The next chapter

I lost my beautiful vivacious 28 year old daughter to a vicous murder, several years back.  My life was forever altered that fateful December morning.  A day doesn’t go by that I don’t relive that horrible morning.

I have learned to trust the Lord, for the most part, and live with the fact that I will never again, on this earth, hear her giggle, see her smile, or watch that confident walk she had.  Still I have bad days. Days when I have to remind myself to breathe.  Days when tears flow like a river and my heart is so heavy I don’t know how it sits in my chest.

Recently on one of those days it was so unbearable I cried out to God for comfort.  I lay on the bed enveloped in grief and pain.  The hurt of her loss an actual physical pain.  After a while I got up and turned on my computer.  Low and behold there I had a new screen saver!!  it was a vivid butterfly sitting on a flower with the words ” MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN…..   This chapter is amazing, see you when you get here.

Where it came from?  I don’t know.  but it has provided a great deal of comfort.  It sounds exactly like something she would say.  Thank you Lord, for your comfort in my time of need.  God is good and miracles are real.