in your mind that tells you that you are no good or not special or just not worthy.

For they are only feelings from other times to keep reminding you that someone, mom, dad, family, lovers or friends hurt you, made you feel heartache and perhaps even you hurting others like they have you.

Ask yourself, be completely honest, who has made you feel like this? 

Who has hurt you more than anyone? Or who have you hurt?     Others you love?  Yourself?  Who?

Where are you in your thoughts?

Feel deep inside in your heart, do you have abandonment feelings that keep you from wanting to end relationships that bring all the emotional stuff to the surface and keep it going and going making you more sad, depressed and lonely or empty inside?

It’s not easy steps to make changes in any of life’s issues, but it can be done, and you can alter what has taken you down roads that bring unhappiness and pain instead of joy and love.

The first step is getting honest with yourself.  If you can’t do that, you won’t be able to be honest with anything or anyone in your life.

Let yourself know what is and what is not working and make the necessary changes. Only you can do this!

Inside you are all the answers that can start the healing, if you just let it in.




Dead Man Walking

“Is this where my life has come?” I said

“I’m afraid so”  he replied “Nothing now can be undone” he said

How could I not see what all this has done?

“Sometimes we close our eyes to things that our heart knows is wrong” He says

Oh god I can’t bear to go through this!

“It will be the last act of your life, there is no need to see what is beyond this moment” he says

I hang my head and weep, some for me and some of those five hurt and killed without thought or care

At the time felt had no choice to, the demons that consumed me to cruel acts were stronger than I could fight against

Can’t really say I remember them other than their moans and pleadings, the power it gave engulfed me 

But now I stand here alone and scared of what is to be my death, death by hanging till I breathe no more

“Dead Man Walking” they say as I go with the guards in front and behind 

“Was there ever a time I had love in my life?”  I asked in the silence of the one that walks with me side by side

He said “yes you had lived with love but forgot its kindness and the loving touch of one that took your hand and pulled you out of the darkness of your youth”

Oh yes I do remember her now, she showed no fear when looking into my eyes

Then I remembered!  It was that look!  

That look, I searched for again and again and never found it, that is why they cried and begged as they could see that I felt nothing for them right before they slept forever

I say to him  “I’m sorry for the hurt caused by my torment”

He said “you will feel that torment again and when you accept it in love, then it will be erased”

Didn’t quite understand what he meant by that, but I know it will be harder than anything I’ve ever done before or even what’s  to happen moments from now

Even my neck breaking will not cause the pain of all the victims, all my victims 

“Dead Man Walking!”  they say on the long walk “Dead Man Walking”


The Waiting

I sat down upon a bench, waiting hands in lap

Waiting, still you not come to me

What shall I do then?

Time has passed, so many years now and as I wait hands in lap

Waiting, still you not come to me

Then one day everything changed

Saw that my hair turned white with the snow

Once golden like the colors of autumn leaves

As they fall silently touching down until wind stirs

Into a swirling dance of the cycles past and those that come

I sat down upon a bench, waiting with hands in lap

Waiting, still you not come to me

Oh how I long for you to take me home

As I bow my head in quiet prayer

Gently feel your hand on my shoulder there

I turn around and see your beautiful eyes smiling

Tears begin to flow, all the memories not forgotten

Oh my love, how I loved you then and love you now

As if no time has passed my heart be still

The blossoms of spring have now awakened from winter’s sleep

Petals shower my love for you on scented breeze

I wait no more




Soul’s Journey

I’m On This Road

To Where I Do Not Know

Was Put Down Upon A Path Unknown

Time Is Void Of All That Was

Life Has Altered In Ways

I’ve Yet To Trust 

Take That Step 

That Fear Controls

Is Hard To Do From 

Emotions Blackend & Blue

But Will Again 

When The Clouds Clear

And The Sun Shines

Wiping My Eyes Of These Tears

As A New Journey Begins