Self-Love: is it the answer we all crave?

Imagine if we could see love… like really see it. Hold it, taste it, smell it, hear it. Proof!! A complete guarantee….LOOK NO FURTHER THIS IS LOVE!! Would that make it easier to jump right in? To unleash the heart that we guard so fiercely? To love back without hesitation? Do we need proof? is it not enough to just feel love in all it’s allusive glory? It’s certainly a risk because with feelings comes subjectivity right? and with subjectivity comes doubt, and with doubt comes fear!! Ah yes, FEAR! Do we trust it….love that is, do we trust love? Or is the real question do we trust ourselves?

“Love is what you are not what you need.” How beautiful!! We are love!! we ARE love!! WE ARE LOVE!! we already have all the love we require inside of us, the most intrinsic element of what we are has already been pre-wrapped into every fibre of our being, of our soul. We are made not of skin and bone, of flesh and blood….how can we limit ourselves to something so mundane? Something that decays so easily? Surely we are more than that? We are made quite simply of love….nothing more, nothing less. Our skin and our bones are merely a gift we borrow, a vessel that allows our soul to explore love within it’s earthly playground. Exploring love in all it’s forms, in all it’s shapes and sizes…

But then comes the idea that somewhere along the way we lost touch with it, with the true essence of what love is. Yes, we search for it everywhere we look! But could it be we somehow came to search in the wrong places? In fact, perhaps feeling we need to search at all is wrong! Have we somehow come to believe love occurs only on an exterior level?? Well if so, what kind of love is a love that isn’t born from self love? That can’t be true love can it? (and by true love I mean unconditional love, you know that ‘real’ stuff, the stuff that allows love to be love in all it’s imperfections, no restraints, no expectations, just love). Basically, If love is not received by love itself….well then, is it not just a temporary fix? Something to fill a void?

What is love worth to you if you have not first come to love all that you are? And I mean truly love yourself, in the purest sense, inside and out, past and present, mistakes and failures, triumphs and tribulations…..the whole of you no matter how insignificant or scary or wrong that part may seem. If you cannot yourself love and accept all of you as you were, as you are and as you will be than how can you place any greater emphasis on a love found outside of yourself?

Again, Imagine if we could see love? Perhaps we might not have to imagine, perhaps it may be as easy as looking in the mirror…..there!! did you do it? And did you see the person looking back at you? No I mean did you REALLY see them?? That’s love in its authentic and purest form. Thats the love that no one can taint or take away from you or disappoint you with, that’s true love, everlasting love.

And what if you were to give yourself the gift of a smile? A wholehearted smile, one that is not marred with false intentions or laced with caution and insecurities. What do you see…a smile back? Well that is exactly what love looks like, you’ve just seen it for yourself. It may seem ‘corny’ or far-fetched or perhaps even a little self indulgent but if you want a simple answer than the ‘search’ for love goes no further than right here, at this very moment . There is no eternal struggle, there is no missing piece, what you’ve yearned for for all this time, it’s here staring you right in the face. Can you feel it? More importantly can your soul feel it? Your truest self, stripped of ego and limiting beliefs staring back at a familiar face that’s been there all along?

Keep smiling!! Keep smiling until you fall in love again and again with the reflection that greets you in the mirror, for she is your vessel chosen by your soul to assist you on this grand journey of light and love. She is ready and she is waiting!! There is no greater love than the love we offer ourselves, because in creating this love we eliminate what we once believed we ‘needed’ or ‘wanted’ and ultimately release ourselves from the desire to control. Instead we become love, our truest self, our purest form and share this freely with those we encounter, not with the placement of conditions or expectations of repayment, but for no other reason than to share the beauty that is unconditional love.

So indeed we can see love!! Really see it!! And it all begins with us; the individual. Is that enough proof? enough proof that love is all there is? enough proof to let yourself go? Let go of all your fears and doubts about love? Of heartbreak and rejection? Time to throw yourself in….no safety net!! Because at the end of the day there is no promise quite as secure as the promise to love oneself!


The contradictions in seeking the truth and what it means for those on the path of spiritually and the healing of humanity.

For all the truth seekers out there, for all those who question the meaning of life, those who find the answers in the questions and the questions in the answers. For those who emerge themselves in the simplicity and complexity if life, who find themselves delving deeper and closer yet further and more distant from the truths of our existence here and beyond. Those torn between an understanding of our immediate reality and the need to intertwine with the mysteries that lie beyond what we accept as ‘reality’. Welcome to the beautiful contradiction of all that is and all that is not.

