spiritual dream

(poem written when finishing a long night shift at a hospital)

Giraffe necks with pancake bodies

mix and match

Pancake face and pancake hat

And it was a house

And cancer was in the attic

And there wasn’t a staircase

to dissolve the grey matter

Whose holes smoked pure white

outside and inside the corridor

~I fly a floaty journey forty five degrees

Absorbed warth and firework gardens below.



the lemon tree

lemons grow on trees, hence lemon trees.

love grows everywhere hence love is all consuming.

you can pick a lemon and still have the tree,

still grow more lemons, the supply is endless as with love.

and in each lemon there is a pip that can grow

yet another tree, as with love.

soon a lemon grove, as with the grove, it needs

protection and water and sun, but it is the 

growers who help to keep it safe.

you are all growers of love.

together we can look after the whole world.

pip after pip after pip.




love is protecting,
love is consuming.
love is that kiss on your hand.
love is a curse.
love is a written word, a seal,
a ribbon,
love spills over and out and can
be spread throughout the world.
even rats love their offspring.


Healing loss

healing loss

As a rose drops its petals

I can see that the parting was


let sadness and hurt leave as 

naturally as that.

lift your mind higher than it

has ever been and you

will smell the scent of the

 petal  as it falls.