About Truth and Music

Someone told me recently that in Indian classical music the whole performance is stopped if there is just one instrument even slightly out of tune. Even if there is the most minute discrepancy imperceptible to most people, and the performance is on stage in a concert in front of a huge audience… even then, everything is stopped. The instruments are brought back in tune and harmony with each other, and only then the performance continues.

This strikes me as such a beautiful analogy of how it should be with truth.

If there is any energy even slightly off in a situation or interaction, any unspoken truth or energy in the air, all should be stopped and the truth spoken even if it ‘ruins’ the moment. It is something to aspire to, and for us to have courage to voice the truth even with the risk of “spoiling” the ‘beautiful’ occasion. If we go on with untruth the whole interaction is fake anyway as it’s based in falsehood. There is no real beauty without truth, it is just us wanting to protect the image of beauty, the idea of connection and harmony with someone… the ‘beautiful’ picture we want to keep up and are afraid of losing. In reality it is just us not daring to voice our truth and break the illusion. Real beauty is found in truth, and only truth can create something truly beautiful.


The Eyes of a Child


A beach lit by the sun

Every grain of sand

Sparkling like a crystal

A kaleidoscope of a world inside

The Mystery of Life

The whole creation contained within

As we gaze upon a flower

We are reminded of God

The sheer beauty and purity our eyes meet

Leaves us breathless with awe

The essence of God revealed to us

To see with the innocence of a child,

the world is a wonder

Every shell and stone, leaf and flower,

holds the Breath of God,

the limitless mystery of Creation within it

Every microscopic detail

Created by God to remind us

what Life is really about

The infinite Love inside of us


God’s Whisper


Can you hear God’s whisper?

It vibrates in the wind

It reverberates everywhere around

It flows through the air

Echoes in the ethers

Soft whisper in the spheres

Can you catch it

Just one string

The whole creation is pulsating with it

Every moment filled

Saturated with soft symphonies

Hymns of the heavens

Messages meant for your ears

Continuous gifts from God

Bountiful blessings

Voice of God

Ever present

Speaking to you from above and within


Poetry of Existence


Life is: living, breathing, pulsing poetry in motion

Inspiration, creation, expansion

Life in its highest form

Joy of discovery, joy of life

Feeling myself as part of Creation

Every intricate piece of existence in its place

Breathing together as One

One living breathing organism

God’s creation in its perfection

The miracle of Being … and I am part of it!

A peace settles in me as I realize, through the depth of my being,

That I too, am an intricate piece of creation

No more, no less important, than any other piece

I am a Miracle of Being, a miracle of Life

Unfolding, as God intended

Divine perfection in its manifestation

God through me expressing itself anew in each moment

I have a place in this Universe

Living, breathing, pulsing as One, interconnected perfectly,

Through every fibre of our Being

A peace settles, a joy in discovering

My part, as One

In the Poetry of Existence