Worry equals Action

Jane was admiring view of clouds through her window. World look so still and calm from here, she thought and then reclined her seat and looked inside the cabin of her flight. Air Hostesses have started serving dinner. She looked at her dinner tray and calmness just evaporated from her face. She was not sure if she put the chicken in fridge, which she cooked this morning. ‘Oh, that was the only thing I prepared for Mike’, she frowned. Mike was Jane’s husband who was returning from a business tour this evening. She suddenly became so restless, that she wanted the flight to land right then. She wanted to call her daughter to check the chicken. The appealing dinner suddenly turned bitter and tasteless. She looked outside and felt helpless as she was so high and far away from the real world. The calmness of the cloud now look absolutely boring and lifeless.

Her co-passenger, an old lady in her eighties could sense Jane’s restlessness. When Jane returned the dinner untouched, lady asked Jane if everything is ok. Jane gave a faint smile. Lady asked Jane, ‘Did dinner brought some worries along?’

‘How did you know?’, Jane replied. Lady smiled and said, ‘You looked much relax before the dinner was served’. ‘Well, I prepared a dish for my husband, but I am not sure if I kept it in the refrigerator and thats what is bothering me,’ said Jane. Lady could understand the situation as she had been through such worrisome thoughts many time in her life. If I was you, I would have taken the action, said Lady.
Jane frowned and replied, ‘Do you think I can call from here or send an email or text message or ask Pilot to connect me to my daughter?’ Lady could understand her frustration and said calmly, ‘If you wish to know I can share a simple solution.’ The vibrant energy from her eyes and warmth in her voice compelled Jane to agree to hear the solution. Lady begun as follows:

I was shown this simple solution by my mother which I consider the greatest gift I could get from her. Worry is like a weed. If you leave it, it will grow without any aid. Cut the weed or trim the weed, is the only logical step and similarly when you get worried, Take Action. Anything that worries you should be dealt with action, not just thought about.  Actions could be smaller, a part of the bigger solution but need to be taken instantly.  Action repel fear and stress. In your case, you can not do anything until you land, so instead of thinking about the worry, take action. Write down or put a reminder in mobile to call your daughter to check the Chicken after you have landed. Once you have taken the action, worry will go away as now it is waiting for that action and can not put you in stress anymore.

Jane instantly knew what she need to do and she took out her mobile and put a reminder. She pressed attention button and thanked Lady for such a simple yet powerful solution to tackle worries. She requested Air Hostess to give something to eat and then began typing a small message to her daughter. The subject was, Worry = Action.