Easy, and Egos

Easy never “comes and goes”. Its visit’s brief, and no one knows exactly when it ‘comes’ and ‘goes’, cause no one sees it coming.

We’re too busy with our day today, to hold a door, or gently say,”Hi, how are you?”, or spare some change, rather than simply judging.

Sharing and caring’s more daring than NOT.But our Egos, as we know seem to veto the Thought.

I’ll share something that can’t be bought. No need for pennies for this thought: Be thankful for all that you’ve got, and be mindful of the needy.©


What Can, but Will Not.

What could be, can Not be without any faith

What could love, can Not love, while pursuing hate

What can change, will Not change if compelled with fear

What can grow, will Not if neglecting to rear

What lives, can Not live holding evil intent

What wants, will still want for it has No extent

What cheats, could Not cheat if preventing the ways

What rests, with un-rest has numbered its days.



The 5 Senses, and Beyond

 It is through His gift of Sight, that I am able to witness His works; so Harmonious and Balanced; the Seasons, which within our yearly Cycle, manifests Life, Death and Rebirth; the Continuance that is a Perfect, Circular Motion. It is how I am able to lay eyes upon the Natural Wonders of This Earth, and to Acknowledge the Primordial Architect behind such wonder’s. What a Blessing it is to Witness, and Praise this.

 It is through His gift of Hearing, that I am able to Listen to Others, and also, to Hear the Words of my Loved Ones. It is how I am able to hear the Melody of a Bird, and Praise Him in its song; the Melodies of the World- the Song of the Earth in Nature, and also, in the Nature of Man through Song, I can then Hear, and Listen for His Inspiration, which is Everywhere- Throughout the Universe, and Within Myself. Blessings are Abundant through the Gift of Hearing; when I choose to Listen for Him in All things.

 It is through His gift of Touch, that I am able to Feel the Earth in my Hands; that I am able to Grasp a Seed, though Small and Delicate, and Know that Within it, is Life which Sustains Life. The Earth is Tilled, the Seed is Sown, the Seed bears Fruit- that Man then must Harvest, and then Man Enjoys the Reaping of what he’s Sown; that in which He has allotted the Earth, and Man- thus the Labor Man Endures to Reap from the Earth; it is possible to Reap Reward from the Earth, but Not without facing Adjacent Futility.

 It is how I am able to Sense Pleasure and Pain; and to Praise Him in Both- if Man never experienced Pain, Pleasure would be Incomprehensible for Man to Identify with, and if never experiencing Pain, Man would never really come to realize their Own Pleasures, nor Another’s. Pain is why one Comprehends Pleasure, and How one Distinguishes from which of the two they’re Feeling; it’s also Why we Desire Pleasure and Avert from Pain. It is Consoling to the Soul to Turn to Him in Pain, and it is a Repair to the Body and Mind to Rejoice, and Praise Him in Pleasure; and to Thank Him for This.

 It is through His gift of Taste, that I am able to Partake of the Earth, and give Thanks for its Nectar and Nutrients. By this, I can experience the Flavors of the Earth and be Overcome with Awe, and Delight from the Myriads of Flavors within Its Recipe. He Provides this for Man, so I am Aware Not to Desire in Excess, and also, to make Certain, I Acknowledge Him with Thanks, in being able to Taste and Partake of that which the Earth Yields for Man as Food; as He Created and Intended for Man, In the Beginning. How Thankful I am for what He Provides through the Earth, unto Us.

 It is through His gift of Smell, that I am able to experience the Fragrance of flowers, Budding in Spring, and Blooming in Summer; the Scent of Cleansing after a Rainfall; the Aroma of food cooking in a Home. The many Reasons to Thank Him for the gift of Taste, so too in equivalence, are the Reasons to be Thankful for His gift of Smell. It is part of a small, but significant Fulfillment of Life; a Cycle- to smell food, and to also, taste food; the Smell-the Hypothesis, the Taste- the Conclusion. How Grateful I am for this gift, and all those preceding the 5th, for He gave us, each Sense, to enhance the Spiritual Aspect a midst this Physical World. I mustn’t Neglect Myself by Neglecting to give Him Thanks, nor Take His gifts for Granted.© 


A Chance for Hope, to Hope for Change.

Will a Universal Balance be respected? Will unrest among mankind, ever cease? Should our Hopes of better days become rejected? Or will these very Hopes, foundate a World of Peace? Though we may not know our Future, in the Present, What is for certain is, a Wheel comes back around. Without Repair, or, without a New Replacement It will collapse, and Destruction will abound. If we do not try, to set in place, a Motion, And disrupt the pre-set course of History. We then may witness, a Eternal Opposition; We can do Nothing, except Wait for that Forseen. But if by chance, there ‘ Becomes a Resolution’, When all the Fears and Hate, Depart Mankind. Our Unity, will Birth a Revelation, That, once we Witness this, No more, will we be ‘Blind’!©


The Ascension, then the Rose.

By the pathway of Ascension, I ascend, and by ascending, Arrive to a destination, To the likes, I’ve never seen. Shall I fear? Oh no, I mustn’t! So in Him, my heart has trusted, Then the illuminating clusters became aligned, as they appeared. In such direction I Desired, I chose a cluster I admired. Then the Voice of the Entirety said, ” This one’s Not for You.” So in hast, another’s chosen, and the nubula’s unfolding what’s concealed amidst its Glowing, exists the frozen Dew. By the path of my Ascension, I then Descend, and by descending, Returned to my Earthly dwelling, Where I then found the Rose. On its Stem, I noticed writing, and Assuming it, Enlightening, I thought, ” I could read the writing, if the rose weren’t so small.” Then with that Thought, the Rose grew mighty. As if it magnified beside me. ” Surely now, whatever writing, will be visible to see! ” But alas, as I inspected, the writing first detected, STILL! It was Not manifested, to a size which I could read.©


Reach Toward the Sun

A Rock said to a Tree, ” It is YOU I want to be!, Tell me, how can it be done?, How can I reach towards the Sun?” The Tree then Told the Rock, ” Be steadfast, and broad in stock. As rain cycles, You will see, You’ll reach toward the Sun, Like me!” Each year the Rain shows up on time, And thus each year, the Tree does climb. As for the Rock, each year it sees, Ends with prolonged Hopes, and Needs. The Rock asks, ” What’s going on?!” ” You must be doing something Wrong!” the Tree replied, ” If You can’t Grow, how can you see the Sun I Know?” Then on a Night, the Heavens Thundered. And the Lightening, thus did plunder, Upon the Tree, atop the Rock, The Lightening splintered its broad stock. The Tree made a mighty crash, A midst those, it shared its mast. What was once Cluttered, now is Clear, As the Dawn starts to Appear. While the Sun awakes the Day, The Rock Receives its Brilliant rays. Praise be to He, whos works be done, So I may Reach Toward the Sun.©


Sharing Faith

 If one could excercise faith toward Gd, in the ways in which they excercise faith in awakening from sleep, one would have No uncertainties about Gd.

 It is He, who provides without request, and it is He who offers protection, before we are ever aware of its need.

 He is the Column; Fortified and Mighty a midst the turbulant Waters of Chaos- the High Place(s) of the Earth, where He awaits for those who Seek after Him, to Find Him, at the points where the Heavens and the Earth meet, and co-extist eternally to reward those with Strength, Peace and Light; Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.©