Everything about you is sacred, every essence of your spiritual and physical being is sacred. It’s your right that you protect yourself against others that will do you harm and take your sacredness away.
You have a responsibility, to your sacred self and to others to maintain this balance and to use your intelligence always when dealing with others, which you know will bring you down. You have a responsibility to maintain balance and not react to your emotions and give your essence away, no one is to blame, when you allow others to take it from you. You are responsible for whatever energy you send out.
The earth is our mother, she too is sacred, and we are sacred because of her, so why are we allowing her to be sold, abused and killed? Why are we allowing the system to continue the abuse of our mother and taking everything from her? I thought by now you would know that everything is spirit and precious and sacred including yourself. When you turn your back against our mother, you are turning your back against yourself and your children, and who do you think is to blame for that? Not the system, no, but you are the blame, as you give away your sacredness and allow yourself to mined.