Thanksgiving in the Heart

 Abundant blessings seek

To be known.

Sent to give a peek

To the untold.


A joy reaching

The deepest place.

A warm sensation unleashing

Thanksgiving in the heart, an undeniable faith.


A feeling far above

The confines of circumstance.

Lifting the spirit up,

It takes a stance.


Ever there,

The Spirit dwells.

With love to share,

Thanksgiving in the heart always tells. –


Tells a story

Of the grandest plan.

How God gave of His glory

So in His Presence we could stand.


Like a bird flying free,

The soul soars from the dark.

May there forever be

Thanksgiving in the heart.


A Heart’s Wasteland

Gnawing on the inside

Are faults and failures.

Growth can none find,

And still it lures.


Dry and parched,

It thirsts, if but for the smallest droplet.

Its condition sparse,

A heart’s wasteland hasn’t an outlet.


It lays barren of its one true love,

Knowing not the power which sustains.

Lost, waiting to be filled up,

To have an everlasting stay.


Then comes the wind of change,

And something brand new

Begins to takes place.

A heart’s wasteland renewed.


A path out of the wilderness

Is in the midst of the soul.

For the Savior is right there to bless—

Both now and long ago.


When you give Him all you are,

God will open eternity’s door.

He will be the river that heals every scar.

A heart’s wasteland no more.


In Need of Thy Hand

On a slippery slope

Of fear and trial,

I look upon my Savior for hope

When in the fire.


My soul cries out to Thee

In my distress.

Hearing my every plea,

In need of Thy hand during life’s tests.


When my strengths are weak,

Thy glory shines all the more.

For it’s there I meet

The grace in store.


When I feel lost,

Thy faithfulness reaches me.

Counting the cost…

In need of Thy hand, a favored release.


Teach me O God,

To lean on Thy Presence

Even when the enemy attempts to rob,

Let me be in Thy Holiness.


All my life in Thee

Is destined by Thy plan.

May I always be

 In need of Thy hand.