Layer upon layer…very slowly.
Rain water trickled down the slope
Carrying sediment: sand, clay, dust.
At the bottom of the lake it sat
Receiving more and more substance;
Over many suns and many moons.
Oh, the weight that piled up!
Oh, the crushing, squeezing,
Slowly, endless pressing!
How overwhelming is this burden!


All that pressure did accomplish
A most awesome transformation:

Color, pattern, hardness…beauty!
Crystals can’t be crafted any other way.
Constricted it may have felt.
Forgotten, surely, it must have sighed.

Until the day it saw the light.
Complaining is unnecessary.
It’s so important to have hope.

The Great Designer has something in mind.

Patience. Hope.

Storms are no fun, I know.
Loneliness hurts. He knows—you know?
The awesome transformation is taking place.
Next time you feel you’ve been abandoned,
Think of this gorgeous metamorphic rock.
Without the pressure it wouldn’t be
More than a handful of sand and silt.
Without life’s pressures, stress, and hurts,
You wouldn’t be half the person
That God is preparing you to be.

Patience. Hope. Faith.


by Rosa Elena Casais


May 25th, 2007











To Mary Johnson

Friends of sorrow, partners in pain;
Twin souls once unaware of each other
Until one opened up her heart,
And the other saw herself reflected there.
There is something very special
About someone who’s experienced
The same pain that changed your life.

Oh, how painful it is!
Yet, how beautiful as well…
I’m sorry! I didn’t know
You were also in such pain.
Hold my hand; let me lift you up.
Hold my hand; can you pull me right along?
Hold my feeble hand with that shaking hand of yours.

Thank you, Mary,
For letting me see through your eyes,
All the way into the deepest part of you,
Into your fragile, broken heart.
You freed me up to dare be vulnerable
And let you hold my soul in your two hands,
With your soft and healing touch.

Rosa Elena Casais
August 12, 1999