The colors are changing in hue as I stroke

Mix a little of this, mix alittle of that, I see

These beautiful colors of the spectrum they be

I paint , I ponder, the brush creates line

Like the pencil, yet it then permeates

The kaliedoscope it then creates

That delicate hand that draws the sketch

Put on canvas, painting the picture

Images in my brain, I put  in with feeling

perfectionism, a trait, I am thus sure

A masterpiece of art thus shall I see

My mind a blunder like the writer in fact

The body, thus the painting should close

  The spectrum I dilated with thee eyes I suppose

I visualize with pen and see the ink blots

Cause and effect! smelling like a rose

Picture perfect! Voila! I put it to the test

With my own hands I did my very best

And now I see this visual perception

Accepting I tried to with perfection

My audience then do I admire

Then shall I acheive before I do retire

I’m with you Picasso I did the right thing

Fond memories of me the canvas does bring

The fame no fortune, accept when I decease

My work shall continue and never cease

Each spec of paint that I desire, I see

Is a beautiful reflection shining of me

And the test, I see I should pass with glee

I’m honored I got the opportunity

To share my hues and stroke my brush

And the images in my mind shall they never hush

God granted me the skill to then also try

Bewildered should I wonder why?

Still pondering! I etch another sketch

And thee images appear in my iris as well

I keep improving, really only I can tell

And truly those roses only I can really smell.

                                                                     Thus I succeed.



I see and image in my brain! I visualize

Beauteous! Hues are hypnotizing, I then realize

Spirits are dwelling in my soul, I do so declare

My inner body experience! WOW! a nightmare

My dreams I say are somehwat not absurd

I see beauty in each and every word

I seek in my head the vivid REM

The ghosts I see I won’t provoke them

And mesmerized by the wonder of this, I see

Is the beauty lifting out of my body, it may be

That I have seen the light and I am in the dark

This inner experience I cherish so well

These spirits to whom I should never tell

The imagery I say is quite contrare

I talk to the ghosts walking practically everywhere

And one by one this lucid dream

Kid you not that I could actually scream

The Holy Ghost I say I love,  I see

Teaches me to be at my very best

An now I’ll lay down my head to sleep

And dreaming with spirits ever so deep

They live in my soul and I should say

That the lucid dream should go away.