Whether you call yourself a lightworker, a healer of humanity, a philosopher, a sociologist or even a divine master having a human experience, or all of the above, there is one thing we all have in common, we feel an overarching purpose to deliver humanity from its current upheavals and disillusionment and back towards the light and to oneness. If you are like me though, it is becoming more apparent that usurping this task is no easy feat because within it comes our own inevitable journeys of self discovery, a journey that comes with what seems like a lot of questions and little answers, a journey shrouded in contradiction.

The beauty of a contradiction, however, is found when we detach ourselves from the initial frustration that surrounds those of us who find ourselves actively seeking all that alludes to a definate ‘truth’ or answer to the questions of life. Those questions that extend to the meaning and purpose of life, the constant loop that runs around in our minds: why are we here? Why do we feel such extremes? How can the concept of the universe seem so intrinsically apart of us and yet so far out of our of reach? Indeed, when we propose these questions we immediately open ourselves up to a concept so subjective and omnipotent, one that can only be discerned through an extensive and thorough exploration of theories, ideas, concepts and experiences both individual and collective; an exploration which finds us caught in a complex web of what can only be described as a subjective and ever changing journey, unique to all those who see themselves as the ‘truth seekers’ of this life.

So when we ask ourselves ‘what is the meaning of this life and what is my place in it?’ What are we really asking? Again it seems we reach a point in which every answer is subject to a unique interpretation dependant on so many varying details, which can become very frustrating for us ‘truth seekers’ who seem to be surrounded with an innate desire to crack the code of one of the most asked yet seemingly unanswerable questions.

At this point it may be appropriate to delve even deeper and ask ourselves who or what in us is asking the question? Why do we so fervently desire an answer? Do we believe in knowing we will be able to perform our tasks for ourselves and humanity with more efficiency and understanding? Is it a questions of the mind? And if so is it being asked in order to fill a void? Is it asked out of selfishness? Is it fuelled by the ego in an attempt to grasp something that is perhaps designed to stay unanswered? Are we once again placing ourselves in the role of Prometheus? Trying too hard to steal fire from the gods, or in this case bring a divine answer into a realm in which it is not supposed to exist? A scary thought! Or could it be the over-arching whisper of the soul or higher self pushing our human form to take the blinders off, which have been increasing rapidly with the evolution of our society since the beginning of time. The blinders which seem to have us chasing ‘happiness’ within all that is external to us, that which exists in our overwhelmingly materialistic and technologically driven modern society.

The most accurate answer at this point, as far as I can see, is both! Indeed it is both mind and soul, a union of ego and the true self, working together yet at the same time fighting one another in a complex competition between what is true and what is false about our existence, here and wherever else our essence chooses to dwell.

The mind itself is a powerful thing with it’s innate ability to betray, trick and confuse those who are both aware and unaware of its power, indeed for those of us who find ourselves on this path of self- discovery this is something we know only too well. Therefore, it seems, that any question we ask, any theory we create or explore, any answer we tell ourselves is the ‘truthful’ and ‘objective’ final destination of all our pondering is but a creation of our own beautiful and necessary yet, somewhat clouded and confused minds. It is because of this that all we read, believe, discover and attach ourselves to is ultimately and in some way manipulated and subject to the individualistic musings of every single complex and ever changing mind that has, does and will continue to exist within this realm that we call Earth.

So what does this mean for us seekers of truth and healers of humanitary discord? It seems that when working with the questions of mind, body and soul one can very easily find themselves caught up in a constant battle between all that is known and all that has been instilled by governing influences such as upbringing, personality, experience as well as our perceptions of a world that exists as exterior yet remains intrinsically a part and in no way separate from our own divine carnation. Indeed, when we choose to delve into the concept of ‘soul’ and what this means on an individual and collective level we arrive at yet another plane of questioning which is involved in the accessing and understanding of the meaning of life and the multi-layered truths between all that exists both in the past and present, as well as what may be needed in our ascent towards an unknown future. Basically, we need to simplify all our questioning so as not to get too caught up in it, an in turn allow ourselves more mind space to employ what we have learnt towards that goal we all have in common: a collective rising of consciousness.

In this we decide that whilst the questions we ask ourselves and our need to find the ‘truths’ that will bring our world closer to utopia may come, in some way, from the ego driven mind they are also found in the higher plane of the soul, and it is this plane which requires the most of our attention. Indeed it is interesting to ask, as our soul pushes us towards needing a deeper understanding of the life force and it’s nature within our humanity, is the soul looking to remember something it’s forgotten? Or to forget all that it has remembered? Indeed why should the soul need to ask these questions at all? Why does it need to remember or forget? Why does our soul crave to enter a union with a body subject to harm and fragility? Why does it agree to sacrifice all of its purity and understanding to the ego that exists within the physical mind? Why does it agree to surrender with complete willingness to be broken, tainted and corrupted at the risk of the vulnerability that exists as an essential part of the human experience? Is this the ultimate sacrifice of the soul? A sacrifice that you and I as ‘truth seekers’ must learn to accept and surrender to?

