The only “Truth”

Unreal cannot define the real, false cannot explain the truth:
In the world of things, I am a father, husband, brother, project manager, average height, slim, dark, confused, loving, fearful, miserable, happy, greedy, generous, kind, treacherous, fool, genius, weak, strong, showoff, fashionable, desiring, talking, thinking, judging, exciting……on and on it will go. I have infinite names but nothing grasps me, nor shall it. For I have no name, for I am NOT-A-THING. All is mine, but I lay no claim on them. Need is mine, but I have no need. Love is mine, but I need no love. I nourish and support. I stand and watch. I act and play. I live and experience. I am birth and death. I am love and I am hate. In the world of things, I am complex.
Out of this world, I am a simple being but for there is only me. I have no need, nor greed, nor love, no hate, no false, nor truth, all is as it should be, all is at peace, and all is beautiful. World will never grasp my nature, for nature is within me, I am not in it. When I emerge in the world as a realization in an instrument (body) then I am identified as God, Awareness, Divine, Enlightened, Holy. For world is full of names. I am you, like you, but being you I don’t want to know. Why to know, because in not knowing I experience fully. Even in knowing, I experience fully. Like all things I am realized in the world and I alone bring about that realization as I please. When you long for me, then in you, first light dawns of my true nature and inevitable is bound to happen, for it is I who has sparked that flame in you. I am not separate from you. Look deeper, you and I are the same. When all else is said and done, built and destroyed, I alone will remain. World needn’t stop, for false keep changing, so let it. Truth is unaffected, and stands alone. False can flint about, but I needn’t move. I am all that eyes can see, touch, feel and desire. If you see me, then you see me everywhere in the world. If all forms should dissolve I alone will remain. From One emerges many. Be still and…..know that I am. When I appear in this world, I am built monuments, surrounded by huge gatherings, broadcasted in the media. Simple then becomes complex. Doctrines are written, confusion is cause yet order remains. What does any of it matter for all is “I”?
You know me, for you are still and know that I am.