The Search For I Poem



She searched far and wide,

To find the child inside,

Hidden deep behind a lie,

Herself without the ties.

Who was she?

Who should she be?

Who was she really?

She left no stone unturned,

Examined everything she had learned,

Everything she had burned,

Nothing was clear,

Between everything she held dear,

Everything she did fear.

Then the voice came LOUD,

I will lift your shroud,

You have strings,

Attached to so many things,

Love lost,

Love gained,

Love that cost,

Love that remains,

All of these are yours to keep,

On the surface or down deep,

They are ALL you,

You are everything YOU do,

The lies,

The ties,

The truth,

Lost youth,

Who should you BE?

Be here NOW with me.

Not then,

Not when,

Not soon,

Or tomorrow at noon,

This instant now,

No need to search for how,

You have always been you,

There’s nothing you ever had to do.