In the beginning was the Word

inspirationSt Johns gospel opens with an inspired proclaimation”In the beginning was the word,and the word was with God, and the word was God” These Words have always inpired believers as they did me as a lover of inspired teachings. John portrayed jesus as the living Word divine in origin. Jesus not only taught the word, he lived the word.


How often have words inspired us? More important, how often have words inspired action? Words can heal broken hearts and minds. Words and the meaning within words can change lives. Words can carry power and energy in their very utterance and reach into hearts and minds to inspire and transform.


Our day to day living  may only require repetitive communication skills relevant to our society,neighbourhood or culture. But there is a purer form of communication and that is through spirit. This form of communication is of its very nature inspirational. It makes itself available to us when we recognize our fragility and paradoxically our divinity. Communicating through that nature within us that is spirit crosses over all boundaries and all cultures.


So , what inspires me? An act of selfless love, Words spoken in humility and from the heart, words that release a mind from bondage, Words of love. The human heart longs for words of love and these are the words that truely inspire, transform and mould our inner being.






A Thought

T o the Wounded

A bandage applied

Is but a bandage

But a bandage applied with love



A Sacred Place

I dreamt of a sacred place

Within my soul

A well of life

From which a fountain flowed

And when the thirsts of life

Laid me low

It was to the well within

That I would go


Some seek the sacred

In brick and stone

In gilded cases and golden thrones

But its within the soul

That the fountain flows

And from these precious waters

The sacred grows.


The Precipice

There is no hardness in us

Except for deluded egos call

So draw near to the precipice

And then freely fall

To know that life is one

And life is all,

And really,

There is no fear at all


There is no purpose

In these words

Except in freedoms call

That began when life began

And sowed its seed in every man






The light shines in

There is a crack

That passes through my soul

It caused suffering

It caused pain

And often I cried out in vain

But as all in love and life

Is tested true

Deep down I knew

That it is often only through the cracks

That the light shines through


The Flowering

This poem is a reflection on a time of suffering in my life during which I focussed on the daily growth of plants in the garden as a lifeline of hope. It was my determination that if I could only hold on untill the flowers appeared my pain would have ended. Nature can be a source spiritual inspiration in the growth of our inner being.


Once frightened and alone

Iwatched as the daffodils

Reached up

Through the cold earth of winter


I waited in hope

And longing

For the first buds to appear


Each day

It was my prayer

To look and see the leaves

Reach up slowly to the light


Like my growing self

A frozen winter bud

Longing to open

And be nourished by the light