St Augustine,January 14, we took the noon launch into town, found breakfast for Ronald and soup for Sandra who has a cold. We then walked towards sailor’s exchange, I was feeling so tired and wanted to find Zicam for my cold. 

I told Ronald I would walk back to town to the health food store on the other side of the bridge. 

As the bridge came into view I knew I had no energy to walk over the bridge let alone find the health food store. 

I looked in several small stores but they did not carry Zicam. 

I went in to the marina store, used their ATM, looked for Zicam and found robutussin and other cold formulas.

I asked the ladies how far the health food store was from the marina. The shopkeeper proceeded to tell me of another bigger better store, but could not give me an exact location. I finally said,what I am specifically looking for is Zicam. A young blonde woman standing near the shopkeeper said she knew of Zicam, did not know where to buy it. I mentioned that my Dad had bought it at Winn Dixie. Meanwhile the shopkeeper with her European accent kept talking and talking and talking she said I could maybe get some at Walgreens. The blonde woman said she could drive me to a store if I could just wait a few minutes until she was done at the Marina store. 

After waiting a half hour she finally came out of the store apologized and said I guess you won ‘t make the 4 o’clock launch. I agreed and said no worries I can get the 6 o’clock launch. We started walking together towards her car. She suggested I wait on the bench because her car was parked a good ten minute walk from us. 

I sat on a high curb above the sidewalk and waited for Susan. We had exchanged names and I asked what kind of car should I look for. It did take about ten minutes during which time I scooted out of the way of bicycles, dogs and people as they passed me on the edge of the very sunny curb. I was happy to be sitting down,warm and inhaling sun rays. 

After I climbed into her white SUV,Susan and I shared our stories. She and her husband have moved here from the Midwest. They have 2 kids in college and one daughter is enjoying high school in Florida. 

Susan was awed and amazed that we have been living on a sailboat for 2 years. She could not even begin to wrap her mind around the situation. 

As we were driving to Winn Dixie, the first choice, to find Zicam,she said she was going to buy a bottle of champagne.  Susan hesitated a bit took a breathe then said well I guess I can tell you, you are a stranger. I laughed and said whatever you tell me I won ‘t tell your friends. 

She again hesitated for a minute and then shared how a dear friend ‘s Aunt had just passed and he had inherited a lot of money from the Aunt. She continued and said that their friend called and wanted to give them some of the money because he did not need it all. Susan said that at the beginning of the phone conversation it was a gift of $50,000 by the end of the conversation he was giving them. $100,000. 

As I was duly amazed and awed by their friends generosity. Susan did say that their friend had taken care of himself first by paying off his mortgage and other loans. 

As we pulled into the Winn Dixie parking lot Susan said she thought she could afford a bottle of champagne to celebrate their good fortune. 

We met at the courtesy counter I with my Zicam and Susan with her $9.00 bottle of Cook’s champagne.  

My Zicam cost more than her bottle of champagne, I wonder if I would have sprung for the $20.00 bottle?