Divine Presence On A Lonely Night


The loneliness of the night,
When creeps in by the bed-side,
I can find someone near, 
Whispering close to my ear,
'Don't you worry, my dear, I'm near, very near.'

That whisper is solace to me,
And a cure to silent agony.
That whisper is a soothing call,
To take away my burdens tall.

A peace then happens to descend,
Putting the restlessness to a lovely end.
A magic seems to have spread,
That gives life to the heart once dead.



Reclamation Of Soul

Smile And Tears, Joy And Play,

Those Were The Things That Made My Day.

I Used To Frown, I Used To Fret,

With Flowing Tears, I Used To Get Wet.

I Had A Thousand Dreams In My Eyes,

For Which I Dared To Tell Every Lie.

A Fairy-tale Life I Had Been Waiting For,

Praying For It In My Every Hour.

My World Was Limited As My Age,

But Experience Taught As Goes The Adage.

Seeing The Bare Truths Of The World,

I Got To Know Being Human Worth!!!!!