Indeed, the choice made by the soul itself is one of the most beautiful contradictions that can be alluded to in order to understand, grasp and ultimately come closer to the purpose of why all we see is necessary and intrinsic to the human experience as well as the evolution of all that it means to be a part of something that exists outside of the realm of our immediate reality. The contradiction that exists in all those who walk with us as brothers and sisters, as children if the universe, is of course what encapsulates, in my understanding, why the manifestation of both ego and higher self, mind and intuition, connected universal energy and stale, separate, self-orientated energy exist in all individuals living amongst the Earth. Both are just as important as it’s counter- part, both are needed, at least in some sense, in order for the duality of the individual to thrive in such a way that we are able to learn with complete understanding exactly what it is we need to learn, but only when we first learn it’s opposite. This alludes to the need for the soul, which we assume is all-knowing, to find it’s learning and thus find it’s advancement back to source through the well-crafted vessel of the human body, mind and spirit. The combination of all three provides the imperfectly perfect place for all that is and all that is not to come to fruition. For all that is separate and all that is unified to learn how illusions can distract us from what is part of our innate nature.

At this point we could begin to question wether or not the illusions are necessary; without the illusions hindering us might we be able to pursue that which burns deep within us? Might we be able to release all the we deem unnecessary and follow our true path which exists to benefit not only ourselves but the collective as a whole? In theory it seems without the illusions and all that we perceive as false, it is possible that we would indeed be living in closer union with that of a perfect world. However, if the soul has chosen to carry out it’s existence in this realm, a realm where ego does exist, where illusions exist, where responsibility exists and where emotional turmoil exists, is it not fair to surrender to the possibility that there is a rightful and necessary place for all these aspects within this particular realm at this given time? Is it not within this contradictions, albeit frustrating as they are, that we find the learning we yearn for? Indeed, if the perfect world existed here and now would there be a need for an existence at all? After all there is no learning in a perfect world.

I propose to you my fellow divine beings perhaps it is not a question of abolishing all that we perceive as blocks or destroyers of truth and true self, perhaps instead we must learn to live in harmony with them. Rather than fighting the ego or cursing it every time it seems to take over with relentless force, leaving us to question who we really are and why our behaviours so frequently display an inconsistency in our beliefs, perhaps we need to become the egos friend and accept it is just as much apart of us as say, a heart or lung. Perhaps the ego and the illusions we try so desperately to fight can be seen as a small child, who in their episodes of disobedience need not to be chastised or ignored but rather sat down and spoken to to, perhaps if the ego and illusions felt understood, accepted and free they would curb their need for rebellion and could be used instead in alignment with the musings of the higher self. What I am suggesting here is a new way forward in which we seek not the perfect world, or the perfect parents, or the perfects leaders, or the perfect experience, instead we find our ‘Golden Age’ and our ‘truth’ in learning to accept ourselves in our imperfectness, accept our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, lovers, friends and strangers in their imperfectness also and thus in doing so abolish the illusion of separateness or superiority above one another. Perhaps before us ‘truth seekers’ or ‘light workers’ can work to find the ‘truths’ that will erase the wars and disease in our external 21st century society, we must first work to erase the wars and diseases that occur in our own minds and in our interpersonal relationships, thus, bringing about a ripple effect and hopefully an ascension toward the ‘Age of Aquarius’, the age of Abundance, of Truth and of Oneness!

I know there are many of you out there like me who look far beyond our accepted reality and who wish to find the answers, the meaning and the ‘truths’ that will save us from war, famine, technology and the ever-growing illusion of separateness. I address this to you my fellow seekers of the ‘truth’ in the hope that perhaps we may find the beauty in the contradictions that surround us, that we may find solace in those who too find the journey of self-discovery so very difficult and yet so very rewarding. May we make peace with our egos and may we employ them in a harmonic relationship with the desire of our souls. Most importantly may we all find our own subjective ‘truths’ and continue to allow these ‘truths’ to change within the fluidity of their subjective nature, whilst never losing sight of that which does and will continue to drive us on our common path of seeking to abolish all the hinders us from our divinity, so that we may, in turn, deliver ourselves and all those who walk among us, now and in future generations, toward light, love and oneness.

My wish for you, ‘May you always seek the truth and revel in the beauty of all that contradicts it’…..