Wherever You Are God Is: Calling Forth Your Spiritual Power of Prayer!


It was a warm, Spring day, the sun was shining brightly and I was waiting to catch the bus.
As I stood there enjoying the day, suddenly, a woman’s voice, filled with despair, pierced the air.
Looking a few feet ahead of me, I saw a young woman weeping loudly as she held her face in her hands. It was a sorrowful sight to see and my heart was deeply touched.  I went over to ask if I could help.
“Are you ok?”   “No, I’m not!” she said, looking up at me with tears coursing down her cheeks and her face red from crying.
“I was running to catch the bus and my wallet must have fallen out of my purse.  It had all my credit cards, identification and everything in it.” “I just don’t know what I’m going to do,” she wailed.
“Do you have money for the bus?” I asked.
“No mam.”
“Don’t worry, I will pay for it and we are going to pray when we get on that bus and you are going to get your purse back!”
As soon as we got on and were seated, we closed our eyes, clasped hands and quietly started to pray in a low voice. A believer herself,  the young woman prayed right along with me.
Many of the people sitting around us snickered and made fun of us, but we ignored them.
Calling for the light of God to surround her wallet, we visualized it being returned to her. As we prayed fervently from our hearts, we both felt the spirit of God descend upon us, right there on the bus!
Sasha was her name and she said she needed her purse back before the next day because she had a very important meeting and needed identification. We agreed that with God, all things were possible and stood in faith that it would be done.
The bus rolled on and we fell silent.
Just before Sasha was about to reach her destination, her cell phone rang.  She answered it and tears started rolling down her cheeks as a smile crossed her face.
  “Yes Sir,” she said to the person on the other end of the line. “Thank you so much for calling me to tell me that you found my wallet.”  “Yes Sir, I will come to get it now.”
Hallelujah!  Our prayers had been answered in almost the twinkling of an eye.   Joy, and relief swept over us as we clasped each other’s hands once more in a prayer of gratitude to God for hearing us right there on a crowded bus in a public place.
 My faith was strengthened that day! God showed us his unfailing love through the experience.
 Prayer is our life-line!  We can throw it out in times of trouble and be rescued in ways we know not of.
Wherever we are, God is!
Call Unto Me And I Will Answer Thee!  
Jeremiah 33:1
For Where Two Or Three Are Gathered Together In My Name, There Am I In The Midst Of Them. Matthew 18:2