Stretching Out

Take my hand, Lord I’m reaching,

My arm extended

Barely able to touch you. I stand on

The edge of the far side of this shadowy cliff,

As high as I am able to bare, the sight

Of you, Lord, causes my eyes to blister from

The crystal like brightness of your beauty. The

Sun truely shines upon you.

Your face, so gentle, but solemn, Lord

Have mercy on me, embrace my hand and let

Me walk with you through the thresholds of

Heaven. Your name Lord, upon my lips. Protect me

From the rugged speech this world has incased 

Me in. Let me capture the expression in your warm

Enchanting eyes, the eyes of purity.  Oh Lord,

I’m stretching hard against the breadth of the

Snow white clouds, but yet, you’re still only

Just a little ways away.