What Do I Need To Know Today

What do I need to know today? Several years ago that questioned just popped into my mind, the answer started flooding my thoughts with such a sense of urgency all I knew was I had to get it written down word for word. It was simply a brief statement and suddenly the “thoughts” came to an end. When I read what I’d written I thought it was lovely, and then I started to wonder, where did this come from? It was as though these thoughts had not come from me, but through me. So I decided to ask that question each day, and each day I received an interesting answer.
This was my first answer to “what do I need to know today?”
I offer divine guidance, keeping you upon your rightful path. I am always next to you, surrounding you with love, protection and encouragement. My steps are within your footprints. You are finding the source of your purpose; this is the source of your joy. Pure joy – God’s joy – God’s intention. Stay grounded, this allows my guidance to more easily be heard. You have many speaking to you, all positive messages. Be grounded, very important because you can easily lift like the breeze, that’s ok and good, but when off ground your messages are also in the breeze and you merely pass through them. When grounded, asking for guidance they will stick, you can absorb.